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Temporarily disabling post-processing tokih 11/28/15
invalid request at /usr/local/bin/cif line 303. Rashish Sharma 11/26/15
Elastic Search 1.7 or 2.0 support zizake 11/25/15
Bottleneck sending events through HTTP API zizake 11/25/15
invalid request at / usr / local / bin / cif line 303 Kino Makino 11/25/15
How to extract all feeds from specific date ? EJ 11/23/15
Assertion - user auth issue lil_pwnie 11/10/15
URl request help. New CIF server build. lil_pwnie 11/9/15
400 Bad Request on Shadowserver feeds (v1) Jesse Bowling 11/9/15
Issue looking up multiple ASN 11/9/15
Building RPM only for CIF (not including bind, elasticsearch, etc.) EJ 11/9/15
spamhaus entries with tags that aren't in the yml Eric Hope 11/5/15
Re: [cif-users] Problems connecting using the Python SDK wes 10/25/15
Pruning Data with V2 instance Don Mccoy 10/24/15
Re: [cif-users] Json parser next level down Gabriel Iovino 10/15/15
Unknown option: days 10/14/15
Disable DNS postprocessing in cif v2 - how do I do it ? Richard Crouch 10/8/15
Python version of CIF 10/8/15
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