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iOS v9 Ant 9/18/15
On the state of the Chinese Mac site at Yale TenThousandThings 9/18/15
Cantonese LKT 7/21/15
OSX (Yosemite) Dictionaries Q? Wang Longju 7/20/15
Search Chinese songs with Chinese characters in iOS v8.3? Ant 7/4/15
New Features for Chinese in OS X 傅可恩 6/8/15
Write Pinying on a Mac AZERTY - Taper pour obtenir du pinyin sur un Mac en Azerty (Mac OS Yosemite, May 2015) Guillaume Vorreux 5/6/15
Wubi code conflicts amykathleen 5/2/15
Can't display pinyin above Chinese characters Juliette Devillard 4/24/15
Program for comparing Chinese texts MortenSchlütter 2/26/15
Character Help tomg 2/12/15
Chinese input source option gone - Mac snow leopard O.S 10.6.8 Meng See Chan 1/21/15
pdg files Don 12/19/14
Mixed weight fonts when viewing simplified characters Jim 持夢 Gottlieb 10/23/14
New in iOS 8 傅可恩 9/26/14
Simplified Chinese input problem B.C Berlioz 9/15/14
Re: [chinese mac] Biaoyin download link? S.v.e.n 8/1/14
zhuyin input doesnt work ever since update to 10.9.4 Chinung Shih 7/30/14
Fwd: [tlug] High-quality pan-CJK typeface from Google+Adobe Joe Wicentowski 7/22/14
Biaoyin download link? S.v.e.n 7/18/14
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