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: My India ! My Pride ! Asha Gupta 8/13/16
It’s always the wrong people who teach us the right lessons. Asha Gupta 8/11/16
STEP AFTER STEP Mohamed Kassam 8/11/16
Don't Chase People ! good morning . Asha Gupta 8/10/16
MOSQUITO Mohamed Kassam 8/10/16
FACEBOOK IN INDIA Mohamed Kassam 8/10/16
HAPPINESS Mohamed Kassam 8/10/16
Are you Lucky, Brilliant or Winner ? Asha Gupta 8/9/16
: It doesn't matter if your circle is big or small, what's important is you are surrounded by people who are true and ready to catch you if ever you fall. — dodinsky Asha Gupta 8/9/16
Wow, Wow, Wow , Courier company that employs only deaf (Except in Mgt) Asha Gupta 8/9/16
Take a minute to relax and enjoy these.......... ALIREZA 8/6/16
Who we are ? Asha Gupta 8/5/16
THOUGHTS TO PONDER Mohamed Kassam 8/5/16
Good Morning have a great day ALIREZA 8/2/16
COOKING HABITS Mohamed Kassam 8/1/16
RELATIONSHIP Mohamed Kassam 7/29/16
FACTS ABOUT MOHENJO DARO Mohamed Kassam 7/29/16
Fwd: CHANAKYA'S ANSWER Asha Gupta 7/27/16
Explore, Dream & Discover ! Asha Gupta 7/26/16
ZINDAGI KA SAFAR Mohamed Kassam 7/26/16
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