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Updated Certificate Transparency + Extended Validation plan Ben Laurie 3:28 PM
[google/certificate-transparency] 6b78b4: Wait for DB to catch up to ServingSTH at boot. GitHub 8:38 AM
[google/certificate-transparency] 6d5680: Use the database contiguous tree size for get-entr... GitHub 7:58 AM
[google/certificate-transparency] 72579e: Fix sequencing crash when encountering partially s... GitHub 7:31 AM
[google/certificate-transparency] 8244bf: Improve error messages in case of etcd keys not fo... GitHub 7:31 AM
[google/certificate-transparency] 14145b: Do not crash when a peer group doesn't have enough... GitHub 7:15 AM
[google/certificate-transparency] 9d1381: Clean up connections from the libevent thread. GitHub 4:41 AM
[google/certificate-transparency] 499073: Push the latest STH from the local DB (if it exist... GitHub 2/26/15
[google/certificate-transparency] b8739b: Do not use the X-Etcd-Index on a hanging get (it i... GitHub 2/26/15
[google/certificate-transparency] b4ad35: Keep track of known etcd keys, to recover an outda... GitHub 2/26/15
[google/certificate-transparency] 2056bd: Sort the tests in the Makefile. GitHub 2/26/15
[google/certificate-transparency] 3448e8: Update highest_index_seen_ from the nodes received... GitHub 2/26/15
super_duper h...@ian.sh 2/25/15
[google/certificate-transparency] 10bca1: Convert EtcdClient to use UrlFetcher. GitHub 2/25/15
[google/certificate-transparency] 28ac70: Add a bunch of metrics GitHub 2/25/15
[google/certificate-transparency] 9aa2de: Remove some spurious whitespace. GitHub 2/25/15
[google/certificate-transparency] 2a50e2: Run up prometheus in GKE too. GitHub 2/25/15
[google/certificate-transparency] 4918e5: Export counters to prometheus proto endpoint GitHub 2/24/15
[google/certificate-transparency] ff8464: Use a single Fetch method, with the verb in Reques... GitHub 2/24/15
make audit request Gnebsy These 2/23/15
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