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Ceres Solver is a non-linear least squares solver developed at Google. It is designed to solve small and large sparse problems accurately and efficiently. This is the mailinglist on for discussion, bug reports etc.

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Fix for alignment asserts from eigen when running with -mnative Jorgen Birkler 7/22/16
SPARSE_SCHUR solver very slow on big bundle adjustment problems Raúl Díaz 7/21/16
Questions on state vector in bundle_adjuster.cc Grace 7/18/16
Possible bug in ceres::QuaternionRotatePoint Zhao Fangda 7/15/16
Computing average residual Albert Palomer 7/13/16
Beginner question with CostFunctiontoFunctor Minh Vo 7/12/16
Autodiff converges slower than numeric differentiation Hannes Ovrén 7/11/16
binaries for OS X? Thomas Sharpless 7/11/16
Change the number of residuals per iteration Minh Vo 7/8/16
Ceres - Iteration callback and state variables. anders.n...@gmail.com 7/7/16
Is it safe to call Problem::Evaluate() inside iteration callback? Hannes Ovrén 7/5/16
Run time heap corruption when running on windows Shmuel Fine 7/5/16
how to regularized nonlinear least squares? Wei Guo 7/4/16
Question about setting number of parameter block for DynamicAutoDiff in robot_pose_mle example Sonia 7/1/16
Exposing the linear solvers in the public API - ConjugateGradientsSolver - LinearSolver tom.ver...@gmail.com 7/1/16
NUMERICAL_FAILURE NumericDiffCostFunction bigpe...@gmail.com 7/1/16
Min / max for Jet? Tobias Nöll 6/28/16
Absolute bundle adjustment with GPS is very slow San Jiang 6/24/16
Accessing matrix elements of class BlockSparseMatrix in SchurComplementSolver Diego Coelho 6/23/16
Does Ceres compute Jacobian w.r.t the fixed parameter block? zheng rong 6/23/16
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