Ceres Solver

Ceres Solver is a non-linear least squares solver developed at Google. It is designed to solve small and large sparse problems accurately and efficiently. This is the mailinglist on for discussion, bug reports etc.

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Behavior Change for FindInterpolatingPolynomial due to Change in Eigen FullPivLu weig...@light.co 1/15/17
Similarity Transformation Alan Buchanan 1/15/17
Variable restriction Albert Palomer 1/12/17
Evaluating an ARMA cost function with Ceres Solver T 1/12/17
ADMM / proximal splitting for bundle adjustment Johannes Schönberger 1/10/17
GPS points in ceres Asad Abbas 1/5/17
Strange behaviour with parameter bounds Philipp Bender 1/5/17
Enforcing and relaxing parameter bounds Milan Vukov 1/5/17
NumericDiff step size Ibrahim 1/3/17
Rotation Matrices Alan Buchanan 12/30/16
Model fitting in ceres_solver Huy Nguyen 12/27/16
Weighting Observations Alan Buchanan 12/27/16
Curve Fitting and ceres::Jet<double, 6> error Miaoqi Zhu 12/24/16
How can I avoid redundant computations across cost functions? Stephane 12/22/16
How to improve jacobian evaluation performance? Chris Sweeney 12/20/16
SuiteSparse GPU, Integers, etc. Johannes Schoenberger 12/19/16
multiple residual from different spaces (+ nan jacobian) Georgios Evangelidis 12/19/16
How to downgrade Eigen version when execute brew install ceres-solver ? 荻山亮大 12/18/16
Beginners Help Alan Buchanan 12/17/16
Residuals for "invalid" projections in frame alignment problems Robert Maier 12/14/16
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