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Ceres Solver is a non-linear least squares solver developed at Google. It is designed to solve small and large sparse problems accurately and efficiently. This is the mailinglist on for discussion, bug reports etc.

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Ceres Coordinate System Asad Abbas 4:34 AM
Camera Constraint in Ceres Asad Abbas 4/25/17
Sharing an object between residual blocks. Gohteu Nuetah 4/25/17
Hard Constraints Emmanuel Iarussi 4/24/17
Refined Translation in Ceres Asad Abbas 4/21/17
Slow optimizing big problems cDc 4/21/17
New Google Earth Chao Qu 4/21/17
Passing ceres::Problem problem; to a function Alan Buchanan 4/21/17
Windows build with SuiteSparse Johannes Schönberger 4/21/17
FindEigen.cmake does not find cmake Eigen3 installations. Thomas Kastl 4/20/17
Port Ceres into Java yongzh...@gmail.com 4/19/17
Linking to SuiteSparse on Windows Arturo Flores 4/18/17
Re: [ceres-solver] Why camera_block_size is 10 or 9 ,not 7 or 6? Sameer Agarwal 4/15/17
I don't understand local parameterization,what ,when ,and how to use localparameterization? hwdo...@gmail.com 4/15/17
Non-deterministic parameter re-ordering Richard Stebbing 4/13/17
Look for help (paid) for 3D mesh registration problem Keith Turner 4/13/17
Calculation of information matrix in pose graph 2d arunabh sharma 4/7/17
Fitting a polynomial Martin Shetty 4/6/17
Interfacing with AutoDiff Sameer Agarwal 4/6/17
ceres-solver install and build using Homebrew on Mac OS yongzh...@gmail.com 4/4/17
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