Ceres Solver

Ceres Solver is a non-linear least squares solver developed at Google. It is designed to solve small and large sparse problems accurately and efficiently. This is the mailinglist on for discussion, bug reports etc.

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Minimizing difference in distances Naomi Woods 8/26/16
FTBFS on Debian Sid Philipp Hübner 8/24/16
Bundle adjustment does not work :( Anton Zhilin 8/23/16
Normalization of losses Anton Zhilin 8/20/16
Inconstant results with multi-thread solver Weipeng Xu 8/20/16
Automatic differentiation by directly calling AutoDiff::Differentiate does not work Stefan R 8/16/16
Vanilla Gauss-Newton? Paul Ozog 8/12/16
Run time error : double free or corruption (out) with BiCubicInterpolator Manohar Kuse 8/5/16
AutoDifferentiation of a Sampled function Manohar Kuse 8/4/16
Will the parameters be strictly constrained inside their [lower, upper] bounds if provided? Chi Zhang 8/3/16
Bundle adjustment with position constraints Grace 8/3/16
DEM/DSM usage in BA Jakob Kirkegaard 8/1/16
Clang + OpenMP testing Lex 8/1/16
Why is the robust loss function \rho applied to the residual's squared norm instead of its norm? Chi Zhang 7/31/16
Fix for alignment asserts from eigen when running with -mnative Jorgen Birkler 7/27/16
Covariance with LocalParameterization Nima Keivan 7/26/16
Re: [ceres-solver] Passing the same pointer to AddResidualBlock Keir Mierle 7/25/16
SPARSE_SCHUR solver very slow on big bundle adjustment problems Raúl Díaz 7/24/16
Questions on state vector in bundle_adjuster.cc Grace 7/18/16
Possible bug in ceres::QuaternionRotatePoint Zhao Fangda 7/15/16
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