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Ceres Solver is a non-linear least squares solver developed at Google. It is designed to solve small and large sparse problems accurately and efficiently. This is the mailinglist on for discussion, bug reports etc.

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bundle adjustment problem for arbitrary data set kgeorge2 2:08 AM
Simple function minimization scot.sh...@gmail.com 2/12/16
rotate point with angle-axis representation Georgios Evangelidis 2/11/16
Tuning questions Thomas Sharpless 2/10/16
SCHUR solvers failing Thomas Sharpless 2/3/16
errors when building on CentOS 7 spe...@cs.washington.edu 2/3/16
Switching from automatic differentiation to numerical differentiation? Jae-Hak Kim 2/3/16
C1001 Compiler error - Visual Studio 2013 PRO and VS 15 Community Stefan Goldener 2/3/16
unwanted glog dependences Thomas Sharpless 2/2/16
How can I best exploit the sparsity nature of my problem? Jean-Pierre Gervasoni 2/2/16
Constraints not exactly as what I wanted Tianwei Shen 2/1/16
Failed tests -- what might be the build problem? Thomas Sharpless 1/29/16
Compiler warnings Andrew Fitzgibbon 1/29/16
Lost implementation: GradientProblemSolver::Options::IsValid ? Franco 1/26/16
Covariance for a vector of parameters Wannes Van Loock 1/20/16
Covariance computation fails for 'unused' parameter blocks Wannes Van Loock 1/15/16
double free or segmentation fault if use shared_ptr in problem.AddResidualBlock Bo Wu 1/10/16
Overlapping parameter blocks for image problems Matthew Fisher 1/9/16
Building Ceres w/ CMake Windows Visual Studio Eric 1/7/16
Reaching stack limit: what solutions ? Kenneth V 12/23/15
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