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Ceres Solver is a non-linear least squares solver developed at Google. It is designed to solve small and large sparse problems accurately and efficiently. This is the mailinglist on for discussion, bug reports etc.

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NUMERICAL_FAILURE NumericDiffCostFunction bigpe...@gmail.com 6/25/16
Absolute bundle adjustment with GPS is very slow San Jiang 6/24/16
Autodiff converges slower than numeric differentiation Hannes Ovrén 6/24/16
Accessing matrix elements of class BlockSparseMatrix in SchurComplementSolver Diego Coelho 6/23/16
Does Ceres compute Jacobian w.r.t the fixed parameter block? zheng rong 6/23/16
Why is "Jet" called Jet? Daniel Herrera C 6/22/16
Performance: DynamicCostFunctionToFunctor and NumericDiffCostFunction Kyle 6/20/16
Updating "constant" parameters between iterations Thomas Sharpless 6/17/16
Weighing residuals Jakob Kirkegaard 6/16/16
Why does the Jacobian always have onl 6 columns? Diego Coelho 6/15/16
What is an efficient way to create the cost functor uses all parameters to compute a residual Sonia 6/15/16
Accessing Matrix Elements Through Triplet Diego Coelho 6/13/16
Running huge Bundle Adjustment problem Minh Vo 6/13/16
using Ceres with Cmake Lang Tan 6/11/16
Internal Modification of Linear System Solver Diego Coelho 6/10/16
Output when initial values close to exact values Aditya Gupta 6/8/16
Re: [ceres-solver] using Ceres with Cmake Sameer Agarwal 6/6/16
Beginner ceres-user question Christopher 6/3/16
How do I get the final residual of each residual block 陈国军 6/2/16
google::log_sinks_global on OS X with homebrew insall Rick M 6/2/16
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