Ceres Solver

Ceres Solver is a non-linear least squares solver developed at Google. It is designed to solve small and large sparse problems accurately and efficiently. This is the mailinglist on for discussion, bug reports etc.

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Unable to detect intel mkl using cmake LBerger 2:52 AM
Jacobian of log of SE(3) constraint: log(A*X) Ricardo Achilles 8/19/17
Computing Variance/Covariance in Bundle Adjustment Alan Buchanan 8/16/17
Compilation error in Visual Studio when using cubic interpolation Zi 8/12/17
What exactly happens when a cost function returns false when it is evaluated? Stefan Romberg 8/12/17
Gaussian Mixture Model as prior over parameters Moos Hueting 8/12/17
Covariance matrix has negative eigenvalues Greg Anders 8/11/17
Reproducibility for "schur_eliminator_impl.h" in multithread mode TheFrenchLeaf 8/5/17
[Barrierfunctions] graf 8/3/17
Ceres Solver Version 1.13.0 Sameer Agarwal 8/3/17
Ceres Solver Version 1.13.0 Release Candidate 1 Sameer Agarwal 8/2/17
Proper optimisation of nonlinear terms (example: curvature of a 2D curve) maximilia...@gmail.com 8/1/17
Pose covariance Alessandro Dal Grande 7/30/17
Multiple "solve" needed Emmanuel Iarussi 7/30/17
Differentiation in unconstrained minimization Max Busch 7/27/17
Penalizing higher terms in residual M Demir 7/25/17
(Eigen) Assertion Fail in existing project, but not in a fresh project Max Busch 7/24/17
Region Aliasing Error Shreya Chakraborty 7/24/17
Formulation Sparsh Jain 7/23/17
Zero iterations count when fitting plane to images Веркеенко Михаил 7/21/17
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