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Ceres Solver is a non-linear least squares solver developed at Google. It is designed to solve small and large sparse problems accurately and efficiently. This is the mailinglist on for discussion, bug reports etc.

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Why the cost didn't decrease as much as the jacobians indicate? Yilan Chen 2/27/15
About optimize on images 剡航 2/26/15
Performance small optimization problem Tobias Strauß 2/20/15
[ceres-solver] AddResidualBlock after RemoveParameterBlock Jorge Romeo 2/19/15
How to visualize a line that is solved by ceres using rviz on ROS Batman 2/18/15
How to get a best fit line given points Batman 2/13/15
Documentation typo Julius Ziegler 2/12/15
Ceres install, local lib global include Chris Sweeney 2/10/15
rotation.h - illegal token on right side of '::' Clemens Arth 2/7/15
Compiling helloworld.cc Batman 2/4/15
Interface cDc 2/2/15
Python bindings Taylor Braun-Jones 1/30/15
Graceful exit with DynamicNumericDiffCostFunction? Rodney Hoskinson 1/29/15
Build mistake or SetParameterLowerBound moved ? Sylvain Duchêne 1/26/15
Loop in CostFunctor or separate CostFunctors? Greg Coombe 1/24/15
Ordering in BA problems pro 1/24/15
Data ordering armoi...@gmail.com 1/23/15
How are computed the initial cost , result cost and the cost in general ? armoi...@gmail.com 1/23/15
RotationMatrixToAngleAxis Bug? Tobias Strauß 1/23/15
Update installation instructions for Ubuntu 14.04 Filippo Basso 1/23/15
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