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Ceres Solver is a non-linear least squares solver developed at Google. It is designed to solve small and large sparse problems accurately and efficiently. This is the mailinglist on for discussion, bug reports etc.

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PDF of ceres-solver documentation? calman xiao 1/19/18
Increasing Efficiency of Solve when Interfacing with an External Library Adam Hartshorne 1/19/18
Why does changing a multi-dimensional residual term into a scalar give an incorrect solution? Andrea Velasco 1/18/18
Re: [ceres-solver] Problem with Using DynamicCostFunctionToFunctor Keir Mierle 1/16/18
Problem When Using DynamicCostFunctionToFunctor Adam Hartshorne 1/15/18
Using DynamicAutoDiff with 3rd party libraries Adam Hartshorne 1/15/18
Duplicate parameters in AddResidualBlock Gael Guennebaud 1/10/18
How to Build with Suitesparse on Window10 choche...@ucsy.edu.mm 1/9/18
openmp doesn't work on ceres solver Android version Frank Young 1/8/18
A Small Error in Documentation on LM Trust Region Methods? raf...@dotproduct3d.com 1/8/18
Reaching stack limit: what solutions ? Kenneth V 1/8/18
ceres multi-threading runs slower on Android Frank Young 1/6/18
Running out of memory when using Ceres, turn to DynamicAutoDiffCostFunction, have some issues Yinghao Huang 1/5/18
simple_bundle_adjuster implement Doreen 1/5/18
Cast from ceres::Jet<double>’ to type ‘double’ ? 3658...@qq.com 1/2/18
Analytical derivative cannot work in my case? 3658...@qq.com 12/30/17
Is there a way to compute residuals multi-threads, like Solver::Options::num_threads for jacobians ? 3658...@qq.com 12/29/17
Weighting based on 2 residual blocks Adit 12/29/17
Only bundle_adjustment_test Failed ??? 3658...@qq.com 12/27/17
Ceres and Windows -> vcpkg Giuseppe Trapani 12/26/17
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