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Scalding: use of TypedJson and reading from multiple input files Lakshmi 3:00 PM
Subsets of data using the PartitionTap Elliot West 8:56 AM
Scalding on Tez talk, Twitter HQ, 11:30am Tuesday July 17 Oscar Boykin 6/30/15
Scalding: which version of scala to choose for EMR jobs? Lakshmi 6/30/15
Cascading 3.0.1 / Tez Error: unknown coercion from Long to DateType Russ 6/30/15
Precise timing of operation execution John Lavoie 6/30/15
Client cannot authenticate via : [TOKEN, KERBEROS] Sanchit Grover 6/29/15
gzipped input into Scalding job George Blazer 6/29/15
Cascading 3 / Tez Unable to load class: FlowPlanner Russ 6/29/15
BigDecimal & Date Datatype - How to use with parquet-cascading? Bhavesh Shah 6/28/15
Scalding Spyglass HBase connection issue Deepika Khera 6/27/15
Using the Fields to add Serializers Oscar Boykin 6/26/15
Scalding: running more than one Execution using ExecutionApp in hdfs mode Lakshmi 6/25/15
Not able to get score and predict columns in output yogesh dalal 6/25/15
Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع jami onn 6/25/15
Scalding help with ExecutionApp highlighting in IntelliJ Lakshmi 6/25/15
Cascading 3.0/Tez: How can a custom Scheme control the ClassLoader that Tez tasks use? Luis Casillas 6/25/15
[scalding] Writing additional info from Execution Vesa Muhonen 6/24/15
Another 3.0/Tez error (" File hdfs://master.local:9000/tmp/hadoop-vagrant/_temporary/2 does not exist") Luis Casillas 6/23/15
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