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run cascading job with multiple reducers Dilip K 6:33 AM
Not able to run scalding job...getting error "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: cascading.flow.hadoop.HadoopFlowConnector" Thiru PS 8/1/15
forcing job to local mode, via source/sink: TempHfs Guanpi Lai 8/1/15
join two taps with same scheme field names and output as single tap shree 7/31/15
[scalding] Automatic tupling of functions? Vesa Muhonen 7/31/15
Bigdecimal in cascading-jdbc Rajesh Nakkana 7/30/15
Write to Avro format in Scalding Chu-Cheng Hsieh 7/29/15
Mock PackedAvroSource for testing purposes Serega Sheypak 7/29/15
Parquet/Avro with non-primitives in scalding Ishaaq Chandy 7/29/15
Writing data to FTP server Dhanashri Desai 7/28/15
parquet-cascading- can not be used as sink for parquet pavan kumar hegde 7/28/15
getting StreamClosed exception every time I read file from FTP server Arshad Ali Sayed 7/28/15
Paruqet File on Hive M 7/28/15
unit-test for scalding when Stat with implict com.twitter.scalding.UniqueID used Serega Sheypak 7/28/15
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when trying to include joda library in my scala program 7/27/15
Scalding with Driven: jgraph version? 7/27/15
threading issue in cascading.util.ShutdownUtil Ezra Epstein 7/24/15
Where does one post a bug report for Cascading? Ezra Epstein 7/23/15
FTP Tap Arshad Ali Sayed 7/23/15
can't get counters in the new scalding 0.9.1 to work Ron Sher 7/23/15
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