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Is every issue of Dragon and Polyhedron Magazine really free online? Mike "Talien" Tresca 2/28/13
Unicorn City M. Alan Thomas II 2/28/13
Experiences with Classic Tabletop Role-Playing Gaming Via Google Hangout W.A. Hawke Robinson 2/28/13
March of Events 2/28/13
German Free RPG Day (Feb 2, 2013) 2/6/13
Australian Teacher Calls for Help Turning Classrooms into Interactive RPGs Hooper 1/13/13
IMPORTANT: Something wrong with the website W.A. Hawke Robinson 11/30/12
Facebook RPG Advocacy group W.A. Hawke Robinson 11/30/12
The Light at the End M. Alan Thomas II 11/23/12
Punktown: An RPG Setting for Call of Cthulhu® and BRP Gaming Mike "Talien" Tresca 11/19/12
RPG's 3 years booming Growth Paul Cardwell 11/11/12
RPG's 3 years booming Growth, while Video Games down W.A. Hawke Robinson 11/11/12
Online role-playing games hurt marital satisfaction, says BYU study Tolkienscholars 11/11/12
Dead List? W.A. Hawke Robinson 11/10/12
World of Warcraft Gamer elected as State Senator Despite Attacks by Opposition W.A. Hawke Robinson 11/8/12
You are here: Home › Blog › Why Do Tabletop RPGs Have Such a Gender Ratio Imbalance? What Can Be Done to Improve the Balance? W.A. Hawke Robinson 11/1/12
"Knock it off!" Shows and Writers Still Perpetuating Negative RPG Gamer Stereotypes, Even in Webisodes W.A. Hawke Robinson 11/1/12
12-year-old uses Dungeons and Dragons to help scientist dad with his research W.A. Hawke Robinson 10/31/12
Anyone in the Seattle area available to join panel at ZoeCon sometime November 9 through 11 Tolkienscholars 10/24/12
PBS Idea Channel mentions RPG Research W.A. Hawke Robinson 10/17/12
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