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Game Jam: Procedural poems 7/24/14
Call for Papers: Chapter on the Military for Edited Collection on the Cultural Influences of Role-Playing Games M. Alan Thomas II 7/23/14
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New RPG Award 6/22/14
"Slenderman stabbings" M. Alan Thomas II 6/3/14
RPG "Alignment" impact in real world. rpgresearch 5/26/14
Dark Dungeons M. Alan Thomas II 5/21/14
RPG Therapy First Prototype of Tabletop RPG as a Modality for Therapeutic / Educational Intervention rpgresearch 4/24/14
Status Update on RPG Research rpgresearch 4/21/14
D&D represents threat to prison security Paul Cardwell 4/21/14
Salon - How Dungeons & Dragons Saved My Autistic Son WJ Walton 4/15/14
D&D panic thread at Ted Skirvin 4/14/14
Call for Papers Randy L Ray 3/15/14
Academic study on RPGs 3/14/14
More RPG literature 3/14/14
Catholic site rating "Technology Safety Through the Eyes of Faith" including games. rpgresearch 3/4/14
LARP activity for autism spectrum toddlers. rpgresearch 2/22/14
Some RPG events in the near future 1/23/14
Dungeons & Dragons Is Basically a Nerdier Spin on Judaism 1/17/14
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