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call for papers / GFF conference Ted Skirvin 10/3/13
Saving the Game, Episode 25 - Therapeutic Roleplaying (with Jack Berkenstock) 9/19/13
Are we watching this? Forest 9/17/13
for the newsletter agora section Ted Skirvin 9/13/13
Interview of Timothe Loya, Using RPG for PTSD W.A. Hawke Robinson 9/4/13
Using RPG to treat TBI W.A. Hawke Robinson 8/29/13
Crowdsourcing Incorporating RPGs into Business Training Environments Mike "Talien" Tresca 8/26/13
Call for Papers: JCAL Special Issue on 'Learning Analytics in Massively Multiuser Virtual Environments and Courses' W.A. Hawke Robinson 8/26/13
Finished raw data entry of 164 questionnaires on gender bias W.A. Hawke Robinson 8/13/13
RPG Research First Public Meeting, Saturday August 3rd 1:00 pm (Pacific) rpgresearch 8/1/13
After 40 years, popularity of tabletop gaming rises despite high-tech competition 7/29/13
CAR-PGa on Wikipedia Ted Skirvin 7/2/13
Watch the PBS Off Book Documentary on Dungeons & Dragons W.A. Hawke Robinson 6/23/13
CAR-PGa members at Dragon*Con Ted Skirvin 6/17/13
>> for those who might not know << Ted Skirvin 6/17/13
Upcoming publication of an interview with a Christian woman believing her relative committed a double homicide because of D&D. W.A. Hawke Robinson 6/16/13
Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) local attacks local Meetup group in her blog Bryan Campbell 6/16/13
Free RPG Day: Saturday, June 15th 6/9/13
MAPACA call for papers / RPG Ted Skirvin 5/31/13
crossword puzzle / D&D Ted Skirvin 5/29/13
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