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More RPGs in the classroom M. Alan Thomas II 11/1/15
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RPG Research 8' Poster, 10+ years work. For WorldCon 73 Presentation rpgresearch 8/17/15
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Speaking on 3+ panels at WorldCon 73, and Poster Presentation rpgresearch 8/9/15
RPG Research Trailer rpgresearch 7/26/15
RPG ethics experiment M. Alan Thomas II 7/8/15
Looking for old BADD-era press release J Sinnett 5/27/15
Improved video of presentation now available rpgresearch 4/16/15
Raw Video Now Available - at Seattle Childrens Hospital RPG as Therapy WSTRA Con 16 rpgresearch 4/12/15
Video, speaking at ZoeCon II using RPG for therapy and education. rpgresearch 3/30/15
Dangerous Games and Monster Talk Podcast WJ Walton 3/16/15
Presenting at WSTRACon 16 - RPG & TR rpgresearch 3/12/15
The Arts of LARP: Design, Literacy, Learning and Community in Live-Action Role Play M. Alan Thomas II 1/16/15
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