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Paul Cardwell Ted Skirvin 7/12/17
Paperbacks from Hell by Grady Hendrix (ARC) M. Alan Thomas II 7/3/17
Confirmed: Writing entire chapter on RPG for 4th edition textbook "Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation" rpgresearch 6/4/17
Bits of news M. Alan Thomas II 5/17/17
Two more women-in-gaming stories M. Alan Thomas II 3/15/17
RPGs in Libraries, Women in Gaming survey M. Alan Thomas II 3/8/17
Toy Hall of Fame M. Alan Thomas II 11/10/16
News from October M. Alan Thomas II 11/6/16
The Twenty-Sided Sorceress M. Alan Thomas II 10/26/16
News roundup M. Alan Thomas II 10/8/16
Gaming in libraries M. Alan Thomas II 9/1/16
Jim C. Hines on Sexual Harassment at SF/F Conventions M. Alan Thomas II 8/29/16
News roundup M. Alan Thomas II 8/29/16
A testimonial from GenCon M. Alan Thomas II 8/15/16
Research Demographics Sneak Peak rpgresearch 8/12/16
Addiction doc who swapped drugs for sex, had baby with patient gets long prison sentence WJ Walton 8/12/16
SFWA to admit game writers M. Alan Thomas II 7/20/16
Hollywood Reporter article on TV/Movie stars who play D&D M. Alan Thomas II 7/19/16
Sexual harassment in the tabletop community M. Alan Thomas II 4/11/16
RPGs, Presenting at Washington State Therapeutic Recreation Association 17th Annual conference (WSTRA Con 17), April 2nd. rpgresearch 3/29/16
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