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Welcome to the public discussion list run by CAR-PGa, an international network of researchers into all aspects of role-playing games (RPGs). All are welcome and RPG research, defense, and advocacy are all on-topic, as is the state of the industry and art.

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Obtaining CAR-PGa Literature Jacob Schau 5/6/18
Professional Ethics, Friendly vs. Friends, Different RPG settings. rpgresearch 4/6/18
What Does This Group Stand For? Mike "Talien" Tresca 4/4/18
Using RPGs to correct misbehavior from Educational Therapist perspective rpgresearch 3/28/18
new board of directors Ted Skirvin 3/16/18
February newsletter / about recent vote of Directors Ted Skirvin 3/1/18
comic book mini-series depiction of gamer Ted Skirvin 2/10/18
website for this group Ted Skirvin 12/26/17
[new research project] RPG books in public libraries Ted Skirvin 12/3/17
RFC on RPG Ed NeuroScience rpgresearch 12/2/17
RpgCollege.Com 2018 online course enrollment coming mid-December 2017 rpgresearch 12/1/17
Two more articles M. Alan Thomas II 10/26/17
Gaming in Prisons M. Alan Thomas II 10/26/17
New Yorker Article M. Alan Thomas II 10/25/17
RPG projects in the works, after years on the backburner rpgresearch 9/10/17
D&D portrayed in TV show Ted Skirvin 9/6/17
Man stabbed 7 times over Magic: The Gathering game rpgresearch 8/1/17
Old attack (1992) M. Alan Thomas II 7/27/17
[TV commercial] ridiculing LARPs {an item for the next newsletter} Ted Skirvin 7/25/17
university-level game design class Ted Skirvin 7/13/17
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