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CustomReader not working in Safari 9? Canisbos 7/25/16
QuickStyle for domain Stf 10/10/16
PopSearch doesn't complete correctly Jean-Jacques Ardoino 10/8/16
Tab Options Extension Not Working on macOS Sierra John Maloney 9/30/16
Will PickPocket ever be ported to Firefox? Based Hercules 9/27/16
OS Mail Link billingw 9/26/16
Cloudmarks Hotkey not functioning Afshin Haghgoo 9/3/16
Tab Options constantly prompting for update. Grettir Asmundarson 9/1/16
Pop Search changes Safari's Default Search Engine Bruce K 8/27/16
URLs in custom reader Steve Martin 8/11/16
Bug: QuickStyle 1.2.20 completely messes up GitHub Eric Lebigot 6/5/16
Keep Quickstyle Window open JM 5/23/16
Re: [Canisbos Support] Quickstyle keyboard shortcut not working? Canisbos Computing 4/19/16
Do not install QuickStyle Safari Extension Bob LeBlob 4/1/16
LinkThing download link needs updated version Safari User 4/1/16
Using Quickstyle to save zoom setting per site in Safari Green Lantern 4/1/16
Quickstyle 1.2.16 not installing 1.61803 4/1/16
Pickpocket for Firefox José Antonio Moray Serrano 3/31/16
[pickpocket] Chrome on OSX: keyboard shortcut to open popup? 3/11/16
Quick style not working properly with Safari 9.0.3 Bruce K 1/26/16
Form autosave Al Ere 12/26/15
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