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Disabling hotkey for Cloudmarks is a bit cumbersome Thomas Viktil 6/23/14
Unread in pinboard Håvard Pedersen 6/17/14
Tab Options: Focus on close doesn't work for new link opened Zugunruhe Kami 6/8/14
Remove thin borders around images Sebastian Rasch 5/26/14
toggle between two most recently used tabs (MRU) John Dohe 5/25/14
Could PickPocket automatically jump to the page I'm reading? David Melvin 5/20/14
Re: [Canisbos Support] Disable Click to Disable in CustomReader Canisbos Computing 4/19/14
Form AutoSave Not Working Jim Leff 4/15/14
CustomReader II 2.0.2 How to Change the Font that Actually Prints / Opens in Preview ? Dr Alban 4/13/14
Pinboard Password Problem Jim Leff 4/12/14
Pickpocket limit? ( Akio Crimson 3/27/14
how can filtering be extended to the full URL of a link I'm clicking MartyS 3/23/14
LinkThing no longer works correctly in Safari LinkThing User 3/15/14
PickPocket - "Open all" could have a setting option to define max number? João Eduardo Dias 2/21/14
deletions tracy scanlon 12/29/13
LinkThing blacklist doesn't work on sites until refreshing David H. 12/26/13
Pickpocket — injection problem in a message excerpt Eugene Sharygin 12/22/13
Tab Options extension; Safari crashes when choosing a Favorites Bar folder... auntchilada 12/18/13
Quickstyle - rightsize Teresa Hummel 12/9/13
Using LinkThing to remove Google URL Redirect, Causes Safari Address Bar to show incorrect link K Jon 12/8/13
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