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Tab Options - Next / Previous Tab shortcut doesn't work without a website Nic Fletcher 7/10/15
Why on earth can't I download adobe flash player to my safari on my macbook pro? Susan Hodos 6/30/15 Stf 6/29/15
HTML Table Not Showing Sort Options Brandon Shockley 5/6/15
[Quickstyle] Edit/remove context menu items Sebastian Rasch 3/24/15
Using Quickstyle to save zoom setting per site in Safari Green Lantern 3/22/15
Re: [Canisbos Support] Using Quickstyle to save zoom setting per site in Safari B K 3/19/15
Need help with ccNotepad extension in Safari Katherine L 3/19/15
Print to PDF reflects blockquote font Martien van Steenbergen 3/7/15
Any way to add a "Light" font as the body text? Travis Bowen 2/5/15
Cloud marks (Safari) Erroneously Reports "Pinboard is Down" 1/18/15
Keyboard shortcut not working Piotr 12/31/14
QuickScript compatible with GreaseMonkey? Stf 12/22/14
Pickpocket keyboard shortcut bug RZ 12/19/14
Form autosave stalingrad redstar 12/16/14
Instant backup files in Library-Safari folder using Immortal Files free application Stf 12/5/14
How to add an extension in Yosemite Safari? Mark Fleming 12/2/14
Option to jump to first, second tab, etc. Inian Parameshwaran 11/21/14
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