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Training 2018: Laser Cutter Makespace Admin 4/25/18
Training 2018: Ultimaker Makespace Admin 4/18/18
Expanding the board Makespace Admin 3/29/18
Makespace Code of Conduct Makespace Admin 2/14/18
Common sense and decency Phill Banks 5:50 AM
Extractor down Diana Probst 3:49 AM
Open Source Hardware Camp 2018 — Sat 30/06 & Sun 01/07, Lincoln. Andrew Back 4/25/18
CNC Router upgrade possibility Roger Smith 4/25/18
Need any more trainers for the laser cutter? Jamie Powell 4/24/18
Mitre saw and Circular saw trainers needed ste5eu 4/24/18
Nixie Kickstarter Campaign Robin Sterling 4/24/18
Log : Laser Cutter Simon Ford 4/23/18
Kit Suggestion: Vacuum Degassing Chamber Ben Brebner 4/23/18
CNC router - coolant not circulating Phill Banks 4/23/18
Is there a suitable place to come and weld in cambridge? Nihal Chadha 4/22/18
Bandsaw & sliding mitre saw training? Nihal Chadha 4/22/18
Log : CNC Router Perfectphase 4/21/18
CNC Router feed speed increase? Phill Banks 4/20/18
Tools for leather Tom Parker 4/18/18
Heavy duty turntable for 3D scanning... Jason McL 4/18/18
Filament For Sale Tom Parker 4/18/18
Machining Acrylic? Ward Hills 4/18/18
Buiding recycling machines for plastics - anyone interested? Yanna 4/17/18
Writing a training administration system for Makespace John Sturdy 4/16/18
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