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fume hood Laura James 3:12 AM
Factory Equipment & Benches Edward 2:42 AM
chop saw induction Robin Sterling 2:40 AM
Help needed to machine a case for a radio transmitter. Bill Blake 2:38 AM
See the space next Tuesday ste5eu 8/31/15
Doors issues Laura James 8/30/15
Festival of ideas leaflets ste5eu 8/30/15
Plotter - new black cartridge installed John Sidiropoulos 8/30/15
Various blue cleaning stuff re-order Jo 8/28/15
Log : CNC Router Perfectphase 8/28/15
Red hand-tools? Kim SJ 8/28/15
Seeking a sturdy light proofed (or proofable) cupboard Rob Voisey 8/28/15
Laser cutting teflon? (PTFE) Daniel Bailey 8/26/15
Roland Model Mill abuse Paul Osborn 8/26/15
Basic Food Hygiene Roger Smith 8/25/15
packages for makespace Laura James 8/25/15
Location of photo cube daylight bulbs? Jo 8/25/15
help with welding Milosz Wasilewski 8/25/15
Ultimaker 2 Maintenance Thread Rob Voisey 8/24/15
Sewing machine Rosy Hunt 8/24/15
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