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Electrical safety notice. Adrian van den Heever 2/1/17
Planer thicknesser Michael Dales 2:52 AM
Laser cutter stock rather low Jon Green 4/22/17
Printers not working? Evie Chalmers 4/22/17
Laser cutter (JAWS) about to fail, will fix when new microswitch gets here Mat Cook 4/21/17
XT60 Connectors Adrian van den Heever 4/21/17
Making an award for University of Cambridge competition Emily Dunning 4/21/17
Badger Laptop Diana Probst 4/21/17
Ultimaker training xorge castro 4/20/17
Frolicking with Foam Rick Smith 4/19/17
Darkroom discussion 4/19/17
has any one found a set of keys??? Mayke Santos 4/19/17
MakersTown! Deadline: 30th of April 2017 Jenny Molloy 4/19/17
Training : Roland Mill Perfectphase 4/19/17
Just Add Sharks - laser demo in Makespace ste5eu 4/18/17
Free older server equipment Richard Dwan 4/17/17
Request for CNC router training - happy to bring refreshments :) Rasko Leinonen 4/15/17
Workbenches & office desks Andrew 4/12/17
Laser training request Arnet 4/12/17
CNC model mill training? Dario Bressan 4/11/17
Plunge Router Robin Sterling 4/11/17
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