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Climate Hack 19 - 21 January 2018 Jonathan Woolf 10/20/17
Electrical safety notice. Adrian van den Heever 2/1/17
Tools for leather Tom Parker 8:02 AM
Training : Laser Cutter Simon Ford 6:05 AM
Ultimaker Users - Close the filament boxes properly! Stephen Harrison 11/23/17
VCarvePro Makerspace Edition? Michael Dales 11/23/17
Free MagPi magazines Jose Chitty 11/23/17
Changes to laser cutter stock Tom Parker 11/23/17
Science Makers on 2 Dec: Molecular Gastronomy (3D printing with food, spherification etc) Jenny Molloy 11/23/17
Get Involved in Developing a Folding Electric Bike 11/22/17
Made in Makespace and Won 1st Prize on's Arduino MKR Fox Competition Stephen Harrison 11/21/17
RoboDome aka Micro Pi Noon Tournament on Friday 24th BrianC 11/20/17
Hitchin Hackspace needs some help Mark Mellors 11/20/17
Training : Roland Mill Perfectphase 11/20/17
Laser Cutter usage - Reminder - Do not leave jobs unattended david.barham 11/17/17
USB soldering irons Anne Harrison 11/16/17
Laser cutting Delrin question Jose Chitty 11/16/17
Log : CNC Router Perfectphase 11/16/17
Training: Form1+ Stephen Harrison 11/14/17
Training: Ultimaker Stephen Harrison 11/14/17
Band and Mitre saw training David Rodríguez 11/13/17
Internet Connectivity Patrick Riggs 11/12/17
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