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Training : Laser Cutter Simon Ford 1:00 AM
Handheld CNC Router Brian Starkey 8/25/16
Training : Roland Mill Perfectphase 8/25/16
Ultimaker 2+ extruder blocked Jeremy Bentham 8/25/16
Catering for social on Thursday Mark Wainwright 8/25/16
We're Getting a new Metal Lathe! Mat Cook 8/24/16
Bandsaw Training Nadia Bassiri 8/24/16
Mitre Saw training? Adrian Carr 8/24/16
Cambridge Bring-a-hack tonight (August 24th @The Cambridge Blue) Martin 8/24/16
Seeking advice - Buying a Lathe for my home workshop Chris Abri 8/23/16
Fwd: [uk-hackspaces] Open for Business conference, Monday 5th September (free). Laura James 8/23/16
Mug press and dye sublimation printer? Cong Cong Bo 8/23/16
Wood offcuts beneath sander in workshop Mik Lamming 8/23/16
Buying personal router bits Mik Lamming 8/23/16
glass kiln kit Laura James 8/23/16
3D printer training Debora Nini 8/22/16
The newest operating system compatible with either of Makespace's scanners is Windows 7 Thomas Myers 8/20/16
Log: Lathe Harry Braviner 8/19/16
Advice sought: .stl files on CNC Mik Lamming 8/19/16
Help needed reading Chinese electronics labels Joe Halstead 8/19/16
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