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Changes to laser cutter stock Tom Parker 5/16/17
Electrical safety notice. Adrian van den Heever 2/1/17
Pizza and Beer this Thursday. Jonathan Woolf 5/25/17
ARM core M4 programming Stephen Clemmet 5/25/17
Log : Laser Cutter Simon Ford 5/25/17
CNC Router Induction 31/5 @ 6pm on meetup Martin 5/25/17
Rubbish Mark Wainwright 5/25/17
Request for laser cutter training Lorraine Penney 5/25/17
Resquest for CNC Router and Wood Lathe Training John Perdue 5/24/17
Fwd: Jack Lang Eagle Lab talk "The Raspberry Pi Journey", 10am 13 July. (was: New messages from Eagle Labs Cambridge) Kim SJ 5/23/17
Request for Myford Lathe Training 5/23/17
Vacuum Former Log Perfectphase 5/22/17
All Kinds of Kindles Jonathan Woolf 5/21/17
Acrylic and ply stock. Ian Guebert 5/20/17
Log : MDX40 Model Mill Perfectphase 5/19/17
Wanted: Ultimaker Trainers and Owners Stephen Harrison 5/19/17
Laser acrylic source Tom 5/19/17
Storage bins to give away Anne Harrison 5/18/17
Tour this evening - volunteer? Mark Wainwright 5/18/17
New escape room in Cambridge Mark Wainwright 5/18/17
Any desire for some STM32/STM8 dev boards? Tom Fleet 5/17/17
Free LEDs Mark Wainwright 5/15/17
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