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Electrical safety notice. Adrian van den Heever 11/29/16
CNC Router - Monday 23 Jan 6-9pm 3:16 PM
glass / jewelry Johan Henriksson 1/20/17
Low data rate sim card for IoT Dave Ansell 1/19/17
Chip saw kerf Diana Probst 1/19/17
Laser cutter fumes Andrew 1/19/17
AR/VR Groups in and around Cambridge? Katy Marshall 1/19/17
Pine64 Computer for grabs Jose Chitty 1/19/17
Request for circular saw training 1/19/17
ARM core speed for EMC Stephen Clemmet 1/18/17
Monday 23 Jan 6.45pm - can members help give minit tours? 1/18/17
Request for SLA printer Induction Jose Chitty 1/17/17
Ultimaker ABS bed glue - washable disappearing purple :-) Stephen Harrison 1/17/17
Black ABS filament James Thomas Griffiths 1/17/17
Asda deliver today 12-1pm, but struck down with 'flu Cong Cong Bo 1/17/17
vinyl cutter help? Abi Wills 1/16/17
Plotter status Al Napp 1/16/17
Chocolate for Form 1 usage? Ben Brebner 1/16/17
Knitting machine Evie Chalmers 1/16/17
Kit Suggestion: Vacuum Degassing Chamber Ben Brebner 1/16/17
Request for 3D printing induction! Iranga Weerasuriya 1/16/17
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