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Training 2018: Laser Cutter Makespace Admin 6/14/18
Training 2018: Ultimaker Makespace Admin 6/8/18
Hosting events in Makespace. Please read if you host guests in Makespace. Makespace Admin 5/30/18
Expanding the board Makespace Admin 3/29/18
Makespace Code of Conduct Makespace Admin 2/14/18
Soldering GPIO Header on to Raspberry Pi Zero David Cheung 11:35 AM
Cambridge Techfugees Hackathon this weekend - teaching English to asylum seekers and refugees in Cambridgeshire Julia C 6/19/18
CW Unplugged: Tech for Water Ward Hills 6/19/18
Silver Bullet and vinyl cutter PC not communicating Jenny Molloy 6/18/18
Log : Laser Cutter Simon Ford 6/18/18
Lost glasses Chloe Thomas 6/18/18
Log : CNC Router Perfectphase 6/18/18
Mitre Saw training? Adrian Carr 6/18/18
Missing screwdriver battery pack Thomas Wagner 6/17/18
Hosting synthesizer event Thomas Wagner 6/16/18
Damage to belt sander Frodi Jones 6/15/18
Vinyl cutter and T-shirt press help 6/13/18
Laser cutting sapphire (Al2O3) James Thomas Griffiths 6/13/18
Possible Skills and Tech showcasing opportunity Zizwani Mhango 6/11/18
Parking at Makespace Jonathan Woolf 6/11/18
Inkscape Training Mat Cook 6/9/18
Make the Space - Wiki Update Jonathan Woolf 6/7/18
Model Mill Engraving Bit Z-Zero Tom Parker 6/6/18
Metal lath Ahmed abdalla 6/6/18
Scrap Motherboards and large circuit boards Danny G 6/6/18
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