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Update on Makespace Internet Connectivity Issues Adrian van den Heever 9:38 AM
Makecycle? Offering trailer and strawberries Marko Cosic 8:22 AM
Formlabs Clear Resin Tank Jonathon Hughes 6:49 AM
Betsy down Diana Probst 6/25/16
New in the Trove (Read if you're into making HiFi audio gear). Stephen Harrison 6/24/16
Internet Mark Wainwright 6/24/16
Myford Lathe up for sale Martha Levine 6/24/16
Makespace Internet Connection Adrian van den Heever 6/24/16
Is Makespace now a student digs? Phill Banks 6/24/16
Jaws Down Diana Probst 6/23/16
Open Source Evening Stephen Clemmet 6/23/16
Oh Crap... Tom Parker 6/22/16
We're Getting a new Metal Lathe! Mat Cook 6/21/16
Question about events on Daniel Bailey 6/21/16
Basic trainings for new members (CNC mill, laser cutter, ultimaker) Adrien Leger 6/21/16
Mill Training Diana Probst 6/21/16
Ultimaker training spaces left. Daniel Bailey 6/20/16
Away and see the space Mark Wainwright 6/20/16
Kit request: bike crank puller Martin 6/19/16
Ultimaker 3D printer training James Thomas Griffiths 6/19/16
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