Cambridge NonDysFunctional Programmers

Welcome to the Cambridge NonDysFunctional Programming Users' Group! We hold regular meetings to discuss topics related to functional programming and to meet like-minded people in the Cambridge, UK, area.

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FP Days 2013 - Functional Programming event in Cambridge October 24-25 Mark Dalgarno 10/1/13
Clojure show and tell - Thursday 11th July Ray Miller 6/29/13
Clojure meet-ups survey Ray Miller 6/23/13
OCaml meet/hack day Stewart Sims 4/14/13
Talk: How F# Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data - Tomas Petricek MikeThyer 3/3/13
Our group needs a logo. Any suggestions? Mike McClurg 1/27/13
Next meetup: OCaml hacking session Mike McClurg 1/27/13
Fwd: Special discount on WS02 Conference Mike McClurg 1/21/13
Planning the first meetup of 2013 Mike McClurg 12/21/12