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PyCon Australia 2015 Call for Proposals is Open! Clinton Roy 3/31/15
Kiwi PyCon 2014: T-Shirt order happens tomorrow! Tom Eastman 8/31/14
Kiwi PyCon 2014: Register now to get your T-Shirt! DEADLINE Tom Eastman 8/27/14
Kiwi PyCon 2014: PyLadies lunch! Tom Eastman 8/25/14
Kiwi PyCon 2014: Last chance for our accommodation block booking! Tom Eastman 8/20/14
Kiwi PyCon 2014 Financial aid deadline 22nd Tom Eastman 8/20/14
Kiwi Pycon 2014: Cheap Flights to NZ from Australia! Tom Eastman 8/18/14
Kiwi PyCon 2014: Dinner ticket on sale now Tom Eastman 8/16/14
Kiwi PyCon 2014: One month to go! Tom Eastman 8/14/14
Kiwi PyCon 2014: Tutorials Tom Eastman 7/28/14
Kiwi PyCon 2014: Accommodation Tom Eastman 7/25/14
Kiwi PyCon 2014: Childcare Survey Tom Eastman 7/24/14
Kiwi PyCon 2014 Registrations Now Open! Tom Eastman 7/23/14
PyCon Australia 2014's dinner speaker: Paul Gampe! Clinton Roy 7/22/14
PyCon Australia 2014's second keynote: Dr James R. Curran! Chris 7/8/14
PyCon Australia 2014 registration deadlines and first keynote announced! Chris 7/2/14
Kiwi PyCon 2014 CfP: Today really *is* the deadline. Tom Eastman 6/29/14
class KiwiPyCon2014: assert DEADLINE == Tom Eastman 6/29/14
Kiwi PyCon 2014 almost out of time! Tom Eastman 6/29/14
Kiwi PyCon 2014 FINAL CALL FOR PROPOSALS! Tom Eastman 6/27/14
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