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Is it long step to code extensions? FGH Think 7/6/16
Selection behavior when adding brackets to code Guido Visser 6/29/16
Backtick leading to coloring error Fred Alcide 6/27/16
how stop suggestions ? Jean-Sebastien Richer 6/23/16
can't make extract psd work bryan rasmussen 6/22/16
Brackets 1.7 Linux Builds Refreshed Prashanth Nethi 6/20/16
Information Brackets 1.7 Denis R 6/17/16
Use jquery(like) functions to edit HTML documents in Brackets Jesse Kinsman 6/17/16
Can't create folder or file in Brackets? Help! JL 6/15/16
Brackets 1.7 Released! Prashanth Nethi 6/13/16
Response for Brackets - original: Page separator line cannot be unholded. K 6/10/16
Newbie question EP Pack 6/3/16
Brackets 1.7 pre-release build Prashanth Nethi 6/3/16
CSS doesn't update with live preview Yannick Duguay 6/2/16
I am attempting to update an extension on a renamed GitHub account. It responds: "You are not the owner of this extension..." Steffan Donal 6/2/16
Node.js and Grunt Christopher 5/25/16
pet peeve. Allow selection of file type, for new untitled files. Wyatt Biker 5/24/16
Call for string translations for 1.7 Prashanth Nethi 5/23/16
PRs for 1.7 to be targeted to release branch Prashanth Nethi 5/23/16
Does brackets automatically alter (clean up?) code? D Drake 5/17/16
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