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dev environment setup Ashwin Balasubramamian 12/14/17
Suggestion Supun Kavinda 11/29/17
LocalHost Problem with Chrome Jesus Ramirez 11/25/17
Python Visual Editor Brandon Krieger 11/11/17
Caracteres Davi Maximo 11/8/17
JS Refactoring Naveen Choudhary 11/2/17
Folded code does not stay folded when copy and pasting Issue #13014 Timothy Bibbee 10/19/17
Is it ok to override a function prototype? Sorin Sandru 10/5/17
Zen coding extension Arkadiusz Stankiewicz 10/1/17
Brackets 1.11 is Live! Swagatam Mitra 9/25/17
Live preview opening live https site (not localhost) Guy Rogers 9/25/17
Syntax Hightlight for .htaccess? Benjamin Philipp 9/17/17
Problem with running Brackets from git source code using Olof Enström 9/13/17
Brackets 1.11 pre-release 1 available for community testing Swagatam Mitra 9/6/17
Brackets stuck on loading after adding Bramble as dev directory Yogesh Gupta 9/5/17
How can i delete latest projet on brackets OCTOPODE Pro 9/5/17
Brackets Live Vorschau funktioniert nicht (unknown) 8/20/17
Debugging from other IDE's aistosi 8/19/17
Code Hint Drop Down List shows one item at a time Kamel 8/18/17
Linux installation problem - dependency issue kelsang sherab 8/16/17
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