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Preview Not Working John Wannaby 5/8/15
Introducing Quickfire - A Chrome App for Brackets Jason Mitcheson 5/8/15
Cooperate on Electron? Peter Uithoven 5/5/15
Extensions in linux not working Wassim Seifeddine 5/5/15
How make HTML page in Brackets with Jade? Aleksey Teterin 5/5/15
Brackets-Shell autocomplete Khashayar MirMS 5/4/15
Create Lua hints Paweł Miczka 5/4/15
how do you auto complete on just tag name? Rick Shide 5/3/15
Event for when the mode changes? Bryan Oakley 4/30/15
Highlight comments ? The Christopher 4/28/15
Odd Brackets behavior - Live Preview problem Carolina hiker 4/28/15
Switching back to master for brackets 1.4 Development arun bose 4/27/15
Live view distances and HREF links Trevor Fitzgerald 4/26/15
tab indents line to correct position (like emacs)? Joe McDonald 4/26/15
CSS: font-family hint list is not showing fonts (Mac OSX) Thomas Frenkel 4/26/15
Final call for translations for 1.3 Prashanth Nethi 4/22/15
Reporting a possible bug for an extension... Carolina hiker 4/21/15
All folders and files in project gone. Equinox 4/21/15
Re: The core of the core of the big data solutions -- Map (unknown) 4/21/15
Large files: Find Next and Find Previous Commands work but UI indicates otherwise Lance Campbell 4/20/15
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