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HTML file encoding different than UTF-8 Arkadiusz Stankiewicz 6/28/17
Please enable euc-kr is 장동국 6/28/17
Brackets 1.10 pre-release 3 Swagatam Mitra 6/28/17
Brackets Extension Registry out of disk space? Anže Kopitar 6/27/17
Trouble on inserting new Extension to Extension Registry (unknown) 6/26/17
Trouble inserting new extension (unknown) 6/26/17
Updating ownership Jerad Rutnam 6/20/17
Switching From Dreamweaver! Looking for something functions similarly to .DWT Jesse Adams 6/16/17
Extract for Bracket Zbugx 6/8/17
Brackets 1.9 release Swagatam Mitra 6/8/17
Brackets on Discord! Bitsy 6/8/17
Keybindings Sandy Skelton 6/6/17
Multiple change events Mikael Jorhult 6/1/17
Updating extension owner Justin Debuse 5/26/17
Brackets shortcut "Find replace in files" Alexander Lins 5/8/17
Show invalid CSS Code Micha S 5/4/17
NPM_INSTALL_FAILED on Brackets Registry Thomas Mullen @RationalCoding 5/3/17
Learn from scratch Rodrigo Leite 4/26/17
Translations for Indent Guides Lance Campbell 4/23/17
Brackets 1.10 pre-release 1 is available for community testing Swagatam Mitra 4/9/17
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