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Important Code Hints API change Raymond Lim 3/2/16
css file problem Waqar Kiyani 2/29/16
Refresh css file after editing newbie 2/27/16
Upload to website/host JJ Guest 2/26/16
NodeDomain.exec() not failing and not done Valéry Herlaud 2/21/16
This Annoying Icon (unknown) 2/18/16
How to turn # into id in html code like Sublime Text? Brackets User 2/15/16
Editing my .htaccess file in Brackets corrupts it, how can i fix that? David Else 2/14/16
Ability to link multiple files? Alistair Kenyon-Brodie 2/14/16
The extension package is invalid: The uploaded content is not a valid zip file. Ole Kröger 2/13/16
Unable to upload a brackets extension to the registry Timo Weiß 2/13/16
Brackets on mac + extentions Charles Lins 2/7/16
Syntax Highlight support for MIPS assembler language Nathan Phipps 2/4/16
ask about extentio php in agus triyono 2/3/16
Can't get files to work with each other (beginner) NewToBrackets 1/31/16
Make This Folder Root Hasan Ahmed Jobayer 1/31/16
Issue #11826 (Undo after save) still not fixed Alec 1/29/16
Cloned number Akash Vartak 1/29/16
Syntax Highlighting like Sublime Text (Monokai JavascriptNext) Guido Visser 1/29/16
Urgent Requirement:: Big Data Architect/ Hadoop Architect Abhishek Kumar 1/28/16
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