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Going start work on bug fixing Ramasamy Namasivayam 3/9/15
brackets extension registry not working ваня бахчеев 3/8/15
[Berlin] Meetup seeking speakers Chakib Benziane 3/7/15
how to build brackets on win7 x64? failed with strange error now mnzhz 3/6/15
Thinking of implementing a way to check for locale to display correct color names Andrew Mitchell 3/5/15
Error with auto-fill suggestions and filtering Justin Turner 3/4/15
Realtime PHP Linting Scott Goddard 3/3/15
Iniciando en el mundo de la Programación Web Pablo Solar 3/3/15
Feature extension Anderson Reyes 3/3/15
Move to master for next Release Praful Vaishnav 3/2/15
Brackets 1.2 has been released Praful Vaishnav 3/2/15
about a plugin in brackets, please help me to find out yusuf elhirar 2/27/15
Help us test Release 1.2 Prashant Singh 2/26/15
Key command to close a tag? Daniel Tomasch 2/25/15
Developing an Extension for C++ and Python with proper autocompletions to make Brackets behave like an IDE just like gVim and YouCompleteMe. dragfire 2/25/15
cannot save a file Ben De Lathouwer 2/25/15
Change the site root folder for Live Preview Moss Doerksen 2/25/15
The Tab key tag auto-complete option is not working anymore. K 2/24/15 How Do I Use It Correctly? Bradley Jones 2/23/15
Different Attribute options in CodeHintManager Chris Griffith 2/22/15
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