Borderlands - An Audiovisual Interface for Granular Synthesis

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Borderlands update (Audiobus?) 3/27/15
Borderlands + StudioMux Chris Hahn 5/29/18
Limitation with Pitch and Duration value donnaqueebo 5/21/18
iPhone X compatible any time ? 4/14/18
Help first time with Borderlands Greg Steele 3/18/18
Is there any way to permanently remove the sounds on startup? Zachary Radford 2/21/18
Bug with pitch automation (playback with wrong values) Raimund 1/12/18
Please iOS universal 12/17/17
I can no longer re-download the borderlands granular 12/4/17
inertia / pitch buttons / quantizing Paulie Jan 11/12/17
Audio bug with iOS 9.3.5 11/3/17
More Feature Suggestions October 2017 Patrick Suler 10/11/17
Clock sync options? 9/19/17
Any new updates soon? 9/14/17
Borderlands article in German keyboards magazine. Raimund 8/26/17
Tempo based rather than MS based Durations? Kirke Godfrey 8/25/17
Borderlands for Windows sound problem Sylboud Gervain 8/14/17
Is Borderlands iOS 11 Compatible? 8/12/17
mini update? Trees 8/10/17
Can MIDI trigger position? Patrick Suler 7/11/17
Multichannel audio Maurizio Montini 6/19/17
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