Borderlands - An Audiovisual Interface for Granular Synthesis

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Borderlands update (Audiobus?) 3/27/15
Borderlands as realtime FX device with Logic Pro? Does this work? Mike Baker 10/5/15
where are recordings stored / 9/23/15
Great App Needs Great Manual Tchexydon 9/3/15
Will not launch in latest iOS 9 Public Beta Chris Foster 8/16/15
Effects slot in Audiobus 8/16/15
cloud specific parameters...where'd they go? 8/11/15
Thank You for a great update 7/26/15
Tempo based rather than MS based Durations? Kirke Godfrey 7/24/15
Additional file management options? Richard Haig 7/24/15
external speaker connection 6/22/15
Double tap is deleting clouds 5/17/15
interface 5/17/15
Borderlands for Windows sound problem Sylboud Gervain 5/8/15
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