Borderlands - An Audiovisual Interface for Granular Synthesis

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Borderlands update (Audiobus?) 3/27/15
Get SAP Server Access @ Lowest Price!!! Diffy Wap 5/21/15
Double tap is deleting clouds 5/17/15
interface 5/17/15
Borderlands for Windows sound problem Sylboud Gervain 5/8/15
Great App Needs Great Manual Tchexydon 4/24/15
Audio stream problem (MusicIO) 4/23/15
Inter-app audio 4/23/15
borderlands and music io 4/23/15
Lag 4/16/15
Bug in the Apple Store 4/15/15
Feature requests and a question regarding (tempo) synced playback Ákos Botos 4/10/15
would love more control over envelopes and duration 4/10/15
Borderlands and Auria Eliah Holiday 4/10/15
A couple of feature requests. Eliah Holiday 4/6/15
Default scene 4/5/15
cloud automation not working on ipad air 4/1/15
I'm surprised the app doesn't come with scenes/sounds? 4/1/15
Borderlannds AU Version 4/1/15
new to ipad and BG John Pazdan 4/1/15
Borderlands 2.0 3/31/15
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