Borderlands - An Audiovisual Interface for Granular Synthesis

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Borderlands update (Audiobus?) 3/27/15
Borderlands "semi-launches" David Stevens 1/6/17
Borderlands + StudioMux Chris Hahn 10/2/16
State Saving and AUM audio mixer app compatibility? Bc iii 8/12/16
getting samples into my computer(studiomux) 8/11/16
Low volume output & sample clipping? 7/11/16
Tempo based rather than MS based Durations? Kirke Godfrey 7/6/16
midi control 6/15/16
per sample pitch change 5/31/16
Grain duration - typed input for Ms? 5/22/16
Sound file level/gain 5/13/16
Cannot Delete scenes when orginal audio files have been deleted andreas kavvadias 5/13/16
Is there anyway to export a loop without processing it ? 3/30/16
Cheated 3/30/16
MIDI sync 3/30/16
Crashes when trying to load saved scenes Aaronpc 3/29/16
ableton link 3/29/16
some feature requests 3/29/16
Split View and iPad Pro Support Teenage Engineering OP-2 3/29/16
Rec in - shorter buffer size 3/29/16
audio stops when changing app 3/29/16
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