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Question about svm machine yonas belete 12/12/13
Parallel trainers satellite package Tiago Freitas Pereira 12/4/13
Mismatch in Number of Speakers in MOBIO Corpus Mohammad Ali Nematollahi 12/3/13
multi-labeled samples Ferhat KURTULMUŞ 11/29/13
Bob and multi-threading with python Manuel Günther 11/20/13
AttributeError: 'GMMStats' object has no attribute Achintya Sarkar 11/17/13
RuntimeError training GMM Guanta Alecho 11/14/13
python-tornado dependency Tiago Freitas Pereira 11/8/13
Error while training GMM using bob speaker verification toolkit Achintya Sarkar 11/6/13
Bob 1.2.2 "Sunshine is here" is out André Anjos 10/28/13
brew bob? Benjamin Hill 10/28/13
Facereclib with BOB Mathew i 10/28/13
Bob 1.2.1 "Ain't No Sunshine..." is out Laurent El-Shafey 10/17/13
Question about GMM statistics and UBM Marta Gomez-Barrero 10/6/13
Re: [bob-devel] Question about GMM statistics and UBM Laurent El-Shafey 10/6/13
speaker recognition toolkit Elie Khoury 9/3/13
Map adaptation for GMM Milton Orlando Sarria Paja 8/28/13
[xbob.db.verification.filelist] Update to support multiple protocols Laurent El-Shafey 8/26/13
asking bob to use multiple cores available in local CPU Abhishek Dutta 8/13/13
bob 1.2.0: build fails when using ffmpeg 2.0 David B. Evans 8/8/13
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