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re-compilation umtsahn 3/24/15
bob.core Installation on CentOS 6.5 Steven Lobo 3/21/15
Which Ubuntu version can BOB 2.0 support? Seungho Kim 3/19/15
bob.spear 1.1.8 and 1.1.7 Maria Garcia 3/13/15
Bob Satellite Package Development - creating console scripts Nesli 3/12/15
test single image in facereclib umtsahn 3/12/15
Suported video format by in BOB 1.2.2 Devrim Doner 3/10/15
How do I tune the bob engine so as to lower the errors? Maria Garcia 3/9/15
using a custom timit Maria Garcia 3/4/15
"No distribution at all found for bob>1.1.0" for Antispoofing.motion and antispoofing.optflow Devrim Doner 2/25/15
bioidiap/bob.ip.gabor - extract jet without transforming the whole image Thai Kien 2/25/15
bob.spear - How to use so it can use for_models.lst and for_scores.lst Maria Garcia 2/24/15
Format of score files Maria Garcia 2/24/15
Deploying bob Zeeno from Atlantis 2/11/15
An extension to decently declare function/class parameters and examples André Anjos 2/6/15
Compiling bob on Cent OS 6: Specifying a specific gcc compiler Laurent El Shafey 2/4/15
How to create a bob interface - bob satellite package - for a new database ? Cat Le 1/30/15
ivector training errors Yu Zhu 1/8/15
bug in train whitened enroler? spear 1.1.7 Lior Uzan 12/11/14
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