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mlp training Marios-Evaggelos Kogias 7/6/17
SPEAR - using only 12 MFCC? Neve Stagy 7/5/17
private dataset 7/5/17
bob.spear applicable to speaker diarization? Takafumi Koshinaka 7/4/17
Questions on GMM-UBM theory/code Neve Stagy 7/3/17
Interpreting Results Neve Stagy 7/2/17
Failing in installing packages. Jinfang Wang 6/27/17
understanding cmc results Yashasvi Baweja 6/26/17
regarding K means and GMM abhipo 6/16/17
PackageNotFoundError: Package not found: '' Package missing in current linux-64 channels vijay krishna 6/13/17
Spear - Adding Custom Database Neve Stagy 6/8/17
Bob 2.7.0 is out! André Anjos 6/6/17
Not able to get results for ivector abhipo 6/6/17
antispoofing.lbptop simux 5/31/17
Dcoumentation Francesco Tuveri 5/30/17
Re: [bob-devel] Reproducing paper published in Interspeech 2016 Pavel Korshunov 5/29/17
error abhipo 5/25/17
regarding commercial use SK 5/19/17
Difference between ubm_gmm and gmm_voxforge? Neve Stagy 5/6/17
Bob written by the community for the community (documentation hackathon) Amir Mohammadi 5/4/17
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