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i-vector system training data configuration 7/13/16
Clean up buildout.cfg scripts Tiago Freitas Pereira 7/13/16
Nightlies build Tiago Freitas Pereira 7/12/16
Multiple files for enrollment 7/7/16
Enrollment and test using a pre-trained UBM 7/6/16
problems running antispoofing.lbp-top in combination with bob Jeroen Fokkema 7/5/16
Error in speaker verification experiments 6/24/16
Bob and Caffe Sebastien Marcel 6/23/16
Re: [bob-devel] Could not find database Tiago Freitas Pereira 6/13/16
~/.bob_bio_databases.txt Amir Mohammadi 6/9/16
Using only the C++ classes of Bob Manuel Günther 5/30/16
Using namespace_packages Amir Mohammadi 5/27/16
Usage of LBP class from bob.ip.base mariana bento 5/24/16
ISV Scoring function Tiago Freitas Pereira 5/20/16
Computation of error measures in Jana 4/28/16
Binary installation of bob packages and their dependencies with conda Amir Mohammadi 4/19/16
Which bob packages require pkg-config in their build process? Amir Mohammadi 4/14/16
New gridtk features Manuel Günther 4/12/16
Why is the ZT norm inside bob.learn.em and not in bob.learn.linear Manuel Günther 4/12/16
Using bob in Xcode Ghifari Rahadian 3/31/16
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