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Announcement: Do reproducible vein recognition with André Anjos 2:36 AM
develop.cfg needs special attention Manuel Günther 10/19/17
Issues when mixing conda and pip and uninstalling Manuel Günther 10/17/17
Bob tutorial in Denver on Oct 1 at IJCB'17 Sebastien Marcel 10/12/17
RuntimeError: bob.ip.base.LBPTop - cannot process LBPTop: C++ exception caught: simux 10/2/17
Complete example of evaluating model at IJB-A Bartosz Ludwiczuk 10/2/17
Unable to Install on Windows 10 10/2/17
Bob 3.0.0 is out! André Anjos 9/25/17
problem installing bob.core Ivan H 9/25/17
Removing some packages from Bob v3 Amir Mohammadi 9/20/17
numpy.nan detected in 'data' Reng Xian Tiong 9/11/17
Predicting raw speaker IDs Prasanna Kothalkar 9/1/17
Spear supported file extension Reng Xian Tiong 8/25/17
Use bob spear for speaker recognition in app Benoit Rouxel 8/18/17
How to save data of 'list' type on HDF5 files? Jinfang Wang 8/17/17
How to use Bob's i-vectors functions in matlab environment? Jinfang Wang 8/11/17
Python multiprocessing and C++ objects Manuel Günther 8/10/17
Client ID for UBM training? Prasanna Kothalkar 7/28/17
Documentation style of docstrings Amir Mohammadi 7/24/17
SPEAR GMM-UBM - Determining cluster arrangement Neve Stagy 7/20/17
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