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ERROR: No module named voxforge.query ravika naika 12/1/16
SQL databases are not inside database packages anymore? Manuel Günther 11/29/16
Failing image processor tests using bob.chapter.FRICE experiments Eric 11/28/16
eye blink detection tofi 11/24/16
Help with color FERET database daniel 11/23/16
On the Projector.hdf5 file for algorithms: ISV, TV-cosine and TV-PLDA Alain Komaty 11/15/16 is crashing Alain Komaty 11/8/16
ROI for flandmark 11/3/16
train i-vector algorithm resource ziv rader 11/2/16
Keeping bob headers C++11-free Manuel Günther 10/31/16
Help to run baseline face recognition algorithms using bob mb 10/28/16
Memory limitation ziv rader 10/25/16
How to add a custom database 10/24/16
Bug in Cepstral Extractor Francesco Tuveri 10/21/16
Conda packages for Ubuntu 16.04 / GCC version 5.4 and greater Manuel Günther 10/19/16
Expanding low-level samples to several high-level samples in the framework Amir Mohammadi 10/11/16 installation Francesco Tuveri 10/11/16
Dcoumentation Francesco Tuveri 10/10/16
New DB interface - large protocol files Pavel Korshunov 10/10/16
_voice_activity_detection: division by zero Márton Makrai 10/10/16
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