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~/.bob_bio_databases.txt Amir Mohammadi 2/12/16
Bob does not compile with Anaconda accelerate Amir Mohammadi 2/11/16
Bob Wiki at Github, Bob documentation Amir Mohammadi 2/10/16
Bob 32 bits support Tiago Freitas Pereira 1/25/16
Moving from Python 2.6 and into Python 3.5 André Anjos 1/25/16
trouble installing spear Lior Uzan 12/30/15
Unable to locate bob-dev houda kadi 12/21/15
Program is killed when executing ivec-cosine-voxforge algorithm Quazi Marufur Rahman 12/7/15
Bob v2 on MacPorts André Anjos 12/6/15
Examples out of date? André Anjos 12/6/15
How to create model using newly arrived speaker data and compute its score with previous models Quazi Marufur Rahman 12/2/15
Updating your code when using new 2.0.6 version of bob Pavel Korshunov 12/1/15
GMM training time with 1k 254x204 images Ken Yocum 11/27/15
EER is too high (41.667%)! Quazi Marufur Rahman 11/25/15
Install issue OS X 10.10.5 Ken Yocum 11/20/15
Face recognition: face crop parameters, eye and mouth positions 11/19/15
Re: [bob-devel] Will BOB run on ARM Platforms? André Anjos 11/18/15
IARPA Janus Benchmark A (IJB-A) Bob database API is out ! Sebastien Marcel 11/16/15
Facereclib with custom database 11/9/15
TypeError: an integer is required while enrolling GMM Dmytro Prylipko 10/23/15
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