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Prepare for Bob's next release (update your conda) Amir Mohammadi 4/5/18
When I install bob.kaldi, it throws "PackagesNotFoundError" 4/4/18
Content of a DiagGMM Chang Pan 4/4/18
Running Anita Garland 4/2/18
input of bob.kaldi.plda_train function. Chang Pan 3/29/18
install without conda, problem. David van Leeuwen 3/21/18
Unable to install, No module named math Chris Spencer 3/18/18
Bob on Windows Ali Kh 3/13/18
Higher log-likelihood score when give more training data in GMM-UBM speaker verification system Nguyễn Cẩn 3/8/18
"NotADirectoryError: [Errno 20] Not a directory" when run bob.kaldi.ubm_train Nguyễn Cẩn 3/8/18
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