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A 2017 paper using Manuel Günther 6/12/18
Python 2 support Amir Mohammadi 6/12/18
Support PEP 427 wheel distrubtions on PyPi Tom Forbes 6/11/18
Compiling and linking against Bob Manuel Günther 6/6/18
Closing issues in gitlab André Anjos 6/5/18
Getting rid of "(Evaluation)" in ROC title Vedrana Krivokuca 6/4/18
LDA and IVectors question Tiago Freitas Pereira 5/31/18
Implementing a DualClassGMM class from bob.pad.base.algorithm.OneClassGMM Guillermo Estrada 5/24/18
ERROR: Failed to extract galbally features. Guillermo Estrada 5/24/18
bob.kaldi installation issue K DIVYA 5/23/18
Regarding bob.kaldi's KyungSoo Kim 5/23/18
Training iVector using UBM Abishek S 5/22/18
Elastic Graph Matching algorithm, Elastic term Mohammad Saber 5/17/18
Defining my own Database Guillermo Estrada 5/15/18
Reproducing the results of TASLP 2017 on Long Term Spectral Statistics features Sapan Mankad 5/15/18
Bob rppg 2SR was not accurate 5/14/18
How to draw Graph on an Image Mohammad Saber 5/7/18
bob.kaldi.plad_train(), return NULL plda mode 5/6/18
PLDA enroll under bob.kaldi Chang Pan 5/5/18
bob.example.faceverify 2.1.2 Mohammad Saber 5/1/18
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