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Some news about 1.8 add-ons Daniel Glazman 1/28/16
Stille "XML Parsing Error: undefined entity" on Windows 10 after deleting user profile Alain 1/19/16
BlueGriffon 2.0pre Daniel Glazman 1/13/16
[BlueGriffon] Preview of 2.0 for OS X Daniel Glazman 1/12/16
BlueGriffon 1.8 key mappings get confused Garret Wilson 1/7/16
Help .... Trying to embed video in a page Paul Rosenthal 12/16/15
BlueGriffon doesn't insert <b> when asked. Garret Wilson 12/16/15
BlueGriffon does not use HTML5 <u> in toolbar. Garret Wilson 12/13/15
What is "datalisthoo" found in html coding? Normandeau Newswire 12/12/15
more congratulations to Daniel Garret Wilson 12/12/15
blocker encoding bug breaks XML compliance Garret Wilson 12/12/15
Re: [BlueGriffon] BG 1.8 doesn't show suggestions Daniel Glazman 12/12/15
Version for Ubuntu/Mint Benoit Laboubee 12/12/15
Videos attachments S. Paine 12/12/15
Hotlist: Available consultants for C2C requirements. Saleem Bhaninfo 12/12/15
Background and dropdown menus Spec ies 12/12/15
Can't install csseditor recently purchased. Needs 1.8, only Linux version is 1.7.2 downloadable from site? Scott S 12/12/15
Looking for Network Engineer - Teaneck NJ & Miami FL Need CV- Vikas C 12/12/15
Videos S. Paine 12/12/15
BG 1.8 doesn't show suggestion box working in source mode Luigi Capra 12/12/15
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