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Issue with HTML5 <audio> element Philip Goddard 1:49 PM
How do I change the default charset option Alan 9:48 AM
bluegriffon webflow dreamweaver GUI 84lionel 10/18/16
Light Theme v2.1.1 GregTutor 9/26/16
bluegriffon-2.0c1.Ubuntu16.04-x86_64.tar.bz2 GregTutor 9/26/16
Fireftp error Heklaz 9/22/16
feature : shortcut Ctrl mouse click on link 84lionel 9/17/16
got PHP start and end strings <?php and ?> changed into HTML comments Dominik Lenné 9/17/16
BG Version 2.1.1 - Thumbnailer on Win10 64bits disapeared ! Robert Kirsch 9/8/16
Stylesheet ignored by host TopGeek 8/25/16
I would like to play poker with you bqspearman 8/22/16
bluegriffon licence base on single user account OS ? 84lionel 8/1/16
BlueGriffon Joeg 7/31/16
Snippets? Joeg 7/30/16
Non-Acceptance of Licence Key GregTutor 7/20/16
viewer ( preview) mode in bluegriffon 84lionel 7/12/16
edit html entity and convert win1252 to utf8 84lionel 7/10/16
avoid image copy paste save in base64 84lionel 7/3/16
Autocompletion in CSS editor not working Daniel Süsstrunk 7/2/16
select and edit a selector name in wysiwyg mode and transition 84lionel 7/2/16
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