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Cannot save files - bitdefender issue (solved) Alan 3/19/18
bluegriffon webflow dreamweaver GUI 84lionel 3/4/18
InvalidAccesError Robert Kirsch 2/8/18
"Restore pevious session" feature dropped (in Version 3) Robert Kirsch 1/5/18
Save Thumbnail choice Robert Kirsch 1/5/18
Weard handling of   Frank Spade 1/4/18
Text Cursor disappears Rob WARD 1/3/18
HTML file is modified after just one click inside. Blady 12/4/17
How do I make a relative link??? Peter Newell 12/4/17
Bug: Concatenates php (BG 3.0.1) Steve 12/4/17
Missing Button William Cole 12/4/17
Once again command-line handler not being used! Philip Goddard 12/1/17
Frustration - BG rewrites CSS file, changing formats! Philip Goddard 11/25/17
BG wrongly saving pages with Unix line endings Philip Goddard 11/22/17
how to switch ruler in wysiwyg view off and on? Dominik Lenné 11/22/17
BG keeps deleting important lines in my CSS file Philip Goddard 11/22/17
BlueGriffon 3.0.1 Daniel Glazman 11/22/17
Frames ?? 11/21/17
BlueGriffon on Windows Daniel Glazman 11/20/17
close tab re-appear after close application 84lionel 11/20/17
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