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close tab re-appear after close application 84lionel 7/6/17
XFS Slideshow module success? Blukenator 6/20/17
BlueGriffon v2.3 released Daniel Glazman 5/31/17
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Create a simple list. Blady 4/20/17
show word count 4/19/17
Difficulty with html5 templates Brittain Adams 4/2/17
Getting older versions Brittain Adams 4/2/17
dual mode behaviour in code source when delete object in View side 84lionel 4/2/17
Insert new sibling div Dominik Lenné 4/1/17
Placing text beside image without writing code 4/1/17
branch bg2 is gone Daniel Glazman 3/28/17
BlueGriffon (and HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) Facebook group Ivano Arrighetta 3/25/17
BG v2.2: PHP is still sometimes changed into comments Dominik Lenné 3/13/17
Textboxes are collapsed and don't work in 2.3.1 but do in 2.3 Dan Visentin 3/12/17
How to change text color? Petr Koplík 3/9/17
Special caracter lost in templates ! Robert Kirsch 3/8/17
Lost transaction ID and License Christopher Angulo-Bertram 3/6/17
Inserting videos in v 2.3.1 Blukenator 3/3/17
Tag Auto-completion in BlueGriffon 2 Jim B 2/28/17
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