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FTP of 100-byte record file to VSE Frank M. Ramaekers 10:44 AM
RE: MQ Client abend (Solved) van Sleeuwen, Berry 9:45 AM
Explicit VSAM-Manage SAM Frank M. Ramaekers 8:27 AM
Obtain the user running a job Frank M. Ramaekers 7/27/16
Looking for an experienced VM/VSE system programmer Horlick, Michael 7/27/16 mailing list reminder 7/27/16
confirm 8ddfe691fb71063d2099773eeb385be635ca484e 7/27/16
Hello, again, again again John Mycroft 7/27/16
JCL Conversion Glenn Schneck 7/27/16
GSE / IBM European Technical University 2016 Heinz Peter Maassen 7/27/16
Installing a "non-secure MICR font" AFP/PSF resource in VSE Jon Kilian 7/26/16
Info for all Ken Bloom 7/26/16
Re: EREP JCL L'Heureux, Paul 7/25/16
SSL Certs Andy Engels 7/22/16
VSE 4 byte address capability Larry R Lewis 7/21/16
Re: 21st centry [was: no subject] 7/20/16
VSAM redirect Frank M. Ramaekers 7/20/16
IDCAMS define for PTF.FILE Frank M. Ramaekers 7/19/16
VSE/POWER Message 1Q47I Job Started TKN Value has X'404040xx' Values Steve Mondy 7/19/16
RE: VSE-L Digest, Vol 1505, Issue 1 Don Stoever 7/18/16
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