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Re: 2015 VM Workshop to include zVSE track L'Heureux, Paul 4/22/15
confirm be622373900d52cf7d598dee647acaa421345829 4/22/15
DL/I LOW-LEVEL-CODE Set Subroutine(DLZNNCP) TUTM 4/20/15
Re: REXX Proc or FAQS ASO Mick Poil 4/20/15
Re: Stopping Operator doing silly things (again) Tony Thigpen 4/16/15
CICS/Batch VSAM read integrity Mick Poil 4/16/15
CSI FAQS/PCS issue Bo 4/16/15
Re: CICS/VSE 2.3 & DL/I macro Coding Mario Izaguirre 4/15/15
Re: SQL access to VSE/VSAM Mick Poil 4/15/15
z/VSE Reports in Excel (.xls) format AAMIR MALIK 4/14/15
Abend (CODE 0C1/AKEA) AT OFFSET X'FFFF' IN MODULE DFHSOSE after applying PTF UI23574 incorrectly (normally z/VSE 5.2) Mick Poil 4/13/15
Data Move from DB2/VSE to DB2/UDB under LINUX. AAMIR MALIK 4/13/15
CSP issue Dan 4/12/15
confirm 0095c6863145936ba5797d39b7d6042d0c8f7f15 4/11/15
IPL Anomaly Stuart, David 4/11/15
Initial Installation of zVSE 5.2 Daniel Allen via VSE-L 4/9/15
3592 Tape sizes E J Carney 4/8/15
DS6800, Options post-September? Kevin Corkery 4/8/15
Re: IBM 7060 , Is there a market for these.... Tony Thigpen 4/7/15
zVSE running on hercules 4/7/15
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