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Fwd: Guest lectures on Algal biomass in food Borch 8/24/16
Fwd: Biologigaragen at Copenhagen Maker keenan pinto 8/23/16
Rules and regulations for working with GMO in Denmark - and how to apply. Borch 8/21/16
Fwd: Biologigarage activities at the Hx festival (please forward thanks) Bue Thastum 8/8/16
Fwd: Doodle: Link for poll "Lab meeting" keenan pinto 8/1/16
Missing micropipettes keenan pinto 6/16/16
Fwd: Gernot Abel 6/8/16
Fwd: Artists Residencies Borch 5/19/16
Living artwork, Cellcraft workshops, and ethics debate at Medical Museion next week lewhiteley 5/18/16
Synenergene Forum event - free tickets and travel support - last minute Ruediger Trojok 5/6/16
Share our CLICK call for Volunteers.. Borch 5/5/16
Call for General Assembly 2016 & Bio&Beers Special June 2nd 18-21. Borch 5/5/16
DNA, plants, microfluidics & algae @CLICK festival Miriam 4/28/16
Re: Speaker for next Bio & Beers Bue Thastum 4/22/16
Fwd: You're invited to SBMC 16 (Swedish biomaker conference) (Apr 9, 2016 - Apr 10, 2016) Borch 4/8/16
Re: BG meeting thursday at 19:00 Borch 4/7/16
Anyone at biogaragen this evening (thursday) ? Mogens Hvidtfeldt 3/31/16
Re: talk about how to design an introduction seminar on the chat Miriam 3/11/16
BG Members meeting 3rd og Marts 2016 - New infrastructure.. Borch 3/2/16
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