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really interesting podcast BTK 12/6/16
Fwd: Algae seminar series- Announcement of defence Borch 12/6/16
Updated projects page on the website keenan pinto 12/5/16
Introduction: Fanni Fábián keenan pinto 12/4/16
Fwd: Call for Artist in Residence Borch 12/1/16
Andreas Meyer - fGen visiting BG 23.11. Gernot Abel 11/22/16
We are getting famous, we are being used but is it in the right way, and do we benefit from it in the way we want ? Borch 11/18/16
Re: [Labitat-Discuss] architect getting ready for an industrial pHD _ seeks for collaboratioin Borch 11/18/16
[HTGAA] How to grow almost everything - notes and continuous viewing. Borch 11/16/16
nordic tofu wednesday kl 18:00 BTK 11/16/16
Fwd: [Okfn-dk] Open Knowledge's stifter taler i København Bue Thastum 11/15/16
Fwd: Copenhagen Maker Christmas Meetup December 8 at Labitat keenan pinto 11/14/16
[Haptic hardware / meta-project think/talk tank] Bue Thastum 11/7/16
Lab consumables Gernot Abel 11/4/16
Fwd: Invitation: DIY CRISPR-CAS Borch 10/26/16
Fwd: Join the BioHack Academy at Space10/ Copenhagen Borch 10/26/16
Copenhagen Maker evaluation keenan pinto 10/20/16
Fwd: [Labitat-Discuss] Talk 2016-10-26 with Martin from the Department of Biotechnology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Bue Thastum 10/20/16
Fwd: An invitation to Reach&Discover at DTU keenan pinto 10/16/16
BIohack Academy very simple photobioreactor Borch 10/14/16
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