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Fwd: Invite Trust me, I’m an artist: symposium and performance by Maja Smrekar 16, 17 Nov. & Trust me. I'm an artist London with Larry Achiampong and David Blandy 7 Dec. Borch 11/8/17
Re: Coming up: Monthly Meet-up November Borch 10/20/17
Re: Membership online form Borch 10/19/17
Fwd: [DIYbio] Stavanger meeting Borch 10/5/17
Fwd: [DIYbio] SINBIOZĖ: LAB + STUDIO Borch 9/24/17
Fwd: [DIYbio] More meetings, gatherings, convergences, camps.... Biohack Retreat Klöntal 2017 - Switzerland Borch 9/3/17
Invitation: Roundtable discussion on launching LIV & a wet-research community (#Fugt?) Borch 9/3/17
Fwd: [DIYbio] Stavanger preparations / Nordic bio art call Borch 8/23/17
Fwd: [DIYbio] DIYbio Vilnius meeting Borch 8/20/17
LAB MOVING DAY: Saturday 19th August 2017 keenan pinto 8/16/17
Algae Dome @ CHART Art fair 2017 keenan pinto 6/12/17
Biologigaragen part of network of Nordic Biolabs Borch 5/29/17
Biologigaragen General Assembly 2017 keenan pinto 5/23/17
Group Experiment Night: Biomaterials and Polymers keenan pinto 5/19/17
Monthly meeting May 17th keenan pinto 5/17/17
Members meeting 19th April keenan pinto 4/19/17
BG x LABAE x EK @ ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 2017 keenan pinto 4/3/17
Fwd: Growing of network for Nordic Biolabs Borch 4/3/17
Next monthly meeting 16th of April ? & Biofabbing conference 10-14 May. Borch 4/2/17
Update from todays meet-up. Introducing new people and intro experiments. Borch 3/15/17
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