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Re: Milk-Kefir Mother Miriam 2/22/15
Fwd: Group Experiment Night - vagina yogurt Rune Justesen 2/20/15
Fwd: [BHL-Europe] PUBLIC CONSULTATION on synbio incl. DIYBio Borch 1/21/15
Looking for possible participants for radio interview Anders Høeg Nissen 1/12/15
meeting this thursday in labitat! BTK 1/9/15
Fwd: Counter Culture Labs Newsletter Borch 12/26/14
Update from Biologigaragen Board. GA meeting notes and changes to the group. BTK 12/23/14
Fwd: Open call badaward Borch 12/19/14
Fwd: Art and Protocell Residency Borch 12/9/14
Fwd: [diybio-eu] Mailing list changes: Borch 12/9/14
Meet-up cancelled tonight -> join us for a beer next week. Borch 11/27/14
Re: [Dutch-DIY-Bio] Biohack Academy Borch 11/16/14
One day science festival for P1 @ Koncerthuset on the 23. november from 13-17 Morten Vejrup 11/14/14
Remember! General Assembly tomorrow at 18:00 at PB43 BTK 11/12/14
Thursday meet-up 6th of Nov. GCMS, Biofiction and diybio meet-up, preparing General Assembly Borch 11/6/14
Fun Friday at CPH:DOX Miriam 11/5/14
General Assembly in Biologigaragen 2014 Borch 10/30/14
tonight... Conservation Biology in the South East, a guest from Singapore Borch 10/30/14
DIY Bio killer app challenge: fighting Ebola with open source digital fabrication Boris Kogan 10/29/14
Re: folke-gaschromatograf? Sara Julie Møhlenberg 10/28/14
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