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nordic tofu wednesday kl 18:00 BTK 10/24/16
Copenhagen Maker evaluation keenan pinto 10/20/16
Fwd: [Labitat-Discuss] Talk 2016-10-26 with Martin from the Department of Biotechnology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Bue Thastum 10/20/16
Fwd: An invitation to Reach&Discover at DTU keenan pinto 10/16/16
BIohack Academy very simple photobioreactor Borch 10/14/16
[Cultivating worms and caterpillars ] Borch 10/12/16
Fwd: [Kitchen] [BIOARTSOCIETY] - Ars Bioarctica Residency 2017 – Open Call - Kilpisjärvi/Lapland/Finland Borch 10/10/16
[Haptic hardware / meta-project think/talk tank] Bue Thastum 10/10/16
[Community Protocol Sharing] Mogens Hvidtfeldt 10/9/16
[Nordic tofu] 10/4/16
Biologigaragen Project Speed Dating Event. Next Wednesday 28th Sept. 19:30 21:30. Borch 9/29/16
Re: [DIYbio] Call for Papers: Conference on Critical Studies of DIYbio and biohacking Borch 9/28/16
Fwd: [BHL-Europe] Re: DIYbio Europe meeting Bue Thastum 9/28/16
Guess we can mark CPH Maker a succes Mogens Hvidtfeldt 9/28/16
HELLO from MYCO Mushroom Company Petra Kaukua 9/28/16
Fwd: Bue and Tobia: connection Bue Thastum 9/23/16
[Copenhagen Maker Festival] FINAL TIMEPLAN keenan pinto 9/22/16
Minutes from BG meembers meeting 2016-09-21. Borch 9/21/16
SCHEDULE AND PLAN [Copenhagen Maker Festival] keenan pinto 9/21/16
Biologigaragen at Copenhagen Maker festival keenan pinto 9/12/16
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