BinarySpace is a new Hackerspace in the Vaal Triangle. The idea is to get space together where people with common interests in technology, science and electronic art, can meet, socialize and/or collaborate.

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New Pet Project - Hardware Reverse Engineering Learning Platform Tom Van den Bon 6/20/14
Makerfaire Africa in Johannesburg Tom Van den Bon 6/19/14
Last week at BinarySpace - 12 June 2014 Tom Van den Bon 6/17/14
Security Hacks Tom Van den Bon 6/13/14
DIY Opensource IoT Services ? Tom Van den Bon 6/9/14
Introduction to ARM Microcontrollers (STM32) Course - 21 June Tom Van den Bon 6/9/14
miniSpartan6+: FPGA Kit with HDMI output for $69 on KickStarter 6/5/14
We are hiring! Systems Engineer positions available at KZNHouse4Hack/ 6/1/14
Leather Working Course/Workshop (Make your own watch strap or phone cover) Devin Pearson 5/26/14
Break. Make. Create Hackathon - Music Theme Tom Van den Bon 5/22/14
Meetup Tonight - 19:30 Tom Van den Bon 5/22/14
This week at BinarySpace – 15 May 2014 Tom Van den Bon 5/17/14
Hackaday Offers Trip Into Space For Best DIY Hardware C.Lee Taylor 4/29/14
uMotio - Get yours now! (Crowdfunding Live) Tom Van den Bon 4/18/14
uMotio on Tom Van den Bon 4/16/14
Quadcopter build course - Saturday 10 May 2014 Skullkey 4/3/14
uMotio - Arduino compatible 3d Tracking and Gesture Control Tom Van den Bon 4/2/14
Cheap Oven for Solder Reflow Tom Van den Bon 3/30/14
Last Night at BinarySpace - 03/27 Tom Van den Bon 3/30/14
Re: [house4hack] Lasercutter - donations KZNHouse4Hack/ 3/24/14
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