BinarySpace is a new Hackerspace in the Vaal Triangle. The idea is to get space together where people with common interests in technology, science and electronic art, can meet, socialize and/or collaborate.

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BinarySpace High Altitude Balloon Launch - Binary-03 - 9 June 2018 Tom Van den Bon 6/8/18
BinarySpace High Altitude Balloon Launch - 17 March 2018 Tom Van den Bon 3/5/18
Fwd: [Makerlabs] Sumobot Group build - Who wants in? Tom Van den Bon 5/25/17
New BinarySpace Robotics Tech Challenge - "Blind as a Bat" Tom Van den Bon 3/8/17
Fwd: [house4hack] High Altitude collaboration - 6 May 2017 Tom Van den Bon 3/2/17
BinarySpace Fusion 360 Challenge Tom Van den Bon 2/22/17
CNC/3DPs for Sale (Sadly needs collecting from ballito - but hey maybe some of you are on holiday) KZNHouse4Hack/ 12/18/16
Selling partially assembled tabletop cnc from openhardware Adam van Wyk 11/11/16
Raspberry Pi Workshop - Saturday 26 November Skullkey 11/11/16
Technology Challenge: Analog Line Follower Robot (No Arduino's Allowed) Tom Van den Bon 10/7/16
Raspberry Pi Workshop - Saturday 1 October Skullkey 9/8/16
Blank Sim Cards + Reader/Writer Tom Van den Bon 8/22/16
FPV Rally Skullkey 8/21/16
Introduction to Arduino - Saturday 23 July Skullkey 7/11/16
Fwd: [house4hack] Fwd: Invitation - C programming introduction course Tom Van den Bon 7/5/16
New Space Recommendations Tom Van den Bon 6/13/16
3d Printed Puzzle Chair Project - Complete :) Tom Van den Bon 4/22/16
Fwd: [house4hack-centurion] Introduction to Arduino Course - Saturday 16 April Tom Van den Bon 4/8/16
PICAXE Course at BinarySpace - 24 March 2016 Tom Van den Bon 3/16/16
SeeedStudio PCB Order Tom Van den Bon 2/29/16
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