BinarySpace is a new Hackerspace in the Vaal Triangle. The idea is to get space together where people with common interests in technology, science and electronic art, can meet, socialize and/or collaborate.

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BinarySpace Monthly Project Night - 11 Feb Tom Van den Bon 1/27/16
BinarySpace Monthly Project January 2016 Tom Van den Bon 1/14/16
P3Steel frames (my version) - group buy KZNHouse4Hack/ 1/11/16
Monthly Project January 2016 Tom Van den Bon 1/6/16
PlenZA - BinarySpace fork of Plen Tom Van den Bon 12/18/15
Raspberry PIO Zero Hack Tom Van den Bon 12/13/15
Cheapest source for nema17s in za? KZNHouse4Hack/ 12/8/15
Fwd: Wanted: second hand oscilloscope KZNHouse4Hack/ 12/8/15
So, who is here? :) Chris Ainslie 12/8/15
Pointr – Our #opendatahack Hackathon Entry Tom Van den Bon 10/29/15
New Foto Erwin Meyvaert 10/20/15
Plen2 Plenza Erwin Meyvaert 10/16/15
Flying {Software} Freedom Day - 19 September 2015 Tom Van den Bon 10/2/15
Fwd: ZaCon VI - Nights Skullkey 9/8/15
HamShield for Arduino (VHF/UHF transceiver) Devin Pearson 7/13/15
Fwd: [house4hack] Robotics C.Lee Taylor 7/3/15
Linux Jobs available KZNHouse4Hack/ 5/31/15
Our segment on EDGE Tom Van den Bon 5/29/15
Another 3d Printed Robot Tom Van den Bon 5/19/15
Fwd: [house4hack] Fwd: PopMech Maker Story now live on shelf! C.Lee Taylor 5/19/15
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