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BeautifulSoup and WebScraping 5/19/16
webscrape error 5/19/16
Any chance of support for preserving attribute order? Samuel Messner 5/17/16
CentOS 6 (6.5 32bit) Python 2.6.6 doesn't work with beautifulsoup 4.3.2 Zhuodi Liao 5/13/16
Installed BS4 cant import error CENT OS codervince 5/13/16
Scraping two values - url and date and having the return results paired. leonardr 5/11/16
How can I determine if findAll("<specific tag name>") didn't match a tag in XML file? 許家榮 5/5/16
Does BeautifulSoup require X? Tim Kelly 4/22/16
First element error, all other elements working accurately Ian Seyer 4/13/16
runtime error : restricted attribute 乔布儿 4/11/16
bs4 cuts html if attribute is long Thomas Güttler 4/8/16
Web Scrape Error j sao 4/7/16
Found a bug in Chinese version of doc Muromi Rikka 4/1/16
Help accessing value inside span tag Jake Shulman 3/30/16
regex error in soup.find_all()? Swing 3/28/16
"relative import of bs4" is not supported in version 4.4.1... taeguk 3/28/16
SoupStrainer includes DOCTYPE?!? Marco Heins 3/28/16
Windows installation... DrSproc 3/12/16
Unable to fix encoding with UnicodeDammit detwingle Mauro Meloni 3/8/16
BeautifulSoup doesn't fix CSS errors? Travis Dart 3/7/16
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