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why BeautifulSoup change the position of </html> 9/19/17
AttributeError: type object 'HTMLAwareEntitySubstitution' has no attribute 'preserve_whitespace_tags' error message when trying to import BeautifulSoup 9/16/17
BeautifulSoup4 with lxml xml parser removes xmlns attributes jp 9/14/17
Process to install Python 3.4 and BeautifulSoup4 on Windows 7 Sam Wainford 9/14/17
Beautiful Soup - Lambdas and multiple CSS classes Travis Jansen 9/12/17
Error with .BeautifulSoup Justin Bogantes 9/8/17
XML and regex Michael Bláha 9/7/17
Special Characters problem while working find_all function Nikolis Galerakis 9/1/17
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup error 袁浦豪 8/31/17
string vs text in find method Om Damani 8/16/17
change the tag img to amp-img (this is AMPProject) Carlos Rocha 8/14/17
Extracting body text as it would appear in a browser Porter Bassett 8/9/17
Tag() comparisons Martin Evans 8/6/17
Get the text from nester <br> tags Madjid Bouchaïr 8/6/17
Trying to extract attributes of <span> tag jay dawg 8/1/17
A question 7/28/17
beautiful soup problem. pulipati chandu 7/24/17
Problem parsing CData in beautifulsoup 4 4.5.3- CData disappears Michael Podvinec 7/10/17
Parsing html help D0USMOKEHAZE 7/7/17
How can I loop through all the links within my submenu item? - "for submenu in submenus:" Micke Wu 7/6/17
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