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Reprap meeting tonight? BSeiler 1/18/17
Dual extruder clone 800$ adam paul 1/6/17
Re: your printer board BSeiler 1/4/17
Techshop closed for thanks giving Chris Fulmer 12/28/16
Desktop SLS printer Kenneth Jiang 12/8/16
Next Meeting Wednesday 7th Chris Fulmer 12/7/16
Mechaduino T. Joseph Nkansah-Mahaney 12/2/16
3D printer E3DV6 Cyclops dual head upgrade kit 2WAY in 1WAY out TL-Feeder Prusa bowden splitter prometheus multi feeder System Jack Smith 12/2/16
Demo of Go Big 3D Printers large printer reschedule to next week Ken Snyder 11/28/16
I try to use PVA+PLA by the TL-Feeder (Multi-Filament Feeder) Jack Smith 11/28/16
New J-Head model Jordan W 11/26/16
Kickstarter launched and up coming demo Ken Snyder 11/24/16
Meeting tonight at B2? BSeiler 11/10/16
Printrbot LCD? Keith Rogers 11/3/16
Starting a 3D printing club at a local school Keith Rogers 11/3/16
Any recommendations on local filament stores in Bay Area? Kenneth Jiang 10/15/16
Meeting tonight? 3mm filament BSeiler 10/12/16
If intersect paperbot13 10/12/16
Mk9 Extruder skipping Cassandra Brockett 10/4/16
Fusion 360 and Repetier Gcode Ken Snyder 9/30/16
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