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Maker Faire BSeiler 4/26/16
3mm Filament suppliers for ABS and others local to bay area? Gwen Hastings 4/17/16
Meeting @ B2 tonight? BSeiler 4/13/16
Sense 3D scanner by Cubify Sameer Verma 4/7/16
Can I bring my 10-year-old to the meeting tonight? Kenneth Jiang 4/6/16
swap meet at tonight's meeting? BSeiler 3/30/16
large mill Ken Snyder 3/24/16
Kickstarter for Tungsten Nozzles (M6 thread. 1.75 to 0.4mm) Kendric Ruark 3/17/16
Filament Temperatures Spreadsheet Blake O'Brien 3/16/16
PEI/Polyetherimide/Ultem Jordan W 3/11/16
Meeting at B2? Chris Fulmer 3/9/16
more free filament samples wolfmanjm 3/4/16
Good News! BSeiler 2/24/16
Dead PSU Blake O'Brien 2/22/16
Drying filament - NinjaFlex Chris Fulmer 2/17/16
TechShop sign Chris Fulmer 2/13/16
Large heated print bed Alec Safreno 2/3/16
250Kg PLA in pellets for $6/kg Marcel Barraza 2/2/16
Re: Abridged summary of - 5 updates in 2 topics paperbot13 2/1/16
Large spools filament providers Ken Snyder 1/27/16
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