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Maker Faire Ken Snyder 10:42 AM
Thank you all asher 8:01 AM
X axis is dead as well. need a little help. asher 3/18/18
Meetings? Chris Fulmer 3/16/18
Things Happening in March Ken Snyder 3/8/18
Meeting Tonight Ken Snyder 3/7/18
Fwd: Octave Movin' Out Sale Chris Fulmer 2/20/18
Next Meeting Reminder Ken Snyder 2/6/18
Is there a meeting tonight??? BSeiler 1/24/18
Calendar keeper Chris Fulmer 1/12/18
Machines for sale... Tim Driedger 1/3/18
Assemble my printer for pay? Taylor Alexander 12/20/17
Happy holidays, and I miss you people Elliot Foster 12/16/17
Fwd: 1.1.7 New Marlin Firmware Jordan W 12/16/17
Meeting Tonight??? BSeiler 11/29/17
Re: Abridged summary of - 1 update in 1 topic Keith Rogers 11/18/17
Slack channel to discuss bay area makerspaces and commiserate abt TechShop's demise asher 11/16/17
TechShop Closing. Meeting tonight (and in the near future)? Frank Worrell 11/15/17
TechShop closing its doors... John England 11/15/17
Meeting tonight? BSeiler 10/18/17
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