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Introduction and printer problems Kendric Ruark 4:14 PM
Nema 23 John England 3:53 PM
The terrible idea that probably won't work but I'm going to try anyway Elliot Foster 5/28/15
Does anyone have a printrbot plus or a 1mm nozzle? Taylor Alexander 5/28/15
Introduction and newbie questions Alex Tabony 5/28/15
Tapped vs cut Hobbed Bolt Venti Forti 5/28/15
Best practice for unspooled filament Jordan Wexler 5/27/15
Tonight's meeting is at the San Jose Tech Shop Elliot Foster 5/27/15
PSoC® 4200 Protoyping Kit (CY8CKIT-049-42xx) samples William Green 5/27/15
Thank you from the Sunnvale Library! Shih Fa Kao 5/21/15
when is the meeting in sunnyvale library. is it this week zohar golan 5/20/15
Printrbot Simple kickstarter version to modern version Derrick Schneider 5/18/15
Selective Laser Sintering @ Maker Faire Patrick Lie 5/15/15
Limit switches, a dime apiece..... Ray Dillinger 5/14/15
Hinge design Keith Rogers 5/13/15
Is tonight's meeting at B2? danman 5/13/15
Maker Faire setup on Thursday? Elliot Foster 5/13/15
Makerfaire Bay Area 2015 : maker from Montreal Simon Inwood 5/12/15
Quick print gear bearing giveaway Elliot Foster 5/8/15
A different take on the printrbot driven idler extruder (bondtech extruder) Elliot Foster 5/8/15
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