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PETG sticking to glass Ken Snyder 7/29/16
curiosity , my printer 3d made ​​with DVD drive 3d e-waste printer 7/24/16
Meeting? Ken Snyder 7/20/16
Mechaduino T. Joseph Nkansah-Mahaney 7/13/16
Mobile 3D printer mikew67 7/7/16
PLA on sale @ MCM BSeiler 7/4/16
next meeting Rahul Gupta 6/27/16
Reviews for DIY 3D printers? mikew67 6/20/16
Rigidbots T. Joseph Nkansah-Mahaney 6/19/16
Makerbot replicator and cupcake for sale Wil Chung 6/17/16
Cutting holes in metal. Ray Dillinger 6/16/16
Meeting at San Pedro Square BSeiler 6/8/16
More stepper bargins BSeiler 6/6/16 Kenneth Jiang 6/6/16
MakerGear Prusa Mendel for sale (testing waters) Jim 6/4/16
Stepper Motors Sale Ken Snyder 6/3/16
Meeting in the main work area tonight Chris Fulmer 5/25/16
Re: Makers Fair Friday? BSeiler 5/20/16
Is there someone attending the show who can sell me a arduino mega on Sat? Chris Park 5/19/16
HP jet fusion Kenneth Jiang 5/19/16
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