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Does axlsx support array functions? (cntl-shift-enter) 3/7/14
Trying to setup repeated headers won't work 1/23/14
Can't hide sheet? 1/23/14
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Data validation over a range of cells Brown Bag 12/16/13
Does the plugin help in downloading all the records of a resource? 12/7/13
Excel Headers breaking the text onto separate lines using sheet.add_row Bharat 11/28/13
How to use UDFs ? Diganta Mandal 11/20/13
How do you test results of formulas ? T Mark 11/7/13
fit to page for printing Karl Baum 10/29/13
Ways to share styles ? T Mark 10/25/13
Setting the default/global font for a worksheet Niall Smart 10/4/13
Line Chart X-Axis Data Points Jonathan Katon 10/4/13
How to hide non used columns? Łukasz Włodarczyk 9/25/13
IconSet Łukasz Włodarczyk 9/19/13
Pivot Tables Jeff Stagg 7/12/13
How do I modify summaryBelow setting for sheet? Alexander 7/11/13
Stopping large numbers being in scientific format Michael McGrath 6/24/13
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