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Spinner untill downloading start 11/3/16
Anybody still maintaining this gem? 9/29/16
2D Bar Charts with axlsx 7/14/16
repeat headings 6/22/16
How to use Axlsx in helpers Siva Praveen 6/13/16
Excel and Libre Office both will not recognize my documents made using Axlsx 5/17/16
is there a []= method? Tim Morgan 3/16/16
Don't convert exponents? 1/30/16
Exception Could not find htmlentities-4.3.4 in any of the sources MamadouBarserack 12/9/15
Automatic type support not working Matt Valdez 9/29/15
An ampersand in the title , the output is broken. TAKEHARU NAKAMURA 7/6/15
Is it possible to change text color in same cell? Hiroyuki Sato 6/9/15
How to format all the columns of the generated xlsx file to text. ela 6/9/15
Sorting the Row Labels and Col Labels in Pivot Table in excel 5/31/15
HTML 5/30/15
It's possible to edit xlsx document with axlsx? Teo 5/21/15
How to add a Matricial formula in a Cell? Alfredo Pingarrón 2/23/15
Support for data point labels in line charts? 2/5/15
Pie Chart without 3D marcos alvares 1/23/15
Setting width of specific columns 1/14/15
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