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How to add a Matricial formula in a Cell? Alfredo Pingarrón 2/23/15
Support for data point labels in line charts? 2/5/15
Pie Chart without 3D marcos alvares 1/23/15
Setting width of specific columns 1/14/15
Line series are always smoothed - how can I stop this? 1/12/15
Interacting with existing worksheets Johnny 12/3/14
Outputting '=== as string, not formula 12/2/14
Text fields missing when opening .xlsx files in Mac OS X Numbers Martin Streicher 11/20/14
format legend of Y-axis in Linechart with format_code 10/13/14
comments and differences between excel 2007 and excel 2010? 10/13/14
Cambiar tamaño de la letras en titulo de un grafico. Angel Mauricio Pino Gonzalez 10/10/14
looking a blade not the grilles look Angel Mauricio Pino Gonzalez 10/10/14
Suggested workaround for Rails mongoid gem users? Russell Whitaker 10/7/14
Fit sheets to the width of the page, but not height of the page 9/20/14
Performance Issues? Rick Herrmann 7/31/14
Does axlsx support array functions? (cntl-shift-enter) 3/7/14
Trying to setup repeated headers won't work 1/23/14
Can't hide sheet? 1/23/14
read xlsx Paul Danese 1/22/14
Rails4: please, give any example to add_image FromRussia 12/31/13
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