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How to implement multi dependency injection decorator with autofac 11/3/15
Intergratin Autofac to ASP.NET WEPAPI with UnitOfWork to Create Single Database Context Instance or single unitofwork instance 10/30/15
Autofac.Integration.Wcf.AutofacServiceHostFactory not working with WCF REST service 10/15/15
Autofac equivalent of Ninject's WhenAnyAncestorNamed 10/15/15
Register Instance for PerRequest mode. Eugene Chepurnykh 10/6/15
Owin & SignalR integration 9/23/15
Bailey Ling's Memeber Injection Attribute Adam Hill 9/22/15
decorator: search idea's for implementation 9/11/15
Windows Store Example?... Nasheayahu HaNatsariym 9/2/15
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