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IInstanceLookup context visibility 12/22/14
PreserveExistingDefaults and Nested Lifetime Scopes Travis Illig 12/16/14
Looks like old Namespace Contrib instead of Extras on documentation page 12/9/14
Autofac IFilter Registration for ASP.NET MVC VNEXT Sebastian Faltoni 12/2/14
Whitebox (profiler) ... again nblumhardt 12/2/14
Autofac help in registering the types and consuming the objects. Ganesh Krishnamurthy 11/30/14
Design for MVC AutofacDependencyResolver.Current Travis Illig 11/27/14
About IRegistrationSource Serhat Morkoç 11/24/14
Resolve Singletons 11/24/14
Logging context 11/12/14
Command and CommandHandler dependency Injection 10/29/14
Managing DB Connection with Autofac David Russell 10/29/14
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