AuShadha (औषध)

AuShadha (औषध): Means medicine in Sanskrit.

This is a Open Source Electornic Medical Records (EMR) & Public Health Management System for Small Clinics.

It is developed with Python, Django and Dojo

AuShadha code is licensed under GNU-GPL Version 3. Django, Dojo, Icons and other thrid party modules are licensed as per their authors. This should be honoured.

This is the Official Mailing list for AuShadha EMR Project. 


Facebook Community :

Demo at :

Login as below:

username : demo_user
password : demopassword


There are many great Open Source EMR and Clinic Management projects, but most of them have very poor front ends.

As in life, beauty and usability are key in medical practice.

It is natural that more visually appealing it is more you want to use it.

AuShadha will strive to achieve a balance between back and front end design.

To achieve that aim Django and Dojo has been chosen.

AuShadha is designed by me, a Medical Doctor in association with other Developers, so usability and practicability will always be foremost.

AuShadha benefits from inputs, feature requests from my medical colleagues as the development progresses.

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