ARIS is a user-friendly, open-source platform for creating and playing mobile games, tours and interactive stories. Using GPS and QR Codes, ARIS players experience a hybrid world of virtual interactive characters, items, and media placed in physical space.

Use this group to brag about your cool games, ask questions, and stay in the loop with the global ARIS design community.

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Only a few weeks left for Early Bird GLS Pricing David Gagnon 4/17/14
instructional questioning process to encourage deeper thinking Brown, Lucianne 4/15/14
Panoramic object Alexander Kristiansson 4/10/14
stray boots - tour creator Denise Bressler 4/10/14
Helping Middle School Students Plan Lynn Koresh 4/7/14
Re: [ARISGAMES] Problems duplicating game Chris Holden 4/7/14
Duplicating game problems Alexander Kristiansson 4/6/14
Very new newbie: can't sign into app Debbie Bridge 4/5/14
Cool Project: Explorez David Gagnon 4/3/14
Fwd: FreshAiR is Open for Business Chris Holden 3/25/14
quest record in web backpack? Dana Atwood-Blaine 3/24/14
Download Backpack Dana Atwood-Blaine 3/24/14
Adding audio files? Bernadette Perry 3/21/14
ARIS Summit at Playful Learning at GLS in June! Chris Holden 3/17/14
Resolved: Server Outage early this morning David Gagnon 3/16/14
Registration for ARIS day at GLS? VoxC 3/13/14
Problem with controlled showing of plaques Andreas Rolén 3/10/14
Playable anywhere games - limitations 3/3/14
Birding with ARIS David Gagnon 2/28/14
Aurasma (was Re: [ARISGAMES] TaleBlazer by MIT) Audrey Homan 2/26/14
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