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ARIS is a user-friendly, open-source platform for creating and playing mobile games, tours and interactive stories. Using GPS and QR Codes, ARIS players experience a hybrid world of virtual interactive characters, items, and media placed in physical space.

Use this group to brag about your cool games, ask questions, and stay in the loop with the global ARIS design community.

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add custom text for decoder bad scan Julie Oltman 10:24 AM
Automatic login for ARIS 2? Julie Oltman 11/25/15
repeating notifications Julie Oltman 11/23/15
ARIS in Japanese language/culture instruction Kazumi Hatasa 11/23/15
pre/post play "quiz" ideas? Julie Oltman 11/23/15
Universal plaque or conversation? Julie Oltman 11/23/15
Disabling notes from showing up on map? merisen...@gmail.com 11/22/15
"exit to tab" for plaques Julie Oltman 11/20/15
Tab Issue to watch out for Charles Leffingwell 11/17/15
Weird behavior in web page object Charles Leffingwell 11/17/15
Language learning with ARIS David Gagnon 11/13/15
max height for media? Julie Oltman 11/12/15
Beta Editor Testing, Update David Gagnon 11/12/15
ARIS conference sessions David Gagnon 11/12/15
How to use "group behavior" in"locks" and player to player interactions with beta editor Annalisa Burke 11/12/15
New tutorial - World Items and ARISjs Chris Holden 11/11/15
Icon Clutters Craig Brumwell 11/11/15
Tab triggers issue Charles Leffingwell 11/11/15
Classroom Brainstorming Worksheets barc...@verizon.net 11/11/15
Analytics / data? Carissa Dougherty 11/10/15
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