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Plugin Testing Chris Fitzpatrick 2:16 AM
ArchivesSpace PUI Sprint-planning call, June 28, 2016 Mark Custer 6/28/16
New Integrations and Community Projects Max Eckard 6/28/16
Behavior change: After saving an object go to the read-only view of object? Vietnam Archive 6/23/16
ArchivesSpace v1.5.0 Release Candidate 3 Available Brad Westbrook 6/22/16
Api - find_by_id Troy Rasiah 6/21/16
plugin edit to render_token Vietnam Archive 6/17/16
Adding Record Group identifier to Series and Component pages Tristan Dahn 6/17/16
ArchivesSpace PUI Sprint-planning call, June, 2016 Mark Custer 6/13/16
plugin creation: can't add a new key into hash during iteration Vietnam Archive 6/7/16
background jobs search also by identifier? Lydia Tang 6/3/16
ArchivesSpace Update - June 2016 Christine Di Bella 6/3/16
v1.5.0 upgrade and top container conversion Mark Cooper 6/2/16
plugin management ( was PDF question ... ) Chris Fitzpatrick 6/1/16
Formatting of exported PDF (new logo) Caitlin Nelson 5/28/16
Collection Management Processing Status Chris Fitzpatrick 5/26/16
Testing the ArchivesSpace 1.5.0 Release Candidate: Update Brad Westbrook 5/23/16
Rapid Data Entry remove templates and cancel lines Lydia Tang 5/18/16
Barcoder on all resources in a repository Chris Fitzpatrick 5/17/16
tablesorter version Chris Fitzpatrick 5/17/16
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