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apportable update not working Saul Aguado 11/18/15
apportable update wael beda 9/15/14
Social: ApportableFacebookSDK error: use of undeclared identifier Kode Aap 9/7/14
MobileAppTracker how to integrate? Diego 9/4/14
AWS SDK iOS version CBhat 9/2/14
AWS SDK iOS Integration CBhat 9/2/14
Android navigation bar visibility Jan-Paul Azucena 8/2/14 memory leaks and crashes? Scott Andrew 7/29/14
Problem with CCSprite in Apportable 1.1.x and cocos2D 3.x itiw 7/16/14
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed. Er Jeetendra vaishnav 7/14/14
CCLabelTTF with Chinese characters will crash (v1.1.13) Hawk Version 7/14/14
Problem with integrating ApportableFacebookSDK Вася Фомин 7/14/14
SKProductsResponse contains invalidProductIdentifiers, products is empty. Pavel Malkov 7/14/14
Tapjoy Integration‏ (v1.1.13) Hawk Version 7/14/14
INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES when "apportable load" Saul Aguado 7/8/14
Help with error: undefined reference to 'OBJC_METACLASS_$_NSManagedObject' Daniel Laabak 6/26/14
getting a error Er Jeetendra vaishnav 6/26/14
Android conceptual understanding problem John Doe 6/26/14
Crashes only on Kindle Fire (1st gen) which is Android 2.3.3 6/26/14
MainActivity subclass from FragmentActivity? Stefan Nguyen 6/26/14
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