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Welcome to the  Titanium Mobile BlackBerry Discussion Group.

Titanium Mobile BlackBerry is the Titanium platform support for the latest BlackBerry phone platform:
The purpose of this group is to discuss all issues surrounding developing Titanium application for the BlackBerry platform, and developing the platform itself.

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GA Release of the Titanium BlackBerry SDK is now available Russ McMahon 8/15/13
3.1.2 Release Candidate 2 of Titanium SDK/Studio Now Available Russ McMahon 8/7/13
Beta Release 3.1.1 (3.2) Titanium Alignment Russ McMahon 6/19/13
Beta Release 3.2 is available Russ McMahon 5/17/13
Latest Preview Release is Available Russ McMahon 3/21/13
Latest Preview Release is Available Russ McMahon 3/6/13
Latest Preview Release Available Appc Ti Mobile BlackBerry 2/19/13
Black Berry Mobile Apps Development Company In Saudi Arabia Rosey Cella 4/4/16
Modules Jörgen Buder 6/25/15
GPS access_location Jörgen Buder 6/25/15
Cross-platform API Support Mitch Starnes 6/8/15
Ti.Geolocation.getCurrentLocation and BB support generically. Jörgen Buder 6/3/15
Cannot open Momentics on Mac OSX 10.9.5 Bao Ngoc Ha 12/25/14
Titanium Mobile Blackberry build issue Geervani BS 3/5/14
Whats the state of evalJS in BB10 webview support? Ketan Majmudar 1/29/14
BB10 HTTPClient issues Ketan Majmudar 1/29/14
Titanium.Utils is undefined Justas Savickas 1/5/14
"height" Property of Various UI Components Gene Chan 11/5/13
Unable to navigate Between Windows in BB 10 Mage 10/23/13
BB10 Configuration Rodrigo Zubeldía 9/25/13
BlackBerry10 Titanium Naveen Maddala 9/25/13
Titanium SDK 3.1.2 and Blackberry 10.2 Momentics in MAC Bharat Panthee 8/30/13
How to close window in Blackberry Titanium 3.1.2 Bharat Panthee 8/30/13
Memory management in Titanium Blackberry Bharat Panthee 8/30/13
BB10 Application Specific Options menu Ketan Majmudar 8/8/13
BB10 Crash on 10.1 and 10.2 when using SQL lite database Martin Williamson 8/5/13
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