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HTTP/2 and REST APIs Manoj Agarwal 5/1/15
How unusual would it be for PUT/UPDATE/DELETE to require a different key than GET? Cooper Marcus 4/30/15
API-Craft NYC Meetup: Ole Lensmar, CEO of SmartBear on Swagger in the API Lifecycle Ted Epstein 4/27/15
Best Practices for Errors and Warnings Jeremy R 4/26/15
Overview of JSON Hypermedia Link Formats DracoBlue 4/23/15
Response Time SLAs for APIs Joseph 4/23/15
Announcing the TRI REST meetup in RTP NC area David Biesack 4/16/15
Fine-grained permissions for API keys - any best practices, great examples, etc? Cooper Marcus 4/15/15
URI template with macro arguments VP 4/14/15
Anyone using RAML? snow6oy 4/13/15
API Bunny Challenge Steven Willmott 4/7/15
How to test/validate API Felipe S. 4/6/15
How to implement deep linking client on top of HATEOAS server? Mark Haase 4/4/15
Return state transitions in response Greg Knapp 4/2/15
Hyperdrive - Hypermedia Specification Daniel Sims 4/1/15
X12 EDI Over REST Michael Kling 3/31/15
Resources which can be enabled/disabled: toggle endpoints, or one update endpoint? Zach Kanzler 3/31/15
Xml Root Node Rajat Gupta 3/27/15
Shall REST API error messages be internationalized? Rafael B.C. 3/26/15
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