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Personal sample app to do Rest. https://github.com/anextro/RESTFuria Arthur Okeke 4/1/17
Grouping embedded resources in HAL Anthony Pane 4/1/17
Designing api which is connected to 3rd party services Davit Ohanyan 3/29/17
HATEOAS and microservices Andrew Braae TAS 3/25/17
How to address Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) , XSS,code injection attack for rest Nanda 3/22/17
API Architecture? (Need Resources) AR 3/21/17
Pass messages not objects... Scott Cameron 3/17/17
US: New CIO Council Report on Developer Platforms and Common APIs and Services Jørn Wildt 3/16/17
Designing a REST api for public image hosting Pawan Kumar Tiwary 3/7/17
Lets talk about API governance (in the enterprise). Joyce Stack 3/6/17
Discussion of Google API Design Guide over at Hacker News Andrew B 2/22/17
cascaded updates in event driven APIs Hari Govind V K 2/22/17
API versioning for webhooks Hari Govind V K 2/21/17
CORS as standard on API servers? Andrew B 2/20/17
REST API design for message forwarding Jurgen Camilleri 2/12/17
Designing APIs for unstructured data. Joyce Stack 2/7/17
How to implement Node oAuth 2.0 server Oldemiro Americo Baloi 1/29/17
swagger spec Info block miqui 1/27/17
Generating access tokens programmatically for OAuth Auth Code Grant Type API Dev 1/23/17
Designing REST api for returning count of multiple objects API Dev 1/22/17
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