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An Hypermedia Engine - Case Study J Fernandes 5/3/16
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Return errors or ignore unknown fields igtsvi 4/6/16
Media Type for errors? James Nail 4/1/16
Suggestions :: Books for Cloud Design patterns Anup Rungta 3/30/16
WS-REST2016 is looking for your API work Ruben Verborgh 3/23/16
Cookies on modern APIs ? Filippos Vasilakis 3/22/16
PUT and update object Mei Misaki 3/22/16
Input cleansing/HTML escaping in REST API content David Biesack 3/21/16
How to represent a data that wil be in different formats Selvaraj P 3/21/16
Filter criteria in url parameter Selvaraj P 3/19/16
SOA | Create an Architecture Based upon the Use of Services neemita singh 3/11/16
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