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Ansible is a radically simple IT orchestration engine that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy. 

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ansible didn't stop execution upon a task failure Leon Xie 12:17 AM
Callback-Plugins seem to have one instance per fork - how to synchronize them? Michael Wenig 11/29/15
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Ansible create an IAM user with a group and with administrator privilege Adithya Khamithkar 11/29/15
connect to Docker container on remote host Thomas Steinbach 11/29/15
"No escaped character" in inventory file Andrew Langhorn 11/29/15
ansible installation: no /etc/ansible/hosts file Sebastian M Cheung 11/29/15
Ansible gets stuck during first npm install 11/28/15
Ansible hanging on the first npm update 11/28/15
Method for formatting long attribute values over multiple lines? 11/28/15
Failed to find required executable mysql Albert Mikaelyan 11/28/15
Whitespace in Value for INI_FILE Tim Jabaut 11/28/15
Ansible - configuring windows win_acl Larion Ciprian 11/28/15
ansible-playbook hangs during execution Guy Knights 11/27/15
trying out newer versions of ansible David Birdsong 11/27/15
ansible-playbook stops after include Michael Legleux 11/27/15
copy module: fail if remote file exists and is different from source? nusenu 11/27/15
Help with callback to tower from AWS auto scaling script Adrian Black 11/27/15
Boolean evaluation fails on variables set via inventory Ross Becker 11/27/15
Looping through hosts in a playbook Roger Sherman 11/27/15
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