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Ansible is a radically simple IT orchestration engine that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy. 

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Does the file module handle wildcards? Willard Dennis 12:00 PM
Pause with prompt in loop - not prompting - 1.9.2 Craig Moynes 11:58 AM
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tree/hierarchic structure for inventory? esco real 9:44 AM
ansible gem not installing dependencies J Soetanto 9:12 AM
Re: [ansible-project] PEP8 compliance in codebase tkuratomi 8:14 AM
Run ansible playbook in uninitialized env? Valeriy Solovyov 7:49 AM
how to abort execution upon a single fail on any host Leon Xie 7:24 AM
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Problem with var within a playbook KSS 6:36 AM
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