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Any update of Google Trusty? Dafu 10/8/15
Using a simple passcode or pattern on encrypted phones Tony Fang 10/8/15
Using the new hardware based Keystore dori 10/5/15
Security Alert: You are using a highly vulnerable version of OpenSSL Neil Burlock 10/2/15
Public Poll: Have You Installed ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2016 on Your Android Smartphones and Tablets? Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming) 9/30/15
X.509 Certificate - Key Usage Michael Adams 9/29/15
How Can I Stop Apps from Automatically Updating in My Sony Xperia Z3 Android Smartphone? Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming) 9/29/15
Mightytext Google authorization Gareth Davies 9/29/15
How to recognise duplicate Android applications? Tch@fros 9/24/15
TLS 1.2 support on API version 16 to 19. Kunal Shah 9/24/15
android logcat “ android.permission.LOCATION_HARDWARE ” SecurityException Murat UÇAN 9/24/15
'Ghost Push': An Un-Installable Android Virus Infecting 60,000+ Users Per Day Weuzhu Liu 9/18/15
tools like Android Vulnerability Test Suite? Lee Fisher 9/15/15
stagefright CVEs Dirk Sigurdson 9/15/15
Re: [android-security-discuss] How to interface with mobicore Joseph Birr-Pixton 9/14/15
Query - Google's response, on Android app signature verification vulnerabilities disclosed on BlackHat 2015 Muntaha 9/10/15
Security challenges associated with malicious apps Shahin Ansari 9/3/15
Re: [android-security-discuss] SharedUserId and the Sandbox ...could it be that Android Users are lied Iinto their face every time they install an app? David Barrera 9/2/15
How do I give my app administrator permissions? Ken Tola 8/30/15
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