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Could somebody describe the right sequences of actions in case of developer private key compromise? Yury Leonychev 12:08 PM
Google, please separate the unlock passcode from the encryption passcode seattleandrew 10:07 AM
Enabling TLSv1.2 with HttpsUrlConnection Eamon Doyle 7/7/14
Permission Changes for ptrace in Kitkat? Holger Ihrig 7/7/14
SSLCertificateSocketFactory for TLS SNI Derek Cole 7/7/14
Validating certificates against android Trust store Vetrichelvan G 7/1/14
How can I validate a PEM encoded server certificate using the Android trusted root CAs? Kenton Cross 6/28/14
Permission issue Google Play Solange Lemos 6/26/14
property_get() call in selinux_initialize() Andy Song 6/20/14
Do android has APIs about how to build TEE or using ARM trustzone? cheng tang 6/19/14
R: Re: [android-security-discuss] Futex Local Permission Escalation Vulnerability 6/18/14
Futex Local Permission Escalation Vulnerability David Billa 6/18/14
Security Alert: You are using a highly vulnerable version of OpenSSL Neil Burlock 6/18/14
SSL issue Tetyana Kozlovska 6/17/14
Book "Android Security (and Not) Internals" Yury Zhauniarovich 6/17/14
Android WebView and recent OpenSSL bugs merlin monster 6/13/14
recent list of Android platform kernel vulnerabilities being exploited drnucleardude 6/12/14
rooting syed ahsan 6/12/14
Please help! Android device was added to my account without my consent and can't be removed. Wolf P 6/7/14
Developing an Android App Tareq AL-Aqarbeh 6/6/14
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