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hi can I run perl scripts in Android stuido ... Please help me out how to do it kshitij kulshreshtha 8/23/15
SL4A treasure trove Jayanth Acharya 8/13/15
please help me to write python script in sl4a to turn off the android phone 8/11/15
Are there 2 different Py4A's ? Jayanth Acharya 8/11/15
How does one use Py4A to load module 'android' in IDLE ? Jayanth Acharya 8/10/15
Does anyone need Flask for SL4A? 8/10/15
SL4A script invoked from another app, and "Process has exited. Close terminal" question Jayanth Acharya 8/10/15
Where are the apks now? mou 7/16/15
how to save script in dictionary Sripal Jain 6/24/15
Issue 700 in android-scripting: toggleAirplaneMode() causes NullPointerException 6/13/15
Build python 3 egg Monil Shah 6/10/15
Where is the old website? Andrew Wang 6/7/15
Issue 711 in android-scripting: SL4A not working on Android 5.0 Lollipop 5/22/15
Issue 715 in android-scripting: broken link on android-scripting/wiki/SharingScripts 5/20/15
is sl4a still under development? Zhiqing Zhang 5/20/15
SL4A Isn't working Tariq Ziad 5/11/15
I have camera initialization error apus 5/9/15
Issue 621 in android-scripting: non-blocking event reading functions "losing" events & event posted with eventPost() not getting read 5/5/15
how to change phone state incomming to offhook using python sl4a code .? SULABH SHUKLA 5/2/15
Issue 714 in android-scripting: SL4A scripts do not work. They start and exit but nothing happens 5/1/15
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