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zygote killed in loop , pid-excited and stuck at bootanimation Titus Rathinaraj Stalin 1/7/16
Android 5.0 porting to APQ8074 devu 1/6/16
Booting an emulator with modified/custom userdata.img file 1/5/16
[RIL] No IMEI, Radio Off, 2billion dBm signal strength, need help with RIL Avinaba Dalal 1/2/16
Questions about openmax event OMX_EventOutputRendered Mike Zhou 12/31/15
proscan plt1065g rewindustry n/t 12/25/15
MPEG2 TS stream video player for Allwinner A20 platform anuroop kamu 12/23/15
Buildujem AOSP to x86 device Marek Kraus 12/22/15
Porting pure AOSP to a samsung device David Hetherington 12/15/15
How to access two audio codec wm8962 from the Android apk. Xueyuan Bai 12/12/15
How to resolve error of Phone ID in android while interfacing GSM modem ? hector ice 12/12/15
Android 4.4 device can not communicate with TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 Liu Nancy 12/10/15
Emergency remount&reboot on 3.10 porting er orcun 12/5/15
Android headless configuration Evgeny Erlihman 12/4/15
make OEM partition by make_ext4fs tool, file permission attributes lost killmind zhang 12/2/15
[Android L] ART errror: Could not create image space with image file '/system/framework/'. Max Sha 11/29/15
Enable " Data usage" and "SIM cards" in Wireless & networks for lollipop Sathya Priya Kumar 11/18/15
Wifi not getting connected with AP on Kitkat som 11/15/15
wpa_supplicant with ralink rt3070 Qipeng 11/13/15
Want to add new locale Pranjal Nayak 11/5/15
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