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Android 6.0.1: The player doesn't support this type of audio file Jagan Teki 11/29/16
Pixel data connection( Internet) and Finger print not working 11/22/16
Detecting Captive Portals Elroy Alva 11/21/16
Problem with internal memory (SD) when porting to 6.0 Mateusz Rudyk 11/15/16
RILD socket porting Andrea Ferraris 11/14/16
step by step of android porting s gavini 11/14/16
Use ttyUSB host in Android Emulator Gabriel 11/14/16
Where are security patches for older AOSP versions published? avk 11/14/16
Regarding the Remote Submix audio source Sameer Joshi 11/13/16
Verified boot on Nexus 7 Roman Mazur 11/11/16
Advice on using screenless Android phone for IoT device Bruce Rankine 11/9/16
Sign target_file failed. Myron Meng 11/4/16
Dex Preoptimization Effects Robert Jones 11/2/16
Why drmserver is 32bit only? Ted Jiang 10/24/16
How to disable physical keyboard in code (use virtual keyboard all the time) shridutt kothari 10/20/16
Accessing MSM Frame Buffer Driver Rehan Hameed 9/29/16
adb USB gadget driver now available Mike Lockwod 9/22/16
RenderThread throws EGL_BAD_NATIVE_WINDOW on eglSwapBuffers() Damien Dejean 9/22/16
I need the AOSP 6.0 for try port to Galaxy J2. Allan Martínez 9/21/16
Making a sensor a one shot trigger instead of on change Jaime Yu 9/16/16
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