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Zytronic zxy100 PCAP Touchscreen Driver source Calibration Jörn Müller 10/12/14
How to keep the Display from going to sleep on Android KK som 10/9/14
anyone know a complete guide to start porting devices to android, because I want to update a Chinese tablet Juan Antonio Olintonatiuh Betanconurt Zuñiga 10/9/14
chromecast on aosp extrapedestrian 10/8/14
gralloc: Out of Memory using VFB onaips 10/3/14
view android source with eclipse (v4.4) 中外 9/29/14
Wifi not getting connected with AP on Kitkat som 9/26/14
Issues with TI wilink 1835 module on kit kat 4.4.4 r2 branch som 9/26/14
How to play same song in two sound cards in android Puneet B 9/25/14
Port wl1271 to Freescale platform - register power control function with MMC device Bruno De Paoli 9/25/14
Need help porting android on top of ubuntu to run android apps Mohammad Merajul Islam Molla 9/24/14
Registering SERVICE into ServiceManger of AOSP SSI 9/24/14
Playback on multiple audio outputs Daniel Latte 9/24/14
How to create host executable for android app_process? Salman Ahmed 9/22/14
TI WL1271 wlan SDIO errors on Android platform Bruno De Paoli 9/22/14
How to route audio to different sound cards in android Puneet B 9/19/14
How to add extra sound card to android Puneet B 9/18/14
KitKat External Storage VKG 9/16/14
How to register a system service in the ContextImpl class? Karan Kishore 9/16/14
Pass data from SystemService to APP layer SSI 9/16/14
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