android-porting is for technical discussion of porting the AOSP distribution from source to non-AOSP-supported build targets.
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 - bugs; see Reporting Bugs
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Making Custom SDK and Integrating Car API/Vehicle Services -Android N(7.1.1) Renjith Rajagopal 7/17/17
Question on fastboot oem unlock Joey Troy 7/15/17
How to get native heap malloc's backtrace? gavin jack 7/13/17
Questions regarding A/B (seamless) update Sebastian Priebe 7/13/17
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how to hide navigation bar gdbabu Krishnan 7/12/17
How to implement new rild to support an external modem in Android N. Eric Zhuang 7/3/17
How to disable hardware keyboard? Nathan 7/3/17
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