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Porting Marsmallow on AM437xsk. Surfaceflinger died achille-san 2/16/16
Boot from SD card Frédéric 2/12/16
upnp library for android Chanabasu Chitrali 2/12/16
Android Framework Modifications Filipe Teixeira 2/11/16
add SENSOR HAL MODULE (kbdsensor) to IMAGE Kevin Peterson 2/11/16
For angler INCALL audio stops working when using the AOSP's hardware/qcom/audio/hal files rather than the vendor's Douglas Selph 2/9/16
Problem with setting system time automatically with the use of an external RTC Sanket Nainani 2/8/16
No rule to make target: kernel YumeMichi 2/8/16
Unable to compile Nexus 5 kernel with KGSL / DRI / KMS P4Block 2/3/16
Good MT6592 Porting guide Ottavio Miele 2/3/16
AOSP for Gumstix multitouch appliance kit Héctor Chávez Santos 2/2/16
Shell script on boot Alexis LE GOFF 2/1/16
"Tethering and Portable Hotspot" missing from GUI in Android 6.0 Pragya Gupta 1/30/16
Landscape-only navigation bar problem. ApriO 1/25/16
Specifying size of system partition when building Arvind S 1/22/16
Building Chromium system webview apk Kyle 1/19/16
Battery Stat Can Aksoy 1/19/16
Missing back and home buttons Jorg de Bont 1/11/16
How to add custom locale support in android os. Gopal Rao 1/8/16
Zygote is killed Nishith Goswami 1/7/16
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