android-porting is for technical discussion of porting the AOSP distribution from source to non-AOSP-supported build targets.
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Assertion fail in AudioTrackShared srinidhi kandi 6/13/17
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Building Failed tkj 5/18/17
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Customised Android Framework Resource APK's resources are not accessible from xml layouts Rahul Jaiswal 5/3/17
Any recent update about MIPS support? 5/3/17
Android tinyalsa: cannot open device '/dev/snd/pcmC1D0c': Permission denied Markham Anderson 4/18/17
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pls help` building vbox_x86-eng` alin silen 4/14/17
USB to Ethernet adapter on Android 6.0 or later Mark 4/11/17
Blocking Display till android boot Kiran Kumar 4/7/17
Phone mode in VirtualBox David Clements 4/5/17
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