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ueventd over libudev - why ? Satish Patel 3/26/15
change microphone input data, during voice call 3/25/15
Debugging boot, save log to sd Rancid Frog 3/20/15
load_565rle_image ssmt 3/20/15
Tombstone behavior in Lollipop Martin Siegumfeldt 3/20/15
Switch presentation and built-in display Вукашин Ристић 3/19/15
How to switch primary and presentation displays. Вукашин Ристић 3/18/15
AOSP image with Developer Options enabled by default Daniel Doron 3/15/15
How to enable Telephony and SMS features in ICS 4.0 Nimit Solanki 3/3/15
Re: How do I troubleshoot a modified source for Samsung Note 3 stuck in download mode after flash deployment Giovanni G Swyer 3/3/15
kernel for Android 4.4.4 Softy 3/2/15
RILd Gianmaria Iaculo 3/1/15
OMAP CAMERA HAL for android on beagle. Harishkumar V 3/1/15
Telit RIL, BBB_4.4 Gianmaria Iaculo 2/27/15
port kitkat rom to jellybean device plz Ahmad Ismail 2/27/15
Make device report correct resolution to app 陈伟汉 2/27/15
Building Camera HAL Swapnil Gupta 2/27/15
Bluedroid and BLE-only (single-mode) SoC Richard Phillips 2/27/15
Debugging deadlock/futex issues in pthead library. Shashank 2/26/15
[H]How to port Kitkat 4.4.2 into Jellybean 4.2? Gary Meneses 2/26/15
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