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Why the layers of surfaceflinger are drew vertically filpped 林作健 9/3/15
Getting error " acp: missing destination file " al-kbeer khales 9/1/15
pico-tts can I ship the language files? Android Newbie 8/25/15
Gatekeeper API in android M Krzysztof Kwiatkowski 8/21/15
Add apps to source code Elmer Palacios 8/21/15
improvements to Glenn Kasten 8/20/15
How to restore offloaded track while switching output device Rahul Nikose 8/6/15
zygote restart always helen.wjt 7/31/15
hwc tests Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan 7/30/15
YouTube not adapting quality on new device Bill 7/18/15
only Build android One APP 中外 7/10/15
Issues with TI wilink 1835 module on kit kat 4.4.4 r2 branch som 7/9/15
Locale information in Native Harfbuzz code Pranjal Nayak 7/7/15
Is a non-removable SD card required to be off limits to the system user? Jason 7/7/15
Not able to get wifi working properly Yuvi 7/7/15
Zygote crash while porting 5.1.1 to 64-bit platform David 6/23/15
Using "ndc" commands in Android 5 Peter Mackenthun 6/23/15
[Android Booting Failed ] Zygote service getting killed Nishith Goswami 6/16/15
Android 5.1.x boot.img problem Tenchi Masaki 6/12/15
How to implement android Hardware HOME_KEY Function. 中外 6/9/15
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