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Phone mode in VirtualBox David Clements 4/5/17
Permission issue on sysfs access from android application ( .java source code ) himanshu 4/3/17
bouncycastle config and patches not updated Francois Gervais 3/31/17
GSM modem Dtecting as CDMA in Android 6.0 MOHAMED ASLAM 3/17/17
DSP supported Android audio effects porting on Android Sameer Joshi 3/14/17
Netd errors Giveen 3/12/17
RIL - GSM Cell broadcast related query Rajesh Kadhiravan Nagaiah 3/11/17
Building Chromium system webview apk Kyle 3/9/17
Adding a custom system service: compiling Steven Leighton 3/9/17
[android-porting] dual display support Peter Lin 3/6/17
mmap for tinyplay and tinycap Priyaranjan Das 3/3/17
How to debug text not shown? David 3/3/17
How to debug in booting loop situation after flashing custom image? Minjun Hong 3/2/17
Android-6 Bluedroid HCI support for single-mode, BLE-only controllers FoldedToad 2/26/17
is it possible to boot android on qemu providing a single unified image. vineet bajaj 2/22/17
Content of userdata.img vineet bajaj 2/22/17
Need help on Android 6.0 on : how to enable the ip forward functionalityvia adb on Android 6.0 Yang Sean 2/20/17
Modifying in-call voice playback in Android custom ROM Omer Gilad 2/19/17
Multiple WiFi interfaces Peter Steinberg 2/14/17
modify AOSP/art/ to run another program, but return value 256 Qiushi Li 2/13/17
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