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How to disable physical keyboard in code (use virtual keyboard all the time) shridutt kothari 10/20/16
Accessing MSM Frame Buffer Driver Rehan Hameed 9/29/16
unable to find boot partition to modify init.rc file Cyber Satish 9/23/16
adb USB gadget driver now available Mike Lockwod 9/22/16
RenderThread throws EGL_BAD_NATIVE_WINDOW on eglSwapBuffers() Damien Dejean 9/22/16
Use ttyUSB host in Android Emulator Gabriel 9/21/16
I need the AOSP 6.0 for try port to Galaxy J2. Allan Martínez 9/21/16
Making a sensor a one shot trigger instead of on change Jaime Yu 9/16/16
Developing apps for custom AOSP port Steven Leighton 9/13/16
Where are security patches for older AOSP versions published? avk 9/12/16
default and build properties Edgard Lima 9/12/16
help with debugging init.rc Radu Iscu 9/6/16
Adding a custom system service: compiling Steven Leighton 8/28/16
step by step of android porting sumanth g 8/27/16
Can I flash Note 3 and run my build on there ? alazar 8/25/16
Using headers from x86_64-linux-glibc2.11-4.8 Vishwanath Hegde 8/12/16
Watch device, not android wear Daiane Angolini 8/12/16
best android version/distribution for my new hardware Edgard Lima 8/1/16
Using "ndc" commands in Android 5 Peter Mackenthun 7/31/16
Porting post processing algorithm for Audio Vishwanath Hegde 7/22/16
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