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Modem saving SMS to SIM Dave McLaughlin 9:20 AM
[MIUI ROM] scrolling problem Ansuman Mahapatra 4/21/14
Why there are two same recovery binaries /system/bin/recovery and /recovery/sbin/recovery rishi gupta 4/21/14
Customize screen behavior in landscape/portrait mode David 4/21/14
Android: activate "developer options > stay awake" from source Andrew Jones 4/20/14
Seek meaning of luni bazookier 4/20/14
Audio Track Latency Measurement Sambhav 4/17/14
Zygote service get crash Trignesh Solanki 4/16/14
Sensor porting HAL 마재경 4/16/14
Porting a touchscreen to JB ffxx68 4/16/14
Kitkat: A2DP playback no sound Uday Gupta 4/16/14
Stuck at Bootanimation, Need help reading Logcat Bin Nguyen 4/16/14
/sys/class/lcd - empty? Richard Phillips 4/16/14
unlocking screen for adb? Shanth 4/13/14
OpenCore and stagefright. sithruk sana 4/11/14
Stopping Android Booting Richard Phillips 4/10/14
Debugging cause of reset Richard Phillips 4/10/14
RE: [android-porting] Re: Porting android to a non listed Phone. Fernando Gómez Mudarra 4/9/14
Porting android to a non listed Phone. florian cossu 4/9/14
Can't get to android loading screen. SA 4/9/14
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