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suspend notification Sadeepa Sepala 10/2/15
How to remove apps from AOSP build image Jinliang Sun 10/1/15
Building SDK with added service Jinliang Sun 10/1/15
Pranjal Nayak 9/30/15
How to enable off_load audio on x86_64 emulator build and using goldfish kernel(3.10-m-dev),finally want to write compressed audio data to file at kernel level NY 9/29/15
how to set grant android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION during android OS build time Pranjal Nayak 9/29/15
External Sd card support in Kitkat 4.4.2 Anand R 9/25/15
Touchscreen offset and calibration Simon Bagley 9/16/15
Scancode to Keycode, where are the two mapped/translated? Joe Skerratt 9/14/15
No suitable EGLConfig found, giving up Julian Bürger 9/9/15
SoC requirement for Android Raul Piper 9/9/15
Steps for begginer (Porting Tutorial) Jaimin Ajmeri 9/8/15
Why the layers of surfaceflinger are drew vertically filpped 林作健 9/3/15
Getting error " acp: missing destination file " al-kbeer khales 9/1/15
pico-tts can I ship the language files? Android Newbie 8/25/15
Gatekeeper API in android M Krzysztof Kwiatkowski 8/21/15
Add apps to source code Elmer Palacios 8/21/15
improvements to Glenn Kasten 8/20/15
How to restore offloaded track while switching output device Rahul Nikose 8/6/15
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