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Android Lollipop - System UI crash on secondary power Rocky 8/31/16
Re: How does binder pass File Descriptors between processes Glenn Kasten 8/31/16
Does android 5.0 support HFP client (act as Headfree client devices by Bluetooth)?? Yong Ma 8/30/16
BLE: direct advertising Matej 8/30/16
Make Android SDK to recognize my new API in Android Studio Guanjie Liu 8/30/16
UIAutomator, need walk through for programming Joen 8/25/16
Getting around system-wide touch slopping mako yass 8/25/16
USB I/O from libusb/NDK longer working in Anrdroid N? Rocky Zhang 8/24/16
AudioFlinger and AudioMixer bitolip cop 8/23/16
Android N multi window mode APP Dcer 8/21/16
[Android Platform] Installation of TTS engine JYP 8/11/16
Gradle can build android system apk? doherty pete 8/11/16
Recovery Linker Issues Rudolf 8/10/16
How to measure RSSI betweet the client and Group Owner in WiFi P2P network?? 8/9/16
WindowAnimation_windowHideAnimation vs WindowAnimation_activityCloseExitAnimation 8/8/16
How do i decide whether i need to put the app in system/app or data/app? anand devarajan 8/8/16
onServiceConnected not called by chance when boot is completed. 8/8/16
Disabling system services in rooted Android device uday 8/4/16
How get every layer content in surfaceflinger. ruanke 7/30/16
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