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[Android 6.0 -TV porting] TVInputService HDMI channel are not detected by “Live Channels” app Gaurav Tiwari 4/21/16
custom status bar with swipeDismissLayout will cause wallpaper blink. 4/20/16
Memory dump Massimo Canonico 4/15/16
kernel source for android emulator Massimo Canonico 4/14/16
What will happen to a jobscheduler if the package who registered it was killed by using forceStopPackage()? 4/14/16
changing logcat level in production binary Hakuna Matata 4/14/16
Does android 5.0 support HFP client (act as Headfree client devices by Bluetooth)?? Yong Ma 4/14/16
Command line - avd could not create and raising error "Valid ABIs: no ABIs." muneer muhammed 4/12/16
[HowTo] System memory and persistent storage dump Massimo Canonico 4/11/16
excess delay in BLE responses from Bluedroid? 4/11/16
Debugging binder trouble satur9nine 4/8/16
Netstats file details? Dinesh Kumar 4/7/16
hidraw access not working with Android 6.0 4/6/16
auto-generating header and using it in multiple locations William Roberts 4/4/16
Reception of UDP packets in sleep mode Jordi Cucurull 4/4/16
DVM threads and shared library. Andrii Motsok 3/31/16
LPP protocol support in Google SUPL server Shrinivas Prabhu 3/30/16
Google SUPL server port (OMA specs) Rafael Eduardo Wolf de Goes 3/28/16
OpenGL ES Tracer organized by view hierarchy Kyle 3/28/16
History of API changes and backward binary/source compatibility reports Ponomarenko Andrey 3/28/16
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