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WindowManagerService relayoutWindow release surface Thành Công Vũ 10/24/16
How to disable physical keyboard in code(use virtual keyboard all the time) shridutt kothari 10/21/16
where is the prebuilds/misc/linux-x86/analyzer 's source code ? ic2y 10/19/16
Android N - importing android.view.surface in AIDL Sathish Kumar 10/17/16
How to print the ARM instructions before they are executed on the CPU? Bill 10/16/16
How to reroute audio data to Android's audio input 10/13/16
Change natural orientation to landscape Samjith Sadasivan 10/8/16
How to determine SNR for specific GNSS satellite/constellation in Android 7.0? Sean Barbeau 10/8/16
Broadcasting action on configuration changes 10/7/16
Input text field is suddenly full screen Phobe Laxu 10/7/16
Is there is any way to remove Guest user and keep Restricted account in android 6.0.1 Marshmallow ? Moath Mansor 10/6/16
Recovery Debug Recommendations Michael Robbeloth 10/6/16
Hello android developers Khamchunagva Nyamsuren 10/6/16
How to setup an APN settings from Adb shell? Rajesh Kumar 10/3/16
Problem in executing aapt command with the android sdk with centos 5.10 and rhel 5.5 Bunty syed 10/3/16
Adding -dM flag to preprocessor Z. javier 10/1/16
Cross Compiling AOSP/adb for armv7-gnueabihf host? John Jackson 9/28/16
Assess Android Open source code documentation Omkar Mozar 9/25/16
User app will cause ANR, when try to answer a ringing call Stelep Lc 9/25/16
WebView, Android System WebView, Chromium project Alice 9/22/16
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