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Assign a UID to an App vj 6/15/17
Apps with specific range of UIDs Jacky Lam 6/15/17
ART - bypass DEX altogether in the future? Pedro Lopes 6/9/17
Why do many apps not specify target API level? Artsiom Kushniarou 6/8/17
Network Service Discovery (NSD) found nothing in local network. 6/6/17
SD/MMC Card Metadata API access? Karen Donoghue 6/4/17
Unable to open socket for UEventObserver and bootloop Erfan Abdi 6/4/17
SurfaceTexture vulkan support Jeff Moguillansky 6/4/17
Reduce OTA package size 6/1/17
Is preloaded-class generator support in ART mode? 昱超許 5/31/17
Mount system image as read-write on android 7.1.1 TomS 5/26/17
<uses-sdk> string values Eom 5/25/17
[Study-Concept behind] Share & Control Device's Screen to PC Lee Choon Shong 5/23/17
Change resolution/refresh of HDMI output Milan Čížek 5/22/17
Android Emoji 5/18/17
New to WebRTC... Mark Sheekey 5/18/17
GpsLocationProvider's SUPL support. Praneet 5/16/17
Webview and the Quic Video protocol AppCoder 5/12/17
about class in dex tion lu 5/10/17
Resources$NotFoundException after updating system apps Jacob S 5/10/17
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