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ref counting issue with typeface used in MinikinFontSkia psharma 2/22/17
Is this a bug of Wifi background scan? 2/22/17
Is there actually any need for p2p_supplicant? Lucas Duffey 2/18/17
SurfaceTexture vulkan support Jeff Moguillansky 2/18/17
Systrace tool during boot-up Nitin 2/18/17
Does android 5.0 support HFP client (act as Headfree client devices by Bluetooth)?? Yong Ma 2/17/17
Modifying Lollipop firmware (probably InputMethodService) to ignore hardware keyboard status Michael Robbeloth 2/15/17
What is the release criteria of AOSP same bang 2/15/17
Re: Calculator crashes on AOSP 7.1.1_ r13 under AddressSanitizer (AtlasService) John Reck 2/15/17
vulkan video texture Jeff Moguillansky 2/15/17
Where to found the Shared Preference data(.xml file) which is created in SystemUI Subrat Mohanty 2/14/17
Running route command on system services Shakti Ashirvad 2/14/17
why must we use "-static" on linking standalone executable ? Ran Shalit 2/14/17
Compiling AIDL File : couldn't find import for class Kalpesh Patil 2/13/17
Sharing a Surface between two applications Pal Szasz 2/13/17
modify AOSP/art/ to run another program, but return value 256 Qiushi Li 2/13/17
Marshalling android.view.Surface objects using AIDL Sridhar M 2/13/17
Broadcasts from Native Services William Roberts 2/10/17
Cross Compiling AOSP/adb for armv7-gnueabihf host? John Jackson 2/10/17
How to publish multiple build variants of an APK to Artifactory? Péter Laukó 2/9/17
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