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Camera Intent issue,how can I know whether app is installed in samsung device or others using java? Kevin Peterson 3/17/16
Implementing Location Provider Kiran 3/16/16
After upgrading to Android Studio 1.5.1 (from 1.3) the x86 emulator hangs after app install Krompo 3/16/16
Compiling AIDL File : couldn't find import for class Kalpesh Patil 3/14/16
NullPointerException using DroidDoc Doclet Dave Smith 3/14/16
LD_SHIM_LIBS: Shim lib can not be loaded, ignoring. Dmitry Smirnov 3/13/16
Grammar in system/core/include/utils/Singleton.h 3/11/16
How to color floating action button in android studio? Norah Jones 3/11/16
Android: Issue in sending Mms with SmsManager programmatically vineetska 3/11/16
Starting Activity from other application inside my application process context Moustafa Alzantot 3/9/16
searching init.rc files William Roberts 3/9/16
Fetch BT MAC address of android device when its connected to host via USB port shivakumar wantamutte 3/9/16
android doze on M Andy Quan 3/9/16
Add my technology to improve android os performance Vishal Patel 3/6/16
Can app developer create their own JNI to call system timer and rtc timer? Andy Quan 3/6/16
TARGET_ANDROID_FILESYSTEM_CONFIG_H is not very extensible William Roberts 3/4/16
How to use emulator built from AOSP polomora 3/4/16
What are the android classes that are deprecated in API 22 or 23? Norah Jones 3/3/16
Including android platform code in apk for older platforms Xiaolei Yu 3/2/16
I can't find my git.exe in android studio while using android studio version control? Kevin Peterson 3/2/16
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