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Gmail crashes when 'am start -a android.intent.action.SEND' with EXTRA_STREAM John Michelau 10/14/17
Help Me........Send Image in android Maulik Dadhaniya 10/14/17
emulator of android source code cannot run a desktop but keeping black screen. 10/13/17
How to get programmatically the Cell Signal Strength for Samsung Galaxy Android Devices? What is correct way to get Cell Signal Strength in android devices? Muhammad Rashid Mahmood 10/11/17
Re: How to use Android as a HID device(Mouse/Keyboard/gamepad) using Bluetooth HID Profile for connect to PC/XBox/Wii ? Jayantakumar Singh Konjengbam 10/11/17
Preferred platform for Android TV Joel 10/10/17
android api for setting the system date format Johannes Kehrer 10/2/17
incorporating face authentication with Trusty TEE Moshe Yosevshvili 10/2/17 crash due to offscreenBuffer is NULL 阿炳 10/2/17
Core dump repeated on Pixel XL after start Android O AOSP.... Hongfee Mo 9/29/17
How to update the APN information in the apns-full-conf.xml file? Stephen Poon 9/26/17
Android trusty ASLR implementation 9/26/17
Debugging init via logwrapper not supported? Chih-Wei Huang 9/20/17
Getting uid from process name in android framework praveen mt 9/18/17
Still need symlink /storage/sdcard0? Chih-Wei Huang 9/16/17
BluetoothGatt( 1429): onClientConnectionState() - status=133 clientIf=5 techcaotri 9/13/17
make: *** [run_soong_ui] Error 1 Nimit Patel 9/7/17
LG C6 Shutting Off WiFi Kevin McCormick 9/6/17
Android Call Recording in Samsung Galaxy S7 Vikash Dhiman 9/6/17
Which source file contains the code that makes the decision at boot time on whether to rebuild the art/davlik cache? rogerjames99 9/6/17
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