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Does Bluedroid used in Android 5.0.2 support BT 3.0 + EDR? Ken Tsoi 8/5/15
Vendor Ownership Requirements Dave Smith 8/5/15
Manifest android:process field pietrop 8/3/15
Set different minSdkVersion for testAndroid than for main app snehal 8/3/15
How to know if the boot is after FOTA update Prem C 7/30/15
Android Device as Handsfree (Headset) Aashish Patel 7/27/15
How can BlueDroid support switching between Audio Gateway role and Headset role for HSP. Vincent Lin 7/27/15
Cann't play/preview the audio content which filename include emotion icon Peng Cao 7/26/15
What is the role of apk files in Android system? Xuebin Zhang 7/24/15
What is the purpose of the variable mTaskHistory of class ActivityStack? mk 7/24/15
ueventd over libudev -- any specific reason ? Satish Patel 7/22/15
Android native application performance Yochai Timmer 7/21/15
IndexOutOfBoundsException when calling removeWindowInnerLocked of WindowManagerService CCKevin 7/20/15
Android Framework Code Coverage. 7/17/15
Remove power off menu options pirpi srd 7/16/15
Confuesd about handleAppTransitionReadyLocked in WMS Yong Ma 7/16/15
Sharing a Surface between two applications Pal Szasz 7/14/15
vbox_x86 lunch target missing Michael Moussa 7/13/15
Are OTA block updates idempotent? Alexey Kalinichenko 7/9/15
Problems with native libraries in special circumstances (sd-card) Florian Over 7/9/15
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