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Android KeyStore - keys not always persisted 6/25/16
Is there a better way to debug layout in AOSP project Hai Ru 6/15/16
USB Accessory gets confused? John Whitmore 6/13/16
configuring android as Bluetooth headset Chaitanya Rufuslabs 6/11/16
How can BlueDroid support switching between Audio Gateway role and Headset role for HSP. Vincent Lin 6/11/16
WITH_DEXPREOPT and ART configuration Kyle 6/6/16
Running Android 4.2.2 on QEMU directly (not Android Emulator) causes a segfault Eom 6/6/16
[Android] Procedure to start netd service in recovery mode S. Kanthiraj Sudhaher 6/3/16 LOCAL_RESOURCE_DIR AOSP builds Michael Robbeloth 6/2/16
How to flash framework.jar file onto device? 6/1/16
opencl benchmark on android Andy Quan 5/31/16
How to detect the if soft keyboard is visible on the screen AK 5/31/16
Lollipop 5.1.1 platform enabling ethernet as a network option robinGadams 5/26/16
Using CertInstaller to install Wi-Fi config Rajni Singla 5/26/16
Two issues: Editable System Clock and @hide NtpTrustedTime ignoramous 5/24/16
System server crash because of HeapTaskDaemon Mustafa İrer 5/24/16
Frequent Garbage Collection in AOSP MM 5/24/16
Tracing method calls and their parameters Kristopher Micinski 5/20/16
Does Android IPSec VPN software module support both IPsec-v2 and IPsec-v3? 林柏羽 5/15/16
Game crash randomly on android emulator during call DrawIndexedPrimitive Neko Lazy 5/15/16
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