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App dev Q,*UNIQUE*error: My splash screen background img theme overlaps PART of the status bar!! - do you have any idea how on earth this happened so I can fix it? 1/16/16
Notification Panel events Amanda Mattiuz 1/15/16
WiFi: Android Band Preference / Roaming 1/14/16
Keyguard: what exactly is "occlude" state mean in keyguard? 1/14/16
Adding New System Service to AOSP (Lollipop 5.0.2) Kishore Poojari 1/14/16
Android audio framework quality issue Fung James 1/13/16
Lollipop 5.1.1 platform enabling ethernet as a network option robinGadams 1/13/16
Change WiFi channel in the source vahid saljooghi 1/12/16
Why the New Android Runtime (ART) does not compile all of the methods in app at default? 王帅 1/11/16
Application Fails to access USB Type-C Drive Anu P 1/7/16
How to make android device always in wake mode? Chitrang Patel 1/7/16
Android M, multiuser environment, how u10_a77 access /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera/xxx.jpg Pu Yongming 1/7/16
Sending DTMF commands when call get connected raghu 1/5/16
Does android 5.0 support HFP client (act as Headfree client devices by Bluetooth)?? Yong Ma 1/4/16
Audio quality and the Bluetooth SBC bitrate David Erickson 12/24/15
about strange "" access in Android M Andy Quan 12/22/15
INVITE a=recvonly Andrea Mazza 12/18/15
Change Wifi Channel programmatically vahid saljooghi 12/17/15
dex2oat command line does not work Dong Li 12/16/15
using valgrind on dex2oat command techietone 12/16/15
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