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Sound trigger jerand 6:31 AM
Using AccessibilityService from within a System Service Daniel Doron 6:31 AM
WindowManagerService Rearrange windows based on custom policy Tez 10/5/15
nested Binder calls 10/4/15
Lollipop 5.1.1 platform enabling ethernet as a network option robinGadams 10/2/15
OpenGL ES 2.0 support in 10/2/15
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Android NDK/OpenGLES C++ Wrappers Badger McFly 9/30/15
Android View confused with X, left, and transitionX Pu Yongming 9/29/15
How to activate FPS logging on android 5? WaUn 9/28/15
Latest Android updated screwed my Nexus 5 performance ashok kumar 9/28/15
Building Android SDK on ARM Monte Yates 9/26/15
香港民政事務處EO潘凱勤已開除,電話93387810 Peter Cheung 9/26/15
Need help on playing video current state android developer 9/25/15
How google employees develop framework code Pu Yongming 9/23/15
Alternative to system server. Rohit Rao 9/22/15
Could Google(All the Google services, such as Google Pay,Google Docs,etc) come back to China mainland soon? Peng Cao 9/21/15
Re: Abridged summary of - 1 update in 1 topic Brad Justice 9/21/15
ContactsProvider2 notification mechanism with base URI Ganesh Kumar 9/20/15
Bionic + glibc on same image JAlexoid (Aleksandr Panzin) 9/19/15
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