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android permissions groups Tal Palant 9:21 AM
Android permissions groups (M) Tal Palant 9:17 AM
Problems with native libraries in special circumstances (sd-card) Florian Over 7/3/15
get global logs from an app signed with platform key Jacob S 7/3/15
Remove power off menu options pirpi srd 7/3/15
vbox_x86 lunch target missing Michael Moussa 7/1/15
a LayoutParams constructor overload with size in dip. Why not? Antonino Orlando 7/1/15
questions about extension in ACodec.cpp Mike Zhou 6/30/15
Are OTA block updates idempotent? Alexey Kalinichenko 6/26/15
Obtaining audio output latency Gil Fidel 6/25/15
Android Key Store using (between different apps) voks 6/23/15
Source code of a specific Device Ruhi Sharma 6/22/15
Masking of Android app content in "Recent Applications" view Shyan Ann Wang 6/22/15
Regarding csr generaration in android Bunty syed 6/19/15
Internals of Sending SMS in Android Ruhi Sharma 6/19/15
Running UIAutomator tests with external libs giving uiautomator java.lang.IllegalAccessError: Class ref in pre-verified class Somnath Singh 6/19/15
Two AndroidProducts, One BoardConfig Dave Smith 6/19/15
stereo recording on Nexus 4 JC 6/16/15
How can I find the hardware audio playback latency of a certain device? ilan shiber 6/16/15
Repo sync fails with SSL certificate error Wrythe LLC 6/14/15
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