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Window Manager Screenshot & SurfaceView LifeCycle SIVA KUMAR GUNTURI 11/27/15
External SD card permissions are not getting chaged. Kalpik Patel 11/27/15
How to deal with "java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException:$GcWatcher.finalize() timed out after 10 seconds" on android 4.x ? Allen Zeng 11/20/15
about dex2oat and its compiler driver change in Android 6.0 Andy Quan 11/19/15
Why is there a copy of native shared libraries in both system APKs and /system/lib/? satur9nine 11/17/15
Android View confused with X, left, and transitionX Pu Yongming 11/16/15
Issues running multiple AVDs 11/13/15
How to get the RGB of the camera focus point Anthony Wang 11/13/15
Replacing USB_SERVICE José Freitas 11/13/15
USB accessory permissions and eventually missing connection intent. José Freitas 11/12/15
Should I call SurfaceTexture.release() In the finalize() Qing PAN 11/12/15
Re: ANN: AOSP builds with ninja Dave Smith 11/11/15
Background Audio Continues During Suspend Dave Smith 11/11/15
Java IO - Apache Harmony sang 11/11/15
While I make the source of Android 6.0, it failed Peng Cao 11/10/15
Playing music before switch to AOA accessory and audio mode, AudioFlinger has log likes"write blocked for 631954 msecs, 1 delayed writes, thread 0xafd10008" Baodong Chen 11/9/15
Unable to connect to emulator over adb - error emulator: ASC Retrying connection Subodh Nijsure 11/5/15
iptables_prorammitically_Dynamic C code vahid saljooghi 11/5/15
Play predefined audio file during a live voice call such that the other end can hear it GLin 11/5/15
How to make `odex` file to userdataimage Peng Cao 11/5/15
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