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Check for my app update programmatically (and update the app programmatically) AD 6/23/17
DEX version 38 and verifier error related to invoke-polymorphic 6/21/17
Android Source code Debugging using break points Maunik Shah 6/20/17
How to identify Scroll has Ended vijay kumar 6/20/17 crash due to offscreenBuffer is NULL 阿炳 6/20/17
Should I call private api for Bluetooth HID Connect/Disconnect/ ClearBond Hien Nguyen 6/20/17
Warning: Failed to read or create install properties file. 88506 6/16/17
Add "restorecon_recursive /cache/recovery" to init.rc to avoid wrong SELinux context Benjamin Chen 6/15/17
Assign a UID to an App vj 6/15/17
Apps with specific range of UIDs Jacky Lam 6/15/17
how to enable bluetooth a2dp_sink and play remote music stream in Android L (5.1) cg h 6/12/17
ART - bypass DEX altogether in the future? Pedro Lopes 6/9/17
Why do many apps not specify target API level? Artsiom Kushniarou 6/8/17
Network Service Discovery (NSD) found nothing in local network. 6/6/17
how to set input resolution for Camera (Camera 2 API) Jinqiang Zeng 6/6/17
SD/MMC Card Metadata API access? Karen Donoghue 6/4/17
Unable to open socket for UEventObserver and bootloop Erfan Abdi 6/4/17
SurfaceTexture vulkan support Jeff Moguillansky 6/4/17
Reg : Android Bluedroid stack A2DP Profile version Jag Sandeep 6/3/17
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