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Got ANR when open links in Chrome custom tab then press back Hoa Vu 4:22 PM
Android Ble onCharacteristicChanged miss 7/21/17
How to reduce .apk mmap memory size in my android app 7/20/17
Android TV Launcher Andrea Moscatelli 7/19/17
Android USB Accessory Anu P 7/18/17
Android 4.4.2/5.1.1: HDP problems - unable to connect to Bloodpressure device Kenneth Thorman 7/17/17
AOSP intrusive changes Ajai Jose 7/17/17
Separate IPv6 addresses for each app Soni L. 7/15/17
IOException: read failed, socket might closed or timeout, read ret: -1 Jacen Tsao 7/14/17
How to add an android module into the aosp under the ubuntu 16.0 OS and make the module effect in the android device。 domainmaster hao 7/14/17
Adding Prebuilt APK Issue Permission denied 7/13/17
Adding prebuilt APK fails Tiago Vieira 7/13/17
Does Android ignore DNS servers with IPv6 ULA addresses? TheDiveO 7/7/17
Re: ANN: AOSP builds with ninja Dave Smith 7/6/17
does ddmlib leak connections? Mário Almeida 7/6/17
how to set input resolution for Camera (Camera 2 API) Jinqiang Zeng 7/3/17
AT commands for battery indicator LÊ TĨNH 6/30/17
Check for my app update programmatically (and update the app programmatically) AD 6/23/17
DEX version 38 and verifier error related to invoke-polymorphic 6/21/17
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