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Getting the information of the package which created the intent Ruhi Sharma 6/1/15
The GC thread is crashed in dalvik lib when doing dvmHeapBitmapScanWalk CCKevin 5/29/15
problem on putting the value on Ashutosh Singh 5/28/15
Nexus devices and audio format john oliver 5/28/15
ART invoke flow in assembly code 程超 5/27/15
About the ART on Nexus 5 Qiang Wang 5/26/15
Listen to Display Orientation Change Using Native Code not Java Neil Nguyen 5/19/15
libwebviewchromium crash Animesh Srivastava 5/17/15
Cannot enable USB mass storage after changing internal SD card to emulated 5/15/15
Segmentation fault (SIGSEGV) on eglCreateWindowSurface on Firefly RK3288 running Android 4.4.2 Sri G 5/15/15
Re: Read light sensor fast from Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 zhe yang 5/14/15
Problem recording audio from a headset microphone, while music is playing Gil Fidel 5/7/15
Display multiple activities the same way as the tabs in iphone safari Loubna Bellefkih 5/5/15
Is Google making Hangouts a requisite to have sync/push notifications? WaR BoK 5/4/15
NuPlayerRenderer latency calculation bug? Sangyoun Lee 5/2/15
How to debug CPU starvation Titi 5/1/15
Ongoing issues closed as "Obsolete" AppCoder 4/30/15
startService with explicit intent is not working to start framework service. rashmi ks 4/29/15
API support from chrome app kk-info 4/28/15
Re: Flashing multiple devices with Fastboot 4/28/15
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