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Re: [OpenCV4Android] What is a better way to read an image in a downsampling way, and then get the brightness value based Alexander Smorkalov 12/18/12
Re: [OpenCV4Android] What are good ways to debug OpenCV in Android app? Alexander Smorkalov 12/18/12
Re: using OpenCV4Android 2.4.9, "The import cannot be resolved" Andrey Pavlenko 12/18/12
How to read a avi file from Android Opencv? mw18888 12/17/12
Re: error when building sample project Andrey Pavlenko 12/17/12
Re: templateMatching mattoBitmap opencv for android Andrey Pavlenko 12/17/12
terrain-following fog filter using OpenCV (?) Spooky 12/14/12
frame differencing Brigit Schroeder 12/14/12
Re: onCameraFrame gives a mat without a height value? Andrey Pavlenko 12/13/12
Re: Sample - face-detection fails due to missing lib Andrey Pavlenko 12/10/12
Re: With Tegra 3 pack, camera don't work on Android 4.2 , Asus Nexus 7 Hugo Feng 12/4/12
Re: [OpenCV4Android] import existing opencv projects into eclipse in ubuntu 10.04 Alexander Smorkalov 12/4/12
Re: where is opencv library 2.4.3.jar? Andrey Pavlenko 12/4/12
tutorial for opencv/andriod suhad 12/4/12
FREAK descriptor Mohamed Gad-Elrab 12/3/12
Re: [OpenCV4Android] Re: Need help installing opencv android 2.4.2 on windows 7 Hugo Feng 11/29/12
crop open cv putria febriana 11/23/12
iris detection putria febriana 11/21/12
Re: could not be resolved and size_t is ambiguous Andrey Pavlenko 11/21/12
Re: [OpenCV4Android] Feature Detection detect() crashes Alexander Smorkalov 11/21/12
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