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Android 2.2 preview 4 and NDK builds: Many weird targets/libraries created by the external build. Streets Of Boston 7/6/16
Android 2.2 preview 4 and NDK builds: NDK r12b fails with externalNativeBuild "Option gcc-toolchain requires an argument" Streets Of Boston 7/6/16
Adding openssl include files to the ndk-bundle for different platforms Chiranjeev Gupta 7/6/16
LED Access/Permissions engr04 7/4/16
Installation problems Valeri Valirian 7/1/16
OpenSL ES player callbacks are not consistent in Android Marshmallow (6) Vitaly Dyadyuk 6/29/16
I cannot install ndk-stack.exe Shotaro Teo 6/27/16
NDK and screen size; esp. w/ keyboard J Decker 6/27/16
display.getRealMetrics returns different results each time but works correctly if I change the manifest package name!!?? Cass 6/27/16
Can we dubug a native process using ndk-gdb that is started using ProcessBuilder in java code nandita suri 6/27/16
ndk-build problem Tomsi Lonsi 6/27/16
OpenSL ES would cause noise when adjust volume? Hu Tianjun 6/24/16
https request from native code shootingatshadow 6/24/16
Fortran support torsten knauf 6/24/16
Where can I find the OpenSLES source code? Wanzhang Huang 6/23/16
Android AAR package for native library Ivan Gagis 6/22/16
Unable to get additional Java source directories to work with Gradle Experimental plugin Pol 6/20/16
EGL, NativeActivity and statusbar size NoAngel 6/15/16
Creating virtual audio device. OcterA 6/14/16
Native Activity crash on EGL init in eglGetConfigAttrib NoAngel 6/14/16
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