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LUA require from APK boiler 7/30/16
Bluetooth headset management with VOIP App using OpenSL ES Claude Chausse-ccr 7/29/16
Debugging native (called via JNI) code in Android Studio 2.1.2. John Daintree 7/25/16
Release static library size issue with ndk 凌辰 7/22/16
A new method to measure touch and audio latency Glenn Kasten 7/22/16
Android Studio 2.2 and Ndk Builds: Setting build-script and compile flags Streets Of Boston 7/22/16
Boost Support for Android. Chiranjeev Gupta 7/21/16
shared blog post: Android changes for NDK developers Glenn Kasten 7/20/16
Problems building .so with standalone toolchain. Mark Sibly 7/18/16
NDK r12b and compiling source project with shared libs of FFMPEg. Trinity Infoman 7/18/16
Android NDK basics steps Gane R 7/18/16
gradle experimental include file directories via srcDir srcFile directive 7/16/16
Installation Issues 7/15/16
i want to use in my ndk project,but i failed to load this lib. muyou43h 7/15/16
Re: glGenVertexArrays in Opengl ES 1.0 using android-ndk NoAngel 7/13/16
“breakpoint command add” does not work in LLDB command line in Android Studio Alex Petrenko 7/12/16
Tag traffic using grpc in C++ Yuxin Yu 7/11/16
Porting C/C++ application to Android João M. S. Silva 7/10/16
Windows Android NDK downloads CARLOS NETO 7/8/16
Can I use 'ATrace_beginSection' and 'ATrace_endSection' API for logging systrace on C++? Neo 7/6/16
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