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I'm getting permission denied on ioctl call with SIOCGIFCONF on ndk. Al Mamun 12/19/17
looks like bug in arm-linux-androideabi-g++.exe for ndk r16b mun24 12/19/17
Android O: AConfiguration_getOrientation() no longer works in APP_CMD_CONFIG_CHANGED Andreas Falkenhahn 12/14/17
DetachCurrentThread causes a crash ezmora 12/11/17
std::chrono incompatible with arm64 seal2002 12/10/17
Can I still compile for android-9 with the latest NDK r16? Andreas Falkenhahn 12/8/17
How does NDK decide TAG_CPU_name in creating so library file. Used readelf to get TAG_CPU_name. Having issues with cortex-a8. mun24 12/7/17
Google Play Console crash reports Flavio 12/4/17
Potential bug in NDK r16? Andreas Grässer 12/1/17
how to make a native application with a normal main function ? Pikachuk 2 11/30/17
Error getting nativeLibraryDirectories Christian Verdú 11/29/17
NDK r16 changes the section header of the prebuilt so file. Herzhaft 11/23/17
problem using boost::trim() with std::u16string with NDK16 - CLANG + c++_static Tsvetan Bogoev 11/23/17
Getting error: undefined reference to function Android NDK 11/20/17
unrecognized option --sysroot error for assembly .s files. mun24 11/18/17
Cannot find iconv.h after updated r16 (16.0.4442984) Xinyu Liu 11/17/17
NdkCameraManager native APIs - console application 11/17/17
Gradle + CMake + Android Studio Slowness Problems Nick Weihs 11/11/17
AAudio latency Flavio 11/7/17
Android Native Library not getting included in the final signed APK Tapas Behera 11/3/17
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