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Failed to build the sample app with C++ support Zwei 3/30/17
Cannot use .so files in Android Studio Fight Forge 3/30/17
ndk calling sdk 3/29/17
Yet another "Pro" Audio API: AAudio for O Felix Homann 3/28/17
Echo example and OpenSL ES Nacho Ripoll 3/27/17
Cmake in android studio links to libsupc++.a when using ANDROID_STL=system, even when RTTI and exceptions are explicitly disabled. Janusz Jankowski 3/27/17
../include/mem.h not found while building using Android Studio Syamala Dasi 3/24/17
Android Studio First project Project Sync Error, Android NDK location is not valid.Install NDK and sync project ??? Randy 3/24/17
Solution of Teapot sample for Android API-17 and below APIs kunjesh virani 3/24/17
Using address sanitizer with NDK a1 3/22/17
Unable to link <hardware/gps.h> with ndk-build 3/20/17
OpenSL ES PrefetchItf assert fails on new data after bufferqueue was underflowed 3/20/17
Native debugging with AS 2.3 Iliya Koreshev 3/19/17
Android NDK: rand_r mbtowc Josh Starner 3/16/17
Where has build.xml gone? Andreas Falkenhahn 3/16/17
ioctl calls on fd passed from Java UsbManager Benedikt Tutzer 3/15/17
Android: (dlopen() returing dangling pointer)/(struct soinfo get changed) for 64 bit architucture Vinay Tomer 3/14/17
error: undefined reference to '__atomic_fetch_add_4' Arjun kochhar 3/9/17
Is there a way to upgrade the CMAKE in NDK? Currently have 3.6 but 3.7 is needed Patrick Wright 3/8/17
simpleperf: /proc/kallsyms build id mismatch and other symbol resolution errors jumanji 3/7/17
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