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ndk-build chooses wrong arch if run in docker container dicky dicky 7/11/17
instrumentation tests of native code Tom Micheline 7/11/17
Android NDK and OpenSSL build Vladislav Lozitskyi 7/10/17
error: conflicting types for '__errno' steve kirby 7/10/17
app_dummy() call removed when upgrading to r15? Spencer Fricke 7/10/17
Building static binaries with universal headers (NDK r15) 7/10/17
empty/missing DT_Hash tf 7/10/17
More than one file was found with OS independant path Davy Wentzler 7/7/17
stdout is not getting printed with adb 1.0.36 Chenna e 7/7/17
The C compiler clang.exe is not able to complete a simple test program Alex David 7/6/17
glTexSubImage2D is slow sometime in NDK API 21 Heero Yui 7/2/17
How will deprecated headers be removed? Chi-Hsuan Yen 6/30/17
javah location 6/30/17
Can I get Wifi RSSI Level with NDK? Orhan Kayan 6/29/17
Is NDK Allowed to Break Security Rules for Android O? Andrew Esh 6/27/17
How can I intercept native function calls? Manuel Friedli 6/21/17
Is /system/lib/ Standard Now? 6/21/17
Using Google Play Game Services C++ against Android NDK r14 yusuf mete saraçoğlu 6/19/17
AAudio API finalized for O Glenn Kasten 6/15/17
Android Studio CMake does not build executables and CMAke variable LIBRARY_OUTPUT_PATH does not work savi 6/14/17
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