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NDK Samples Lock-up, using MSVC Pete Palmer 8/29/17
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AAudio documentation and headers for O DP1 Glenn Kasten 7/25/17
AAudio latency Flavio 7/25/17
How to cross compile util-linux for android? Bruce Tan 7/21/17
sgemm using opengl es slow on android Jesse Lee 7/21/17
OpenSL glitches on sony XPERIA devices Mathieu Grondin 7/18/17
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: library "../../../../libs/arm64-v8a/ 7/18/17
ndk-build fails with process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, uname -a, ...) failed. kapa pi 7/18/17
How to play MP3 audio buffers 7/18/17
Can ndk-gdb connect to Android devices under macOS Sierra and Win10? beinan li 7/17/17
How to cross-compile "libnl" using NDK on Windows?? Lo Po 7/17/17
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