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Android OpenMax AL API support for HLS ? Venkata Gopal D 6/22/14
Standalone NDK build with gcc 4.8 support Kanishka Ariyapala 6/20/14
unable to dynamically link shared obj libs to make executable run steve kirby 6/19/14
Linking static library: cannot find symbols, but they are there Boris van Schooten 6/18/14
Android NDK, why are you using my system headers? 6/18/14
OpenSL/ES : maximum volume of AudioPlayer mootoh 6/17/14
Choose Android Wifi Channels firass obaid 6/17/14
AStorageManager_mountObb generating AOBB_STATE_ERROR_INTERNAL Ryan Chapman 6/16/14
OpenMax AL - Metadata Extraction - Error - Leaving Engine::CreateMediaPlayer (SL_RESULT_FEATURE_UNSUPPORTED) 6/16/14
Getting a backtrace/callstack in android, what is meant to work? Viserys T 6/15/14
Prebuild static libraries interdependence issue Shusen Wang 6/13/14
Help with OpenSL and Android 4.4.3, estrange underrun situation David García 6/13/14
Using wpa_supplication methods via JNI call to WifiNative Vitor Bernardo 6/13/14
Setting breakpoints in Android native C shared library Alex Slinger 6/12/14
unsatisfied linkerror when loading a shared library abhiram 6/12/14
Register corrupted after routine invocation 6/8/14
Android NDK OpenSL Buffer Sample and Noise Crackle umut caliskan 6/7/14
Unable to see local variables when debugging (NDK r9, x86 emulator) folecr 6/7/14
Compiling boost_thread for MIPS using NDK 6/6/14
No source file named during debug... but why? Julian LALU 6/6/14
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