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Installation problems Valeri Valirian 8/31/16
SL_IID_ANDROIDCONFIGURATION and Fast Audio Path Andrés Pérez 8/30/16
Issue with building OpenBLAS with android-ndk Tanay Chowdhury 8/29/16
STL vector crash on Android x86_64 8/27/16
build OpenSSL for arm64-v8a and x86_64 with r10c Michael Moussa 8/27/16
File enconding ISO-8859-1 dosent works [help me] 8/25/16
Is native code interrupted by GC? ls02 8/24/16
Android Studio shows error on literals using vector extensions Gunther Piez 8/24/16
Are shift mappings of Android NDK keycodes standardized? Andreas Falkenhahn 8/21/16
UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load jpgt from loader Aneesh Phenomtec 8/21/16
C/C++ relative #includes Mark Sibly 8/20/16
Ndk r11 and 12 support for arm 32 bit r3t 8/17/16 does not produce libc++ tollchains Chris toph 8/12/16
Why does the NDK still come with GNU Make 3.81? mic 8/9/16
Gstreamer plugin crashes when build with android-ndk-r12b x86_64. Randeep 8/5/16
Regarding the Linux 32-bit (x86) of android-ndk-r12b. Randeep 8/5/16
LED Access/Permissions engr04 8/4/16
Intercepting Audio Streams & Creating Custom Audio Effects 8/4/16
Android NDK sample framework: screen turns black upon GLContext swap: EGL_BAD_SURFACE: err=12301 Chuck Moyes 8/2/16
Android Studio: ERROR: '__NDK_FPABI__' does not name a type Marcos Bontempo 8/2/16
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