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I have a question about neon!! =) 송방용 1/17/16
How to use breakpoints while debugging native source in Android Studio MrAidoru 1/16/16
SL_IID_ANDROIDCONFIGURATION and Fast Audio Path Andrés Pérez 1/15/16
Can android NDK open uart port without root? jason 1/15/16
Can we use both sdk and ndk using same Android Studio? Sanjog Shrestha 1/13/16
how can I let TCP keep connected, when the android system goes to sleep? ken chow 1/11/16
Compiling VNC Server Binary Files (error when running $make) Asta Vel 1/8/16
Building boost with clang John Morman 1/7/16
canceled something- not sure what it was, and how to get it back Jane Choe 1/6/16
gradle experimental include file directories via srcDir srcFile directive 1/6/16
Did anyone tried android++? f34nc015 1/6/16
How to setup NDK on Android Studio 송방용 1/4/16
To Glenn Kasten and others having problems with Bluetooth SCO audio - Predictability, Consistency and Performance!? Jake 12/30/15
Extend Ndk Native Activity API sbilkoloft 12/30/15
gmock (Google Mock) for NDK? Charles Chan 12/29/15
App gets "JNI ERROR (app bug): accessed stale local reference" only when running on lollipop Cacau 12/29/15
Why does my .so library compiled with ndk won't work with error "cannot locate symbol "cblas_sdsdot" referenced by """ shekmun 12/29/15
Type 'JNIEnv' could not be resolved and related errors Jeff Archer 12/23/15
NFC Android Application With NDK Ayomide Aro 12/23/15
Code pattern for switching to NEON optimized code path Russell Newman 12/23/15
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