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MacBook 2016 ndk build drop down CPU frequency while compiling C++ Andrey Tyagunov 5/29/17
Struggling with notification icons PhilW 5/29/17
AAudio API updated Glenn Kasten 5/25/17
App Widget works but doesn't update Thomas C 5/25/17
Instant Apps and NDK Dan 5/24/17
Gradle skips Install-phase of ndkBuild mic 5/24/17
Parallel NDK build in Android Studio Davy Wentzler 5/22/17
What is Non NDK platform library? Anmol prakash 5/16/17
Profile Optimization 5/15/17
How to detect memory leaks in native code? Harjot Singh 5/14/17
How to render an effect in bitmap's pixels in NDK? pzerzer pzerzer 5/14/17
What is the difference between the Windows 64-bit Platform ( and Linux 64-bit ( package? Terrence Tong 5/11/17
AAudio documentation and headers for O DP1 Glenn Kasten 5/9/17
Making NDK builded libs available in unit-tests for faster, device-independent testing Ivan K 5/9/17
Encoding separate raw frames from buffer. oljahim1 5/8/17
Changing SDK location in Android Studio: Whitespaces in directory location ERROR at 1st Start Up. Gregory Branch 5/1/17
Querying compatible camera frame rates Armen Avetisyan 4/26/17
Calling lseek() on /proc/self/mem fails in some cases Manuel Friedli 4/25/17
NDK limitations of C++ and other limitation Aristarh Smertin 4/25/17
How to use an external C++ library from native Android code Andreas Huggel 4/25/17
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