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Call back Function Shivani Patel 11/8/16
Future of gradle experimental plugin. Martin Rajniak 11/8/16
Android NDK / Bluetooth API in native code Gogi 11/7/16
How can we execute asynchronous task from cpp and get callback in java ASHUTOSH KUMAR 11/7/16
NDK not configured. Download it with SDK Manager. Bjoern Fredriksen 11/2/16
New app, folders/files missing Bjoern Fredriksen 11/2/16
Getting null pointer exception while trying to add ndk code as FFI in KONY. Nayana Vasudev 11/1/16
JNI DETECTED ERROR IN APPLICATION: JNI NewStringUTF called with pending exception 'java.lang.NullPointerException' thrown in unknown throw location' Nayana Vasudev 11/1/16
Using C++ with Android Studio 2.2 Judah Lafia-King 10/31/16
Updated NDK in Android Studio to NDK 13 Beta 2, all STL STD header files are now gone Chuck Moyes 10/31/16
Performance of custom audio effect module Wanzhang Huang 10/28/16
ndk-build does not find symbols in .so file Kyle Cummings 10/28/16
Missing VK_KHR_SWAPCHAIN_EXTENSION_NAME extenstion Dror Smolarsky 10/26/16
NDK SLES decode MP3 to PCM end criteria sbilkoloft 10/24/16
Want to compile pylzma wrapper for android Matthias Schuster 10/20/16
Erratic execution speed of developed Native camera based App on Android Studio 2.2.1 Harash Sharma 10/20/16
Can I use 'ATrace_beginSection' and 'ATrace_endSection' API for logging systrace on C++? Neo 10/18/16
How does clang++.exe work around the max command-line length limitation of the shell in Windows? Horatio Chien 10/18/16
JNI: RegisterNatives or export symbols? Austin Shoemaker 10/16/16
Add library to project throw cmake Gal Sasson 10/16/16
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