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Creating virtual audio device. OcterA 6/14/16
Native Activity crash on EGL init in eglGetConfigAttrib NoAngel 6/14/16
CMake copy dependent libraries David Marchbanks 6/13/16
Android Studio 2.2 and Ndk Builds: Setting build-script and compile flags Streets Of Boston 6/13/16
How to use default ProGuard configurations with Gradle Experimental plugin? Pol 6/11/16
Problem running Google Sample for NDK Open SLES Streaming Fuzzy Logik 6/10/16
Download Links and older Builds Not available. Anoop CH 6/10/16
NDK r10c dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "atof" referenced Crossle Song 6/7/16
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError 문의 Jonghoon Lee 6/7/16
gradle experimental include file directories via srcDir srcFile directive 6/7/16
ndk on android studio 6/3/16
Clarification on gradle & ndk given i/o announcements Baggers 6/3/16
Soft keyboard focus is wrong Joachim Meyer 6/3/16
CMake example project Felix Homann 6/2/16
Atomics and OpenSL buffer queue callbacks Bradley Bauer 5/31/16
Unable to use Alpha/Beta test due to ABI conflict in manifest file Prio 5/31/16
ImageReader's onImageAvailable isn't called anymore because JNIEnv is null Peter Retzlaff 5/31/16
Ndk c++ thread doesn't get Android service context 5/25/16
videos of NDK-related sessions at I/O 2016 Glenn Kasten 5/24/16
OpenSL Realize() failure on N Preview 3 Rick G 5/23/16
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