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Android Studio 2.2 and C/C++ Glenn Kasten 9/28/16
Recording audio while device put to sleep Farley Lai 9/28/16
using LOCAL_LDLIBS := -lmediandk ( with ndk-build produces error on all archetectures. Am i doing something wrong? Patrick Wright 9/28/16
What should I do if I don't want to build with mips64 Wenfeng Ruan 9/28/16
it can not use the RenderScript in the NDK?! 惊奇漫画 9/27/16
failed: dlopen failed: "/data/app-lib/~~/" has unexpected e_type: 1 NONE 9/26/16
Android Studio, NDK, CMake, Windows, CMAKE_OBJECT_PATH_MAX Rene Thrane 9/26/16
Re: native app apk building question J Decker 9/26/16
How to refer to build variants in gradle experimental 9/23/16
Android NDK -- Teapot-Sample kunjesh virani 9/21/16
Debugging C++ using AS2.2 and externalNativeBuild Iliya Koreshev 9/21/16
crash on calling java from c++ (via JavaVM being passed through ndk built shared lib to a prebuilt shared lib) 9/21/16
Why Android Studio IDE shows redundant modules in "Project View" pane Toothy Bunny 9/19/16
Android can not load native shared library as root Ardika Rommy Sanjaya 9/16/16
Updated NDK in Android Studio to NDK 13 Beta 2, all STL STD header files are now gone Chuck Moyes 9/14/16
ndk_helper JNIHelper.cpp GetExternalFilesDirJString crashes on many devices (from NDK teapots sample project) Chuck Moyes 9/14/16
.so file does not install after repacking the APK file 9/9/16
Minimum required linux 32 bit host libc version android ndk download kang joni 9/6/16
Manual compilation of native activity and 'android_native_app_glue' Armen Avetisyan 9/5/16
Android native heap memory limit 9/5/16
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