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NDK media API documentation? Felix Homann 12:11 PM
Including external jniLibs with experimental grade plugin Gary Bak 10:12 AM
How to use 32-bit native libaries on 64-bit Android device fabian Hoyos 10:12 AM
How to use OpenSL ES with USB Digital Audio devices (Headphones) Rafał Kanus 10/8/15
Ask about AAssetManager_open AASSET_MODE_RANDOM Giang Đỗ 10/7/15
project dependencies using experimental gradle plugin Scott Dixon 10/6/15
ndk - clang - java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "__tls_get_addr" referenced by ""... Kris 10/2/15
Android NDK/OpenGLES C++ Wrappers Badger McFly 10/1/15
WiFi stack toxic to extreme low audio latency on Flo Brad Justice 9/28/15
JNI threads with WallpaperService Owen Hogarth II 9/27/15
Loading two instances of a shared library. Owen Hogarth II 9/26/15
android::MediaCodec crash? Saeid Farivar 9/24/15
native C socket/connect problems Fred Templin 9/24/15
app_process32 does not exist - fails on Acer Iconia Tab 8 with Intel Atom 9/23/15
NDK sample crashes (experimental Gradle plugin / preview Android Studio NDK support) Ivan Perevezentsev 9/22/15
Re: Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Brad Justice 9/21/15
At Native Layer, Need PackageName of the Application which is using a specific port vijay mishra 9/21/15
A crash will happen, if my shared library compiled with NDK for Android M 9/18/15
Bug in cannot pull /system/bin/app_process Kari Palenius 9/14/15
Cannot debug native library on Lollipop device (or emulator) George Metaxas 9/11/15
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