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Template in Android NDK Rafael Alves Roberto 2/15/18
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How to access from ndk activity created in java? Ilya Nesterov 2/4/18
Android O: AConfiguration_getOrientation() no longer works in APP_CMD_CONFIG_CHANGED Andreas Falkenhahn 1/31/18
After downloading and installing Android NDK, where should I put it? JSGuider 1/31/18
ieee_exceptions Stephen Kirby 1/26/18
Native C++ linker issue due to cmd.exe /C ""clang_cmake_args"" -> [ERROR] [...] The command line is too long. Rain Ger 1/23/18
Add Eigen library to NDK Eduardo Santamaría Vázquez 1/20/18
atexit not found Stephen Kirby 1/16/18
Error using c++_shared with c++14 Neeraj garg 1/16/18
Getting . # error "No thread API" Neeraj garg 1/11/18
Is using gold linker for aarch64 still a bad idea today? Eugene Gershnik 1/8/18
How to use LLDBFrontend? Volodymyr B 1/8/18
Not able to find the "Include C++ support option" in Android Studio 3.0.1 1/7/18
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