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announcing Patchfield for Android Glenn Kasten 2/17/14
GDB watchpoint ( HW breakpoint ) Marius Cirsta 5/3/15
Support for continuously audio buffer playback speed in each frame between .1 and 4.0 range Jamar Graham 5/1/15
Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadbaad (code=1) Matouš Voldřich 5/1/15
problem building and running NDK with OpneMP support Mosed 4/30/15
OpenMP support in NDK Keith Obenschain 4/30/15
Android 32 bit NDK r10b for Mac has 64 bit builder instead of 32 bit builder. Durai amuthan 4/27/15
calling sqlite3 in Native code with NDK Abhi 4/25/15
Cortex A53 but 32bit ABI? (Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530FZ) Ben 4/24/15
Why does openSL destroy function block forever on some devices? Jake 4/23/15
Would the STL in a precompiled library conflict with the STL in my app? Todor Kalaydjiev 4/23/15
I got a "potential advertising ID policy violation". Please Help me. 4/23/15
Not able to run Gstreamer SDK tutorials Tejas Patole 4/22/15
"undefined reference" build error during init build Jaejyn Shin 4/22/15
100% NDK version of setPreserveEGLContextOnPause? Alan Ide 4/21/15
TeapotNativeActivity render geometry with artifacts Anton Gedroyts 4/21/15
great article on Android audio latency Michael Moussa 4/19/15
Understanding of the armeabi & armeabi-v7a folders during app install Akshat Jain 4/15/15
Android NDK Renderscript 64 bit is not supported 4/15/15
google play games: ERROR_NOT_AUTHORIZED mk dotcom 4/15/15
GPGS C++ integrated with Cocos2d-x, StartAuthorizationUI does nothing George Guy 4/15/15
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