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announcing Patchfield for Android Glenn Kasten 2/17/14
Where is APP_PLATFORM android-22 with last NDK ? Nicolas Dedouche 3/26/15
JNI double arrays problems hana amiri 3/26/15
How to use LoudnessEnhancer audio effect with OpenSLES ? Naaman Sittsamer 3/24/15
libcorkscrew alternatives on lollipop Martin Brehovsky 3/24/15
how can I compile and debug a 32bit shared object on an arm64-v8a platform? James Manning 3/23/15
NDK Debug for Nexus 9 arm64-v8a build not working for eclipse Amar 3/23/15
Who is using qt creator? f34nc015 3/23/15
Cannot debug native library on Lollipop device (or emulator) George Metaxas 3/22/15
Latest ndk version feed Joffrey Jaffeux 3/20/15
is it possible to access the sensors without a Native Activity? Claudio Veas 3/19/15
Did anyone finally manage to resolve sensor access from a pure native Linux application. 3/17/15
Building a static library that contains others static libraries Jean-Philippe Déry 3/16/15
Unable to create a standalone static library that includes others static libraries. Jean-Philippe Déry 3/15/15
How to optimize echo cancellation Naaman Sittsamer 3/14/15
Sensors babak 3/12/15
Use two versions of the same native library Johan 3/12/15
Echo Cancellation from OpenSL ES Gary Bak 3/12/15
Error: Didn't find class " Gerry Fan 3/10/15
Unable to make JNI call from c++ to java in android lollipop using jni Prakhar Agrawal 3/10/15
NDK build from source - windows binaries on linux LXS5461 3/9/15
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