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announcing Patchfield for Android Glenn Kasten 2/17/14
low latency (fast path) audio and VoIP Jiri Kral 10:28 AM
NDK r8b compile error on Mac Os environment elio 2:46 AM
Running Throws Errors Cayce Pollard 12:08 AM
Building 64-bit app with r9d frank smith 4/15/14
Resizing framebuffer (image) in native Miha 4/14/14
Get device's hardware specs like CPU-Z Xin Zhang 4/11/14
OpenSL Streaming falls behind unless touching the screen Halsafar 4/11/14
hardware sound buttons stop working in NDK r9c. Bram Stolk 4/11/14
Unable to see local variables when debugging (NDK r9, x86 emulator) folecr 4/10/14
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError crash on startup for some Android devices 4/9/14
Extremely slow link time on windows Scott Field 4/9/14
ANativeWindow_lock returns error -22 David Seabolt 4/8/14
Compiling 3rd party libraries on Windows Larry 4/7/14
OpenSLES and SL_DATALOCATOR_ADDRESS Philippe Simons 4/7/14
Event loop best practices / eglSwapBuffers+ALooper sync / touch+frame lag while animating Loren Brichter 4/7/14
64 bit android, 32 bit application with 32 bit native library Rahul Vaish 4/7/14
Hardware scaler on some devices have no filtering set when compositing. Andy Coates 4/7/14
Not all shared libraries being installed when app is installed Don Kneller 4/6/14
libc tmpnam default directory doesn't exist Douglas Rupp 4/4/14
JNI - Using a cached ClassLoader instance in native code Some Dev 4/4/14
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