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announcing Patchfield for Android Glenn Kasten 2/17/14
How to define multiple ndk modules in gradle (new experimental gradle plugin) sovathee 7/30/15
How do I change the default architecture option of ndk Shahin Ansari 7/30/15
Changing video sink in Open MAXAL when the player is playing Vivek Kumar 7/30/15
Delphi rad studio arm-linux-androideabi-ld.exe out of memory Arifin Kusuma 7/29/15
android.os.Debug.waitForDebugger() use in an app that uses android_native_app_glue 7/29/15
how to address error with SMC / arm security extension support Shahin Ansari 7/29/15
Static libraries, How to build and link them 7/28/15
How to relate sensors to sensor events Daniel Drubin 7/28/15
cpufeatures returns ANDROID_CPU_FAMILY_ARM on x86 Simon Taylor 7/28/15
NDK Debug for Nexus 9 arm64-v8a build not working for eclipse Amar 7/26/15
Android Studio 1.3 RC3 NDK Debugging help. Break Points not getting hit. Kyle Peplow 7/24/15
Java strings causes segmentation fault in JNI native code Fabian Bergmark 7/21/15
Android Studio and C/CPP source files bbj 7/18/15
Is arm_acle support? Ian Coleman 7/15/15
How to get a low latency audio in Android4.4 ? 7/13/15
__atomic_fetch_add undefined with Clang (r9b) Brandon Sharp 7/12/15
OpenSL Deadlock Issue Mathieu Garaud 7/12/15
How to find text relocations? Turk 7/9/15
[C++11] How to use std::stoi std::stod idea 7/8/15
Header File not recognized Robert Breckenridge Jr. 7/7/15
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