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Android Studio "building symbols" taking a long time Shayla 4/17/18
stack corruption detected (-fstack-protector) Andrey Alekseenko 4/17/18
How to recompile with -Xlint:deprecated Andreas Falkenhahn 4/12/18
NDK version compatibility for targets Android versions Aurélien .... 4/12/18
AAudio documents functions that do not exist in the NDK Haydn 4/6/18
Can't link to method in native library - what's missing? Nigel McFarlane 4/5/18
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How to how to return a integer value from cpp file to Java class zachary lim 4/4/18
Android POS (Pax A920) does not allow native/dual debugger. 4/3/18
Any good idea how to run clang tidy in Android build butter 4/2/18
Replacing NativeActivity-based renderer with SurfaceView Andreas Falkenhahn 4/1/18
Mismatch with the NDK Documented APIs Abhishek Sharma 3/28/18
How to read file from res/raw folder idea 3/27/18
How to use the app bar with NativeActivity? Andreas Falkenhahn 3/27/18
Dynamically linking against libc++ doesn't work in NDK r14b Andreas Falkenhahn 3/27/18
How to get an options button on top of NativeActivity Andreas Falkenhahn 3/27/18
ANativeWindow_Lock returning error -22 when device is Rotated 3/27/18
Compiling C++11 with r14b: 'vector' file not found Andreas Falkenhahn 3/27/18
Native C++ linker issue due to cmd.exe /C ""clang_cmake_args"" -> [ERROR] [...] The command line is too long. Rain Ger 3/23/18
Gradle + CMake + Android Studio Slowness Problems Nick Weihs 3/16/18
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