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CMake/SDK Tools Felix Homann 2:40 AM
Unable to build a C program using renameat2() system call in Android-ndk r11c Quang Tuan Dam 5/3/16
LOCAL_WHOLE_STATIC_LIBRARIES equivalent with experimental plugin webheadz3 5/2/16
Gradle Experimental Ndk Plugin Doesn't Add -marm Parameter for Release Build 4/29/16
Is /system/lib/ Standard Now? 4/28/16
NDK R11c gdb debugging issue on Android LXS5461 4/28/16
Debugging C++ code using Eclipse on Windows Ike Starnes 4/28/16
GNU Assembler vs LLVM Assembler when using Clang to cross-compile Matthieu Poullet 4/28/16
native code encoder manoj soni 4/26/16
Native Android GDB remote debug got SIGILL on emulator Li Bei 4/26/16
gradle experimental include file directories via srcDir srcFile directive 4/26/16
gradle experimental library link order 4/26/16
x86 device user somehow running my arm7-only APK from Google Play Store? Chuck Moyes 4/21/16
LOCAL_SHORT_COMMANDS and slow make.exe/builds on Windows James Swift 4/21/16
#vulkan is vastly faster ... here are some #tools Duke Abbaddon 4/20/16
clang issues Steven Winston 4/20/16
How to dynamically get the current compiler target file name in's LOCAL_CFLAGS? Luca Egitto 4/20/16
Android Studio NDK Version Nathan Crouther 4/19/16
ndk r12 beta mutex problem Sergey Kuratov 4/19/16
NDK Upgrade broke the app Daniel Jiang 4/19/16
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