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announcing Patchfield for Android Glenn Kasten 2/17/14
ImageReader's onImageAvailable isn't called anymore because JNIEnv is null Peter Retzlaff 6/30/15
Android Studio and C/CPP source files bbj 6/30/15
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native method not found Ashish Saxena 6/29/15
Android Studio and Include directories... bbj 6/29/15
How to elevate thread priority Алексей Сафошин 6/28/15
OpenSL Deadlock Issue Mathieu Garaud 6/26/15
FFMPEG in NDK : Loading Libraries ending in name other than .so vijayasarathy m 6/26/15
How to get a low latency audio in Android4.4 ? 6/25/15
android NDK and target triplets Ryan V. Bissell 6/24/15
OpenGL Issue on Nexus 5 5.1 ? Rob Gold 6/23/15
Lollipop and OpenGL ES 1.x driver crash Ludovic Olivencia 6/23/15
NDK integration with Android Studio wmaybaum 6/22/15
Re: support for-mhard-float Aravind Prakash 6/22/15
OpenMAX crashes NuPlayer (driver) on Samsung Note 4 Lollipop 5.01 Steven Winston 6/16/15
Could someone please post an example on how to use libgccunwind? Grégory Pakosz 6/16/15
Linking static library: cannot find symbols, but they are there Boris van Schooten 6/16/15
Build Android apk failed Harris Chiang 6/14/15
Build Android Toolchains for Android (host=arm-linux-androideabi and target=arm-linux-androideabi) Bob 6/13/15
Android NDK: error: 'pthread_getaffinity_np' was not declared in this scope 6/13/15
NDK - Static and Shared library Ajala Xavier 6/10/15
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