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announcing Patchfield for Android Glenn Kasten 2/17/14
Build ndk toolchain on mac os Razvan 4:14 PM
ndk-gdb fails because of permissions Chris 4:14 PM
help needed: Cannot set stream type: audio player already realized 余曦文 4:14 PM
NDK Debug for Nexus 9 arm64-v8a build not working for eclipse Amar Nikhanj 4:14 PM
ndk in android wear devices Álan Livio 2/28/15
Compiling libvpx for android Roberto Pompermaier 2/25/15
Help needed - Couldn't load SampleNDK from loader dalvik.system.PathClassLoader RagsSuper! 2/25/15
-msoft-float still use hardware floating point f34nc015 2/25/15
install sensor kinect on android Amin Keshavarzi 2/23/15
Using multiple modules in Android NDK Sander Versluys 2/23/15
images for multi-device support Dev John 2/23/15
64 Bit Android compiling but has problems at runtime mary-ann taylor 2/22/15
OpenSL Android SimpleBufferQueue thread timing with sensors James Alvarez 2/22/15
Bluetooth communication in android project 2/20/15
Dynamic Linker for Android Native ELF Qinglai Xiao 2/19/15
NDK Native Activity override onKeyDown() Pietro 2/18/15
Editing AOSP NFC/HCE to manually set UID James Allen 2/17/15
Overlaying text, buttons on OpenMAX media player Paul A. Steckler 2/13/15
NDK r10c dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "atof" referenced Crossle Song 2/12/15
Extende Native Activity and override KeyEvent.Callback interface Pietro 2/6/15
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