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STL with prebuild static lib (LiquidFun) Philippe Simons 1:21 PM
about low latency opensl es programing bobi wang 8/28/15
Is there a way to get the latest ndk that supports Android-23 Honghai Zhang 8/27/15
Printing Cross Compiled libraries(C/C++) Log (printf) in Android (Logcat) Rao Saifullah 8/27/15
How does the build choose NDK version? Tony M 8/27/15
How to config ndk with Android Studio offline 耿介之 8/25/15
android-ndk-r10\prebuilt\windows\bin\make.exe: Interrupt/Exception caught (code = 0xc00000fd, addr = 0x420942) toby 金 8/23/15
Android Studio 1.3, why aren't library project .so files included in my APK corbinlc 8/20/15
Android Studio 1.3 RC3 NDK Debugging help. Break Points not getting hit. Kyle Peplow 8/19/15
How to compile the whole NDK out of the <aosp> source code 8/19/15
pre dispatching and AInputQueue_finishEvent() Bram Stolk 8/16/15
Google Play Games C++ SDK versioning. (gpg-cpp-sdk) Bram Stolk 8/14/15
Vivat NativeActivity, no need for native_app_glue W. Boeke 8/14/15
audio latency testing app for light testing circuit john oliver 8/13/15
<limits> for std::numeric_limits? Wex 8/10/15
Live Wallpaper sample please .. using ( NDK & OpenGL ES ) 8/8/15
How to define multiple ndk modules in gradle (new experimental gradle plugin) sovathee 7/30/15
How do I change the default architecture option of ndk Shahin Ansari 7/30/15
Changing video sink in Open MAXAL when the player is playing Vivek Kumar 7/30/15
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