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announcing Patchfield for Android Glenn Kasten 2/17/14
IPC through mutexes in shared memory Rolle 6/1/15
is it possible to debug c++ code in android studio at version 1.2? mei zhang 6/1/15
Calling .so Libraries in Android Studio Rao Saifullah 6/1/15
NDK documentation on the web Glenn Kasten 5/29/15
Multichannel USB audio in Android M Felix Homann 5/29/15
I can't find the NDK 9.0d Max Teel 5/27/15
android-21 does not have sysroot/usr/include/mtd Hiroo MATSUMOTO 5/26/15
How to create or add smali project in Eclipse? Максим Румянцев 5/26/15
android-ndk,handler usbfs read write ddy 5/22/15
ndk-gdb fails because of permissions Chris 5/18/15
Getting native stack trace from user Davy Wentzler 5/18/15
Would the STL in a precompiled library conflict with the STL in my app? Todor Kalaydjiev 5/17/15
Which IDE to use for NDK development (May 2015) Ben Hirashima 5/16/15
[OpenSL] File decoding to arbitratry-sized buffers Domagoj Saric 5/16/15
ndk-build for aarch64 (arm64) Bjoern D. Rasmussen 5/14/15
Re: [Op1enSL] File c decoding to arbitratry-sized buffers Hyukmin Kwon 5/11/15
100% NDK version of setPreserveEGLContextOnPause? Alan Ide 5/11/15
native code encoder manoj soni 5/9/15
android ndk media encoder manoj soni 5/9/15
grandle sync failed Samuel Lombardo 5/9/15
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