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Upgrade Android Studio's CMake to 3.7 Trevor Harmon 12/9/16
Reading resource files from native code rodif 12/9/16
Native echo cancelation (AEC)? Gabi Zuniga 12/7/16
Android N threading behavior change? barainvienna 12/6/16
Error when creating Output Mix in OpenSL ES M.Cemil Guney 12/5/16
ndk native codec for playing mpeg2ts data coming from live rtp source Ashutosh Pandey 12/1/16
How to build Clang toolchains for Android NDK from source code Lixi 11/30/16
How to properly link to shared library in the NDK Gabi Zuniga 11/29/16
using of Java methods in native code Gogi 11/29/16
LLVMgold.dll is absent in android-ndk-r13b-windows J. Smith Copley 11/29/16
Building with AD 2.2.2 Sami Mikhail 11/29/16
Android studio externalNativeBuild - problem with debugging external c file (path containing ".." (upper directory)) Miro Almy 11/24/16
ndk location? mixelPlick 11/23/16
What happened to "SAPA for the masses"? Felix Homann 11/22/16
OpenSLES recorder sample rate randomly changing Andres Traumann 11/18/16
Hello libs debugging line numbers Mitch Besser 11/17/16
Access /dev/fuse without root? Paulo Ribeiro 11/15/16
pthread_mutex_trylock used to return EDEADLK and returns EBUSY 11/15/16
create android softkeyboard(input method service) using ndk seniorivn 11/9/16
Android source code compilation error: impossible constraint in 'asm' Bill 11/8/16
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