Android Linux Kernel Development

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Blocking input at driver level philhaz 9/25/14
Adapting linux kernel to android Mayank 9/9/14
PandaBoard ES REV B3 Daniel Lopez 9/8/14
regarding processor core frequency changes kumar D 9/4/14
How to skip all the boot-up display screens Anthony Wang 8/29/14
Building kernel AOSP 4.4.2 for a specific device throws conflict in resources chan g 8/25/14
Running oprofile on kitkat Rishi CK 8/21/14
What's goldfish kernel? Chih-Wei 8/20/14
Regaring Page table Sumit Gemini 8/20/14
arm + xen + android anshul makkar 8/20/14 memory map Jack Harvard 8/15/14
Help to develop a Kernel! Todo02Gamer 8/6/14
Interactive kernel debugging on Google Nexus 7 (msm/flo) devices Adrian Tang 7/29/14
nexus-4 Ftrace Kernel warning "kernel/trace/ftrace.c:1590 ftrace_bug" Dhyan 7/22/14
first kernel build error, need advise Paul R 7/15/14
to develop loadable kernel modules in android and access them from user space babu 7/9/14
What is the tag meaning at the end of the name of those kernel revisions? Frank Tian 7/7/14
How to get android kernel memory dump.. using kdump? Hitesh Padekar 7/3/14
sharing ion memory between userspace processes STP 7/3/14
Query about workqueues dev 7/2/14
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