Android Linux Kernel Development

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Issue in hooking system calls on Android 6.0 Aamir 1/4/16
review : l3mhdp.c memleak fix pavi1729 12/30/15
Issues Android Emulator Kernel 3.10 x86_64 Amit Dang 12/30/15
Sensors Jonathan Farnden 12/27/15
Android Routing/Rules/Iptables Yoad Fekete 12/14/15
Mapping a i2c register as memory in BBB Issue Sachin Dagur 12/14/15
Does PROT_SOCK even make sense in android? Jason Newton 12/14/15
how to debug android init process Jian Huang 12/4/15
Emergency remount&reboot on 3.10 porting er orcun 12/4/15
Beaglebone android- custom hardware prasanth kumar 12/3/15
IP forwarding on kernel 3.10.37 not working Tomislav Tomasic 12/3/15
Device Booting Raul Piper 11/10/15
Does GC block IO operations? 段启智 11/9/15
What does ION stand for? QQ 9/25/15
Andriod User Space boot-up on Vanilla Kernel JJ 9/24/15
Porting Android on VersatilePB madhu 9/24/15
How to interface with device drivers in an apk Shahin Ansari 9/11/15
Using SCHED_DEADLINE for Android services 9/8/15
Linux kernel development under emulator Chris Furlough 8/26/15
Kernel Android vs ContikiOS Ramampiandra Jose Patrick 8/26/15
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