Android Linux Kernel Development

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modification du fichier ip_local_reserved_ports Karim Abbouh 2/8/17
android 7 reserved ports restriction Karim Abbouh 2/8/17
how to install strace tool Saba Arshad 2/8/17
use of fwmark mask in android RPDB routing lookups RV 2/3/17
How do I get Chat History From LINE, Wechat, Zalo, Viber That Have Been Installed on PC Deni Yulianti 1/15/17
weird inode behavior Breno Silva 1/13/17
Using /dev/uinput and screen orientation problems Miha Valencic 1/13/17
Use AlarmManager without wakeup support in kernel? ranchu 1/12/17
Android bug? Create virtual network interface on android with ip link 进无止境 1/11/17
Pixel data connection( Internet) and Finger print not working 1/3/17
Need help building a kernel Shaked Cohen 1/3/17
Is it possible to turn off screen ? Please help... ranchu 12/26/16
How to skip all the boot-up display screens Anthony Wang 12/26/16
Want to develop new HAL and device driver for Android Chirag Shah 12/24/16
kernel panic in qtaguid_mt() Fei Yang 12/15/16
How to trace kernel calls? ranchu 12/12/16
strace tutorial Omkar Mozar 12/5/16
Obtain complete package name in android kernel mode Kailiang Ying 12/4/16
The anomaly of hmac_sha1 performance testing on Android Winter 12/1/16
turn off screen at startup ranchu 11/30/16
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