Android Linux Kernel Development

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Getting Android ISO images for AOSP build Harinath Maddela 6/14/18
Failed to compile the android-goldfish-3.18 kernel after Enable "Loadable Kernel Module". xfrank yao 6/4/18
How to configure the default settings of the phone settings? Kevin Hung 3/20/18
Using SIGRTMIN in Android N Kernel Deepika Teriar 1/11/18
How to compile the Trusty OS? and Can I run Trusty OS on android emulator like ranchu? Kailiang Ying 1/4/18
Porting android kernel to new version of android Au 1/4/18
android-4.14 branch? Chih-Wei 11/28/17
About the -llvm branch in kernel/common tree Chih-Wei 11/6/17
Porting sensor driver from kernel/msm 3.10 to 3.18 SK 10/8/17
Differences of android-4.9* on Dirk Behme 10/8/17
Android networking Yile Ku 7/18/17
WTF error:All kernel wakeups are set to stale weihongcsu 6/18/17
Random Reboot Irfan Latif 6/5/17
In memory computing in the kernel for the cloud and Android José Soares Sobrinho 6/5/17
Kernel bootloop - How to debug it ? Mohamed saad 6/5/17
Android NDK can't run fanotify: fanotify_mark: Invalid argument (kernel problem?) Fabian B 4/19/17
Android fanotify_init: Function not implemented Fabian B 4/7/17
Can Ubuntu 14.04 run android kernel like Ubuntu Touch OS? zw zhuang 4/4/17
Pro's / Con's on merge robots for tracking linux-4.9.y in android-4.9 mark gross 3/15/17
What's goldfish kernel? Chih-Wei 3/14/17
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