Android Linux Kernel Development

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Help required to enable Android Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) in goldfish emulator babu 7/20/16
How to compile the Trusty OS? and Can I run Trusty OS on android emulator like ranchu? Kailiang Ying 7/18/16
how to fix mic in 3.10 linux kernel for oneplus one? Nikhil Golechha 5/20/16
Nexus 5 trouble with zImage and zImage-dtb Matt 5/19/16
kernel 3.10.x Port dharmesh gurnani 5/19/16
Need information about kernel panic upload mode 5/13/16
android linux kernel Med AsKr 4/25/16
porting 3.10.49 to htc desire 820 Preet G S Anand 4/25/16
Should bionic headers be updated when porting from stock kernel? gabry3795 4/25/16
android device not detecting with adb devices after connected and disconnected to ethernet dock 4/5/16
arm-eabi-gcc: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error G. Singh 4/5/16
finding patches merged to linux kernel from android kernel Arun Mench 3/22/16
Android Wearable Reference Platform Raul Piper 3/2/16
DRM display for Android vijay kumar 3/2/16
kernel panic in qtaguid_mt() Fei Yang 2/26/16
Goldfish ALSA audio driver development in progress PrasannaKumar Muralidharan 2/23/16
Android Binder crash.. in eclair Robin Gujjar 2/23/16
Build msm kernel for bullhead fails Yu-Chih Tung 2/11/16
Recent CVE related to Qualcomm WiFi Driver Igor B 2/8/16
Low Memory Killer(LMK) Monitor Tool in Android Sireesha Varada 2/8/16
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