Android Linux Kernel Development

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kernel for Android 4.4.4 Softy 3/1/15
Static IP address in Android-L arn kumar 2/16/15
Linux kernel development under emulator Chris Furlough 2/10/15
Security Service for android Venkata Naga Kailash Anantha 2/9/15
Touch screen raw coordinates (no grouping). Angie Sun 2/9/15
Kernel rebuild required? Chris Dower 2/6/15
Android device keeps restarting after flashing USB serial driver pirpi srd 2/4/15
Shamu msm kernel build Anup Warnulkar 2/2/15
Android random phone crash. Markus Moeller 2/1/15
[RFC] Task migration in memory cgroup is too heavy in Android Chintan Pandya 1/28/15
Understand Linux Kernel Jaafar Faisal 1/22/15
Is there a way to set 'ro.kernel.qemu' to 0 in an emulator? WKPlus 1/20/15
It seems CPU hotplug conflicts thermal engine Jaebaek Seo 1/8/15
x86 intel android extra governor Edwin Adato 1/6/15
Device Nodes under /proc/bus/usb Mani 12/27/14
[android-kernel] Binder fix of "binder_alloc_buf, no nma" errors Pantelis Antoniou 12/24/14
Monitor Mode for bcmdhd Driver Jinghao Shi 12/19/14
Required Kernel Version for 64-Bit ABI Dave Smith 12/18/14
Improve DHCP Renewal process esp over Wi-Fi networks Krishna Chaitanya 12/17/14
Android Boot time improvement - snapshot boot Deeraj 12/9/14
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