Android Linux Kernel Development

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Re: Cross compile LTP using arm-linux-androideabi toolchain 5/12/15
How to Port Vanilla Linux Kernel to Android Kernel (Mediatek Devices (MT6592)) Vivek Kiran 5/8/15
Linux kernel development under emulator Chris Furlough 4/27/15
Any plan for kernel 4.0? Chih-Wei 4/26/15
link two c files in android kkernel saideep tiku 4/22/15
Need to build kernel? 4/16/15
Developing own kernel Andybbop 4/15/15
AOSP kernel build - emulator Device allways offline Peter Fodrek 4/15/15
how to set or know scalling driver saideep tiku 4/12/15
adb not work in 3.14 kernel Guoyin Chen 3/17/15
Freezing Kernel Mode Processes Nuno Duarte 3/17/15
Block device driver developemnet for android chithraja rajan 3/17/15
How Do I Save My Kernel Configuration As The Default Settings? Dave S 3/11/15
Monitor Mode for bcmdhd Driver Jinghao Shi 3/11/15
Required Kernel Version for 64-Bit ABI Dave Smith 3/11/15
kernel for Android 4.4.4 Softy 3/1/15
Static IP address in Android-L arn kumar 2/16/15
Security Service for android Venkata Naga Kailash Anantha 2/9/15
Touch screen raw coordinates (no grouping). Angie Sun 2/9/15
Kernel rebuild required? Chris Dower 2/6/15
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