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problem migrating GCM to FCM !!! Heberth Vargas 7/17/16
Error message - "You submitted a bad request. Try again. Balasubramanian Naganathan 7/14/16
InternalServerError 7/7/16
GCM 8.4.0 messages not received anymore in background after rebuild in 2.1.2 Alain Bonnefoy 7/6/16
The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized Jafer P 7/6/16
GCM notification to iOS returns InternalServerError Michael Bernier 6/29/16
GCM Android returns InternalServerError when subscribing to certain topics Erlaitz del Rio 6/28/16
Questions on Notification System in Android 6/22/16
Result echoed shows message is successfully sent but nothing pops up in the device. Nasz Njoka Sr. 6/20/16
Notifications on Android when app is closed Mawe 6/19/16
GCM doesn't work Amel Salibasic 6/17/16
InvalidRequestException: HTTP Status Code: 401 KALIRAJ Sa 6/16/16
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