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Re: About modifying the battery estimation model in Android 8/13/14
Help translating to Portuguese Marcos Alves 8/8/14
How do I submit a patch to tools/repo? Tim Nordell 8/4/14
Submitting Patch Safwan Rahman 8/4/14
Colorconverter update in framework/av uploaded 8/3/14
Android Extension Pack, Wear, TV & AOSP 7/21/14
ART JDWP Performance improvement patches: Is the ART Team interested? Gergely Kis 7/14/14
Help [ how to sync or add Kurdish language to AOSP ? Dylan Bay 7/12/14
choose a default apps for a specific intents under one list Mohand Andel 7/8/14
Command-Control system to navigate through a smartphone by voice Bruno Lima 7/3/14
Google's philosophy about AOSP apps Jonathan Marsaud 7/1/14
Google Email & AOSP 6/28/14
OpenSSL - BitSlice AES for ARMv7 Sireesh Tripurari 5/29/14
Type annotations in Android source code Dmitry Trunin 5/27/14
libpng arm optimization Ashok Bhat 4/15/14
Refactoring the suggestion pipeline to provide a language model API René Pickhardt 4/14/14
FLAC encoder support Ashok Bhat 4/14/14
mirror/manifest do not contain aarch64 gcc 4.9 toolchains Young-Ho Cha 4/10/14
AMR NB related query Ashok Bhat 4/10/14
flac decoder related query Ashok Bhat 4/10/14
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