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OCSP stappling support in HttpsUrlConnectoin and Apache's HTTPClient sandeep deshpandae 2/25/15
repo download Ralph Bergmann 2/23/15
contributing recurrence rule iterator marten 1/29/15
Heads-up notification swipe up handling Sebastiano Poggi 12/5/14
Re: Are contributions with refactoring interesting for the AOSP? Conley Owens 11/25/14
Update wpa_supplicant to match upstream release Michael Evans 11/25/14
Should Deckard auto-verify new patch sets? 11/21/14
repo download -> wrong patch set Ralph Bergmann 11/4/14
How can I add a new repository for a mathematical font? 11/3/14
Is there a group specific for Android emulator development? Ye Roger 11/3/14
Why Contribute to AOSP? Ralph Bergmann 9/24/14
1 patch for 2 projects? Ralph Bergmann 9/24/14
Re: Proposal to add Euskera translation to Android Source Code Jean-Baptiste Queru 9/4/14
License applicable for the modified Android source code Raghavan Santhanam 8/18/14
Re: About modifying the battery estimation model in Android Glenn Kasten 8/13/14
Help translating to Portuguese Marcos Alves 8/8/14
How do I submit a patch to tools/repo? Tim Nordell 8/4/14
Submitting Patch Safwan Rahman 8/4/14
Colorconverter update in framework/av uploaded 8/3/14
Android Extension Pack, Wear, TV & AOSP 7/21/14
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