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libpng arm optimization Ashok Bhat 4/15/14
Refactoring the suggestion pipeline to provide a language model API René Pickhardt 4/14/14
FLAC encoder support Ashok Bhat 4/14/14
mirror/manifest do not contain aarch64 gcc 4.9 toolchains Young-Ho Cha 4/10/14
AMR NB related query Ashok Bhat 4/10/14
flac decoder related query Ashok Bhat 4/10/14
Compiling renderscript sources dries goossens 3/27/14
Standardizing sensor data processing 3/17/14
python code quality Daniel Ölschlegel 3/17/14
Enhancement 58164: Support Bluetooth L2CAP Sebastian Brestin 3/17/14
Can't upload to "fatal: remote error: Individual contributor agreem Florian Schmaus 3/17/14
libcore on OS X, iOS, and Windows Joel Dice 2/19/14
Fragment Saved State Patches 2/13/14
request for contributions in device porting documentation Glenn Kasten 2/12/14
announcing android-64 group (cross-post) Glenn Kasten 2/7/14
RETURN_VOID_BARRIER instruction in ART Jérôme Pilliet 1/30/14
About Android Bugs Renato Otaiza 1/27/14
Custom notification tone for specific contact proposal Shuhao Wu 1/16/14
Retrieving detailed disconnect cause value from telephony framework. Roger Madsen 12/27/13
Why "Deckard Autoverifier" does not look into my patch? I have done something wrongly? Thanks! Guobin Zhang 12/26/13
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